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Thursday, August 24, 2017

In the urine of cows found gold

Gold in the urine of cows of the Gir breed was discovered by researchers from Junagadh University in India. According to the local scientists, in one liter contains from three to ten milligrams of the precious metal.

photo: pixabay.com

This Indian breed of cows lives in Gujarat, which is now the national Park the Gir forest. Head of research group Dr. Balu, Galacia told the Indian media that the gold has been extracted from the urine and crystallize.

In addition, he added that up to the present day preserved the information from ancient sources about the presence of gold in the urine of cows and its medicinal properties, but detailed studies which could confirm this was not carried out. “We decided to conduct such a study. Analyzed 400 samples of urine gir cows and found the gold,” said Gracia. The experiments lasted for about five years.

For purity of experiment, Indian scientists studied the urine of buffaloes, camels, sheep, and goats. Gold in the waste of cattle, as expected, they found.

However, this study employees of the University are not ends because they are interested in other scientists who will test the results of a second study the urine of the Gir cows. Scientists also plan to examine the urine of other Indian “cows”.

By the way, the lab is working on the use of cow urine in the fight against human infections and diseases of agricultural crops.

As commented in the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry, the situation here is simple: if the soil in the area where grazed cows of the gir contained gold, it is most likely contained in herbs, and accordingly, got the cow. Well, after that everything that went in and came out with a waste of life. Science here is a big no. The absence of gold in the faeces of other animals can only talk about the fact that they just might not like the taste of the weed that ate the gir cows. As for the gold in the body of a cow, in itself it is not formed. Or it is necessary to review the law of conservation of energy.

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