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Sunday, February 11, 2018

“How was work today, Pavel?”: Astakhov can replace Mizulina

It seems that the phrase “Well, how was your swim?” will be the last pearl in his career Astakhov as chief advocate for children in Russia. Rumors that Pavel resigns (or “go”) only growing, despite the fact that officially nothing is confirmed. But before, we seem to be happy.

In parallel, there are new rumors that can not haunt the minds: Astakhova can change Elena Mizulina. What to expect Russian children from the most ardent opponents of “baby-boxes”, the author of the law prohibiting the seizure of children from parents of alcoholics and addicts, women is considered the norm beatings within the family.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Political career of Elena Borisovna Mizulina cannot be called drab and ordinary. Three houses in a row from 1995 to his departure in the senators in July 2015, she was the Deputy of the State Duma and does not limit itself to its legislative activities. Bills Yelena Borisovna so odious and incomprehensible by the General public that often cause scandals even at the international level. That only is her fight against gay propaganda, mate and divorce.

Elena Mizulina wide enough field of activity and she has worked in several Duma committees in different areas (construction, legal issues to family). However, once it is tipped for the post of the main children’s defender, let’s look at its activities in this direction.

Perhaps start with the fact that Elena Borisovna voted for the law “Dima Yakovlev”, which prohibits the adoption of our orphans abroad. Thanks to this law, thousands of abandoned children, especially those with serious illnesses, remain forever in the grey and miserable breech the walls. But the main thing that a law was not for the purpose of caring for such children, and in defiance of the United States, approved a “list of Magnitogorsk”. That is, the poor children were thrown into the political meat grinder. Here is the concern!

“Walked” Mizulina surrogacy. Multiple roundtables on this topic, she stated that: “All of these technologies — the machinations of Western gays who can’t conceive the traditional way. She offered the question about the choice of surrogate mothers to make the judgment of the special committees that would, along with physicians, the idea Mizulina, would and religious leaders. You know, right?

The couple who can’t have children, would have also to explain why and how all of this happened before the Commission. The priest to tell whether they prayed prior to intercourse. Moreover, Elena Borisovna wanted to legislate their humiliation, forbidding to take into surrogate mothers of anyone other than immediate relatives. Below, along with the city public of all relatives would know and told the kid that he’s “test-tube”. Care? Care!

Along with this, Mizulina proposed to penalize single mothers who gave birth without a husband. To impose a tax on divorce. Abortion — a favorite theme of Mizulina. In her opinion, the family must have 3 children, no less. She has repeatedly stated that single-child family is evil, and parents deprive their children of brothers and sisters. How to feed them? “God gave the child, God will give to the child” – that’s her logic.

She actively advocated against abortion. However, started this work from afar, trying to cancel a free abortion. That is, alcoholic mother, which is already seven of the shops would give birth and give birth without stop. Unlikely because such women will be in paid medical centers.

“Baby-boxes”. Who knows, it’s specially-equipped places where negligent mothers can anonymously put the baby. Not to leave him to die in the trash or the snow, as often happens, and to pass into the hands of physicians. These “Windows of life” is very annoying Mizulina and she introduced a bill prohibiting their installation. And not only the installation, but even the mere mention of “Baby-boxes” anywhere.

But it all turned out to be flowers. The latest from Elena Mizulina vigorously opposed the law on criminal punishment of parents who beat their children. This law, in its opinion, violates the family norms. Again, the beating of children by parents, according to Mizulina is a family norm. Bruises on the child’s body is not a reason to start a criminal investigation. So she believes.

Already a Senator Elena Borisovna has developed a draft law that binds the hands of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. If it will, they will lose their right to take children from families of alcoholics, drug addicts, mentally ill and other anti-social cell of society without a court order. The courts — it is not fast, until you have collected the facts (and beat him black and blue, remind, norm), yet make a statement, yet it will take until the appointed date of the meeting… the red tape will take months. Months of hell child in a dysfunctional family. The bill has already been approved and is ready for reading. And that we have in Russia, where one of the main causes of death of children — disadvantaged parents.

A couple of years ago, the Internet was organized collection of signatures to the Ministry of health: people are asked to conduct a psychiatric examination Yelena Mizulina. Signed by more than 100 thousand people. For the resignation Astakhov, remember, while about 60 000. You will hear these voices in the Kremlin?

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