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Friday, March 23, 2018

And come melloney Paradise

Nothing in the natural world is not — inclusive story Meldonium is clearly demonstrated. For wins, it appears, need not only training, not a symbiosis of perfection of body and spirit, and the chemical (or natural origin) ingredients. The virtuosity of deception and substitution. Need — records, titles, medals, produced in any way. And auxiliary means. But — what if it’s not real, not your own earned result, and, so to speak, from the outside brought superiority over others?

photo: Alex geldings

I can say: this here is the triumph of reason and human capabilities, the Union of science and sports (and labor!) — before such stimulants was not, and now they are in the service of… What? Self-delusion?

Man, his body became a ground test of a variety of substances.

In the concentration camps carried out terrible experiments on prisoners, these experimenters still cursing. But today humanity is voluntarily moved along the paved road. It turns out, is not so wrong was fascism in its skatinama practice and ideology?

Why in other professions, in addition to sports, not to make a festive Amnesty: let the engineers, drivers, politicians will resort to the use of doping drugs in daily practice, it will bring more success, achievements can become overwhelming. And then it will be possible to organize Olympic competitions among officials, the rank and file of the bakers, bus drivers, and Airbus. If obkolovshiesya and alpenmaxis tablets will start to get out of control is to threaten them with disqualification. And again need the labor force to forgive.

Preliminary results of the European championship

In a very difficult situation were our commentators on European football championship. The fact that this event was not a single good team. Except, of course, our. In this case, what to do, whom to praise? The Turks? Unthinkable. And what are the Turks Europeans? Poles? Impossible. This Tusk and other irreconcilable speakers we got. The Czechs? Something! We they will never forget putting our troops in Prague in 1968. Welsh? They, the bastards beat us! The Northern Irish? But this is a common gang-watering: part of Britain which is hostile to us (which is confirmed by the fight of our English fans). So, all around — the enemies. And although it is said that sport has nothing to do with politics bearing on, everyone knows that it is not. Don’t we have experienced the pride that our guys brought to the game with a strong British draw — on the eve of our Independence Day?

Of course, when our fight the British, everything is very clear, the balance of power ideal for praise and vilification. And when the fighting Ukraine and Germany? Two of us hated the dark forces? How to be a commentator? To whom to Express affection? Well at least Italy more or less loyal to our bristling otsepenevshie position and identity, and France, raises his voice for the lifting of sanctions. There is a very cute Hungary. Yes, and Romania, and Albania is also possible, in connection with their recent socialist past, to nominate a commendable number. But the Croats — not the same. Switzerland, though not adjacent to the rabid, keeps neutrality in girlfriend does not suit us.

Optimally if became the champion of Slovakia. First, we had the defense, we lost a champion. Secondly, she did not like the arrogant Czechs. Third, the name of this country is very similar to Slovenia, which is unchanged in its sympathy for Russia.

By the way, if it is impossible to define clearly a Patriotic one or another Russian citizen, it is necessary to approach him with the football side, including opinion polls point: your position on the championship of Europe on football who fell ill during the match Russia—England? If people can’t handle themselves in such a trifling matter, and such an elementary test for the team and hurt the enemy’s power, this can not be relied upon, his loyalties are in serious doubt.

Chapel of bandura-players

Drove the European Capello. “He’s not the boss of us!”, “He gets too much!”, “Here’s our response to the sanctions!” (Specialist, I note parenthetically, and have a lot to get. The higher the class of the expert — the more specialist standing.) Now it turns out (and before we didn’t know, but suddenly meticulously calculated): our players also receive beyond measure. “Team of millionaires!” But it is ugly and indecent to reproach a piece, but still late. After the fact. Calculated them, NameService, when Capello, drove together with him. But not dismissed — and rightly so. After all, the players are not so guilty for what happened, bummer. They are, perhaps, themselves gnaw yourself money? No, they voluntarily detachable.

In the course are the reproaches of the demagogic properties: “are You not ashamed?”, “Where is your sense of responsibility, love of country?” “Your where?” — I want to ask prosecutors. It’s you — the leaders and the lighting of sports started a fuss with the change of coach on the eve of the championship. The players have become hostages of your intrigue. “Horses on a crossing do not change”? This rule of reason is enforced only when it is of the highest political leadership of the country, and if about football — it’s nothing that can change.

We have to be realistic and not to demand from people (athletes, politicians, millers) perfection in what they do not know how. Let the Neanderthal lathe and start to blame him for what the specifics were not perfect. To stigmatize, to denounce… will it Help? “Do not shoot the pianist, he plays as best he can”.

But there has been a real point of rapprochement with Ukraine and Turkey. Was: we’re about the same level. So we have to stay with her and not to go into filigree perepisovatsya Europe with its Chapels.

Remember, in Soviet times the Kremlin concert, which was broadcast on TV was particularly successful, the choir, the Ukrainian bandura players.

On these successes and should be equal.

Guerrilla war

And yet, optimism persists: we left a championship a strong memory — no one surpassed our fans in the postgame and domashevich battles, no one could compare with them with fist fights, no one surpassed the ability to cut bait and retreat, leaving no trace. This is a demonstration of true martial spirit, not anemic football this legal mulch and sophistication of dribbling, and guerrilla tactics, known since the days of Ivan Susanin and Denis Davydov: a well-drilled army, the poles and the French could not, in this mass of people’s war to oppose our craftsmen.

…To save our football prestige, there remained only two years. Urgent need to change the Charter of the world Championships and Europe (we are used to, we have a Constitution MNU every need. But the world community will have to podrastaet). Under the new Charter the champion of the world (and Europe) a priori and will automatically be proclaimed the host country, the host of “all flags on a visit”. In this case, the success of our team is guaranteed.

Who in the first place?

The competition takes place not only on the football field, but also among… monuments. In Krasnodar was held a curious sociological survey. According to this survey, a rating established in the city of monuments is as follows: Catherine the Great in the third place, the second — a monument to the dogs (Vladimir Mayakovsky, when the revolution, visited the city and saw a four-legged pet shot of the rich roam the streets by the hundreds, wrote: “This is not a dog’s wilderness, but the dog’s capital.” Here’s how the poet, apparently, not understanding the horror of what is happening, praised as a heavenly ruin), the third place was given to the monument Students Shurik and Lida (Demyanenko and Selezneva) from the film Gaidai. And the first place has confidently occupied the monument to the Wallet. Nevermind the Russian Queen, the homeless man’s friends, the Soviet film classics (remember, in the yard Year of movie) — the thoughts of workers and tourists revolve around the Wallet. The prices are right and the bite I need to make money and not go to the cinema and not to make do with historical Parallels with the era of the great kings and Queens.


Patriotism and brachysm different concepts. But very often they are the same.


Get the feeling: power (or, at least, its ideological, propaganda, propaganda machine) is in dire need of tips. Apparent failures in this area.

I can not deal with the cultural figures who have occupied an ambiguous position in relation to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the situation is completely transparent. What’s the use of abssolute the behavior of Diana, if her group is calling the name “Night snipers”? It clearly reads the appeal of extremism. And “the time Machine”? This is an allusion to the attempted flight at another time, because the current is not satisfied. Grebenshchikov, oznaciti their initials as a slogan — BG, clearly alluding to Boris Berezovsky (the first letter) and Khodorkovsky (the penultimate letter of the surname of the disgraced oligarch).

In our country many useful practices at the household level. For example, the remarkable notion: “the Husband on an hour” — comes in handy and establishes that pizzapasta and play the hosts. Why not apply this practice in the Kremlin? Would come smart, skilled people, quickly would deal with problems, which is mired in the high leadership, and life would flow smoothly.

The complexity and primitiveness

Man, for all its primitiveness, was quite a complicated creature to be dutifully placed in a cage of any social formation and not try to push the bars for the sake of gaining more than the rabbit, of freedom.


Maybe it’s good that the truth is in short supply? In this case, its starting to appreciate. Permissiveness is true, as it was under Yeltsin, decreases her quotes. This is a new one. Think of it, lame. Spoke. Spilled. But now everyone can.

No, you vestrada the right to denounce and debunk, cheer on the victim and not take the privilege and sinecure to find fault and to condemn for nothing, then you yourself, and your position will be worth something.

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