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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

For unmanned vehicles developed a special traffic signs

Along with unmanned cars on the Russian streets coming soon and special road signs. The developers of the car-robots, along with designers had been called the creation of new images that are now planning to coordinate with the Inspectorate and included in the rules of the road.

As reported “MK” the representatives of the company-developer of cognitive technologies, in two years the road signs for unmanned vehicles (BPTS) will appear on the roads of Moscow, Moscow region and Tatarstan. Machines with artificial intelligence will carry different loads in the test mode. They will travel on dedicated lanes on public roads.

When considering signs for unmanned vehicles, the developers and designers went through many possible character options. Images should be as simple and at the same time to convey the message without causing a false Association or confusion with other road signs. The main character — an unmanned machine — it looks like the car from which emanate waves. They represent a signal, with which the drone makes contact with the road. For example, the blue rectangle with a white car and waves means: “the Beginning of the road section with the participation of unmanned vehicles” . If the sign is a red line, respectively, is the “end of the road section with the participation of unmanned vehicles”. The same image enclosed in a red triangle, urges drivers to pay special attention to the fact that the area drone. Then there are drivers moving in the area, will go where the robots must abandon sharp transitions, and more closely monitor distance, as the system BPTS may at first perceive the impulsive actions of drivers as a traffic accident.

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