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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In the Baltic fleet found a “pure theft”

Whoever became the new commander of the Baltic fleet, he will have to deal with the consequences of the unprecedented for the Russian Armed forces of the scandal. Thursday military experts continued to discuss the shameful dismissal of the leadership of the fleet. There are new data about what could be the reason for such decisions.

Named acting commander of the Baltic fleet. A senior source in the Russian defense Ministry told RIA “news” that “the duties of the commander of the Baltic fleet is Vice-Admiral Alexander Nosatov”. Until recently, Nosatov led the black sea fleet headquarters and was recently appointed head of the naval Academy. According to sources, the final name of the new chief of the Baltic fleet will be named on Thursday.

“When people who sleep on bare mattresses, see that the commander speaks and says that’s all right, then how can there be trust? The lie has grown, but it has its limits”

On Wednesday, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu has suspended from duty the commander of the Baltic fleet Viktor Kravchuk and the chief of staff of the Baltic fleet Sergey Popov for shortcomings in combat training and the distortion in the reports of the real state of Affairs. About it in detail wrote to the newspaper VIEW.

Note that Vice-Admiral Alexander Nosatov was transferred to the post of chief of the naval Academy as chief of staff of the black sea fleet. Nosatov military career began in the Pacific fleet, and from 2009 to 2012 he served on the Baltic fleet, in particular as commander of the naval base in Baltiysk. In 2012 Nosatov entered the service in black sea fleet.

Cleaning of the Minister of defence in the Baltic fleet immediately exposed the problems of the Russian Navy.

Another Chernomorets in the Baltic sea

Earlier Thursday, several media outlets called the name of another senior officer, who predicted the appointment of the commander of the Baltic fleet.

The St. Petersburg edition of “Fontanka” reported that the Navy Deputy commander for combat training, Vice Admiral Sergei Eliseev has “temporarily in command of the Baltic fleet”. Previously, Eliseev in the same rank he served in the naval forces of Ukraine during 14 years was the Deputy commander of the Navy. After the events in the Crimea entered the service in the Russian Navy (as well as the former commander of Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky, former chief of staff of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Dmytro Shakuro). If Elisha still will take the post of commander of the Baltic fleet, it will be the first case where a position of this level will take the former Ukrainian Admiral.

Note that in Ukraine Sergey Eliseev charged with “desertion, high treason, encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, promoting terrorist organization, waging aggressive war”.

A hypothetical appointment of the former “Ukrainian” Eliseeva (which forced to suspect that the personnel of the Navy too “small bench”) remains an assumption. But note, as commander – without the prefix “acting” – is open.

“Defense Minister misinformed”

On the background of scandalous resignations in the USA interesting is the opinion of the captain of the 1st rank, Chairman of the all-Russian movement of fleet support Mikhail Nenashev, who stood up for the dismissed Kravchuk.

In his comments, the radio station BFM Nenashev stressed that “events in the Baltic fleet, related to the personnel upheaval, differently will not name them, cause surprise and amazement because, apparently, the Minister of defence misinformed, again made commander who quite successfully ran the Baltic fleet as prevent such failures, which to the shame of trying to fire. Objectively, the Baltic fleet under command of Kravchuk Viktor Petrovich, by contrast, were among the successful, said Nenashev. “Exercise in the Baltic with the involvement of all forces of the Baltic fleet has increased in quantitative and qualitative indicators significantly. And then to talk about any kind of system failures? This can be explained only by some interpersonal manifestations,” – said the expert.

“But even more surprising is the passivity of the new chief of the Navy, it is his duty to guard the interests and defend the people who serve with dignity, because Kravchuk Viktor Petrovich in February received the award from the Minister of defense just for successes in combat training,” – said the captain of the 1st rank.

“It was a pure theft”

Military commentator for TASS, a retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin sure sharpness personnel decisions consistent with the deficiencies that was discovered after the inspection in the Baltic fleet. Among the glaring shortcomings, such as the absence of sheets: in some parts the sailors slept on bare mattresses. And in some cafeterias did not report eating in the soldiers ‘ rations, the portions were trimmed.

“It was sheer theft. The commanders did not pay attention to it. And someone may have organized the theft when he reduced the rate of allowance people. Now the Prosecutor’s office. However, the Committee revealed these facts. And, of course, the commander is responsible for all this, and not only the commander but to the commanders of units, chiefs of staff, Deputy for logistics,” Litovkin told the newspaper VIEW.

The expert said that Moscow had received reports about problems in the Baltic fleet and poor implementation of orders of the Minister of defence. “When people who sleep on bare mattresses, see that their commander speaks and says that’s all right, then how can there be trust in fleet command? This lie has grown, but it has its limits” – he explained.

In addition, there were problems when creating the 11th army corps, which was to build the military camps, barracks, parks for military equipment, but “nothing was done”. “Where the money goes is unknown. Therefore, the leadership of the defense Ministry was forced to take drastic measures,” – says Litovkin. As for the situation in other fleets, Litovkin not exclude the possibility that some violations may be there. But the incident of the flogging “will be significant”.

I will replace all involved”

In turn, the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, member of the expert Council of the Military-industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, reserve Colonel Victor murakhovski believes that “all business in a situation that has developed there”.

“She is not instantly formed, but gradually worsened. Such signals are transmitted to the Ministry of defence. In the end, this resulted in the validation of the Baltic fleet and other connections of the Kaliningrad special district. And the related report of the Chairman of the Collegium of the defense Ministry and the results of the discussion of this report led to the conclusions that are made by the Minister. In fact, the case of “outstanding”, unprecedented that these conclusions and decisions were voiced, especially with such a withering language addressed to the management of the Baltic fleet,” – said murakhovski the newspaper VIEW.

With regard to the figures of the new commander-in-chief who shall be appointed by Friday morning, Viktor Litovkin said that he is aware of the fact that it will be “definitely not Mr. Eliseev and none of the other (former) Ukrainian generals”.

“It will be a man from another fleet. The Baltic fleet will change all involved. Them all down will be sent to the Northern and Pacific fleets, to other places. As I know, only fired one commander, and all others will be sent down to other positions,” – said Litovkin, adding that the chief of staff of the Baltic fleet will be assigned to the commander of one of the submarines of the Northern fleet.

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