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Saturday, March 17, 2018

As was the fate of Abdullah of “White sun of the desert”

Georgian actor Kakhi Kavsadze arrived at the 38 th Moscow international film festival for two days, to present a picture of “Teli and Toli” Alexander Amirov. But many viewers know and love the artist exclusively for the role of Abdullah in “White sun of the desert”. And indeed, his sleek, arrogant, treacherous Abdullah difficult to forget. But Kakhi Kavsadze about one hundred paintings.

Frame from the film “White sun of the desert”

The young actress Nanuli Sarajishvili, first starred in “Teli and Toli”, told how he asked Kakhi Davidovich Council: “to be a doctor, you need to have a calm nervous system. To be a pilot, you should be able to fly. And what is the key need for the profession of an artist?”. And Kavsadze said: “it is Necessary very to want.”

“I still like beautiful women”

The first interview I took 20 years ago.

— Oh! I was feel 30, and now in her late 80s. Imagine what a big difference?

Are you kidding? Into his 80s, is 81 year?

— Let’s say somewhere around 80. When we first talked, I was psychologically completely different person. And has now become intelligent, wise, look at many things differently. Much time has passed.

But I strongly has not changed. I still like beautiful women, great performances and artists. And most importantly — I love good people.

I am an Orthodox man. It seems to me that if people love each other, everything will be fine. And when you do not love, then it spoils everything. It is better to love.

Know another truth: you can not touch a person’s life physically as well as his dignity. In any case! You cannot humiliate its national and religious feelings. For me, these things can’t be changed. Please don’t touch me. I respect you and you respect me.

On set I always feel that we understand each other. If not, then what can happen?

That’s how I want to live. And I think I live right.

— And we, Russian, you are not disappointed?

– So you can’t say, disappointed or not disappointed. By far the how can you tell?

I should probably figure out what happened. Our film “Teli and Toli” and touched on such important issues. The characters live in two villages — Georgian and Ossetian, I want to live peacefully, and they are trying to divide the border. The Caucasus conflicts were resolved peacefully always at the big table with wine and songs.

In the film, we quietly and politely trying to understand some things. Here at the festival, my friends, with whom we worked. They are Ossetians and Chechens by nationality.

I had a friend Ossetians Felix Dzivaev. He departed this life. We starred together in “the White sun of the desert”. All the time we were together, walked, ate. He was a remarkable man. Do not know what people like, but I would very much to like our the good film about understanding people from different cultures. The question is very seriously worth it, and the dose sensitivity is important, but Director Alexander Amirov caught it. Saying that a movie people like.

— And you have it only in Moscow saw?

– Yes. I do films with his participation to look like and do not want. Went yesterday for the premiere of “Teli and Toli” and thought I would die, get bleeding. Can’t look at myself. It seems that all the wrong doing, a lot of unnecessary movements, mispronounce the phrase.

Once celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the “White sun of the desert”, and I didn’t see it. And passed just a retrospective of the film of the playwright Rustam ibrahimbayov. I know him well, and came here to greet. Sat in the hall near Tolya Kuznetsov. I tell him I have not seen “White sun of the desert”. He was surprised: “How? It’s time to look!”.

What a horror to watch yourself. There are artists who love this business. And it is very difficult. And yesterday, the same feelings experienced.

— Many people compare your film with an old Georgian movie.

— People know better. And I don’t know if it is or not, good or bad. How to evaluate your work?

— And it is possible today to live and to feel worthy? Rudeness lack today, and other negative things. So how does a person stay?

— It is necessary all the time to say: respect man. Sometimes you hear say: Yes, these Georgians… Not so. Is it possible to say that the Russian came, then, would be to drink vodka? Respect man!

— How much has changed in the last years of the Georgian character? Maybe anything that went before, and left?

When something happens in life, naturally, and people change. Cold became get him dressed. Hot — undressing. And in the soul as occurs. Something has to change, to be in motion. Good should be more. Where love is, there is victory. Where victory, there is God. And where God is, respect and love. Keep calm and life will be normal.

We imagine Georgia without meal, and do not represent. They are not extinct yet?

— No, of course. We are going to sing. But then, I’m as used to drink, now we can’t. I’m not allowed.

— Drinking or singing?

And sang, and drank. I only got to sing. Because I have heart problems and so on. I was already well over eighty. Oh, my God! When I hear that the man is 80 years old, I said, Oh, my God!

“We need to act in the young free. Maybe then something will happen”

In Georgia, now a flourishing movie. Many talented young people there. You are watching modern movies?

Of course I’m watching. We have young Directors, but they do not have the financial ability to make a movie. They get quite a bit from our cinema. This is only enough for equipment and film. And for an artist there is nothing left. Recently, I officially stated that I personally have young Directors wanted to be free. And all the artists my age, all those who consider themselves great artists and masters, shall be removed free of charge. I have all the Directors and said, “If anyone asks you for money, send me this artist. I’ll be talking a little different.” We all need to act in the young free. Maybe then something will happen.

— And you-on what then to live if all the time to work for free?

— Spend sometime. But the young will work for free.

— You were recently in Russia twice: not only in “Teli and Toli”, but in “b/W” Eugene Shelakina. Is that all?

Yes. I’m still in the Theatre named after Shota Rustaveli work in Tbilisi. Free time little. Even in Moscow I could not arrive earlier and longer to stay here. I have performances. And fly away immediately. Tomorrow. You have to play the play. But I recently starred in America young Director. He once lived in Russia. A very talented man, graduated from a famous school in new York. His name is Kirill Mikhanovsky.

— Yes, I know him. He is very talented.

— Do you know him? Yes he is very talented and combat. We’ve got everything, but maybe still have to see him on the court. This is my third film in America. I was a young Ukrainian girl Lesia Kale and the Georgian Ketevan Ordzhonikidze. They are all young. I only need a way to pay to America, buy a ticket, and all! The rest take off. I starred in Lesja. And interestingly, they all remove material about the life of migrants.

— And you are there migrants?

I play a migrant in three films. And Mikhanovsky, too.

— Even if villain played.

Villains do not offer. I would love to. But the villain easier to play.

— And tomorrow, why are you leaving so quickly?

— At me performance “the Quartet”. Famous play, you’ve probably heard. We call it “Old clowns”. With great success in Tbilisi. To get tickets to the show impossible. But not only because I’m in a hurry in Tbilisi. I have grandchildren, children.

So they all live in Tbilisi, not scattered around the world?

My son and granddaughter live in America. The son works in the theater actor. And the granddaughter is also an actress.

— What language are they playing?

In English. I, too, English language has played in Washington. They put Georgian classics into English. I don’t know him, just jagged text, and all. Can you now read. (Kahi and begins to read a monologue in English.)

— In General, to sit at home, rest is not necessary. You have all the time in the way?

Yes. And I must tell you without vanity that I still don’t know his profession. Something else I know. When the scene come out, such processes take place inside… What it’s like when you make room to calm down, to feel his power over him? There is a Russian word, which is well characterized.

— Magnetism? You hypnotize gym?

— That’s it. It’s like a hypnosis. Before you utter words, you can make room to freeze. The actor came in, and all. Silence! So I still have until the end to learn his profession. When you reach this — I say: everything! enough!

— Twenty years ago you told me something quite different: tired of the profession, and some things ceased to be interesting.

— Maybe then was in the mood. Young people often ask me: what do humans need in order to become an artist? Answer: physical strength. The artist must be physically strong. And luck is important. It consists of the fact, who was your first Director and first partner, that you play. Luck to feel and not to let go. On the stage needs to be a healthy person that the viewer is not thought Ah, he can not walk! I must jump to move, so I will not be spared. And the viewer does not spare anyone. He’s the biggest critic. I always say: his Majesty the viewer came from.

— “And if there is the theatre” — this film about you?

– My grandfather and father were remarkable people, masters of Georgian folk music. When it marks 100 years since the birth of my father, I was asked to organize the anniversary party.

Father by the time he died. He had a hard fate. He went to the front, was captured, then it, naturally, arrested. Don’t know, it was shot in Siberia or he died a natural death. I somehow think that he died a natural death.

I don’t like PM, but was pressured and I agreed in the end. Told him I had to go on stage and tell you about the father first saw him.

When I was ten years old. I went to music school. And saw a complete stranger.

I went on stage, started talking about music, folklore, the importance of Georgian song about his father. This evening came the Director Nana Janelidze. Then she came to me and said that I should remove the picture about what I said.

But there is such a thing as screen time. The minute there is an eternity. One to say some things, how can it be on stage, impossible. As Directors, they’re like, tell the artist that I dream to make a film that can only see you light up and then disappear.

It takes a month, two, three. A Director is not visible. He lit up and went out. I thought what happened with Nana. But it took some time, we met, talked for a long time, then another… In 12 days we made this film.

— You are not like yourself?

— So I have not seen the movie. When it ended, I was standing in the hallway, people started to applaud. I was surprised. So, not really bad happened. But again, I was not looking. Why torture yourself? Say it turned out well. Thank you very much for that. And you liked the painting?

Very. And there you excellent.

— We long did not know how to call the picture. Announced a competition in the group. Someone came up with the “Iron curtain”. And then I found out that a great artist Akaki Vasadze, before his death he asked, pointing to the sky, his grandson Kakulia: “Dear Kakoli! Do you think there is a theater?”. I told Nana about it and she agreed with this: “And if there’s a theatre?”.

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