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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Washington was interested in reconciliation of Russia and Turkey

The steps of the President of Turkey for reconciliation with Russia was positively evaluated in the United States: Barack Obama thanked Erdogan for his apology. Washington really disadvantageous conflict between Ankara and Moscow: employment internal problems alienated Turkey from the American influence and was not included in the US plans. The warming of relations enables Washington to continue its strategy in the region.

US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a telephone conversation discussed Russian-Turkish relations. “The US President endorsed the actions of President Erdogan and his government who have taken steps to ease tensions in relations with Russia”, – said the press service of the White house.

“The Americans are playing with the future in sight, and if they saw the conflict as a loss of control over the agenda, now this control is saved”

What is the U.S. role in Russian-Turkish conflict, and how States are beneficial to the restoration of relations between the two countries?

Support in words

Recall that after the Turkish air force in November of last year brought down a Russian su-24 over the territory of Syria, the us first preferred to remain silent. A week later, Obama discussed with Erdogan the possibility of cooperation between Russia and Turkey. The American President, however, confined himself to a statement that “Turkey and Russia can work together to de-escalate tensions and to find a diplomatic way to resolve problems. Obama also stressed that “the United States supports Turkey’s right to defend itself and its airspace”.

During a telephone conversation in February of this year, Obama and Erdogan again remembered about Russia: “Both leaders expressed support agreed in the Munich agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria and urged Russia and the Assad regime to stop air strikes against the forces of the moderate opposition”, – said the press service of the White house.

Despite telephone support Obama personally prefer Erdogan not to meet. The contradictions between the US and Turkey increased, and one of the main differences were the Syrian Kurds. “Washington was urging Ankara to join the fight against ISIS*, they joined, but the main strike on the Kurds, while the Kurds support the United States,” said then in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Director of the Research center “the middle East – the Caucasus” of the International Institute of the newest States Stanislav Tarasov. Recall that the US believes the Kurds one of the most powerful forces in the fight against ISIS.

“Frustrated, ambitious, authoritarian ruler”

The cold from the US did not stop and in March – then President of the United States had refused the one on one meeting with the Turkish leader has rejected an invitation to Erdogan to join him at the opening of the Ankara-funded mosque in Maryland. Moreover, in an interview with The Atlantic, Obama called Erdogan “a failed, ambitious, authoritarian ruler.” If Turkey was not a partner in NATO, Washington would have taken a clearly anti-Turkish position, said Stanislav Tarasov.

The crisis in relations between Obama and Erdogan was developed in the period of the election campaign in 2014, noted the expert. “Then, Erdogan was to suppress democratic freedoms, to put an exorbitant ambitious demands to the Americans. Was the statement that Americans should Ankara that they made Turkey involved in the adventure called “Arab spring” – said the expert, adding that after that telephone contacts between Obama and Erdogan stopped. “It was long before the incident with our plane, – said Tarasov. – Erdogan boasted that he has, he says, have direct access to Vladimir Putin, the Chinese leadership etc. Then it was partially supported by the British.”

“The United States does not accept the style of Erdogan”

After the attack on the Russian su-24 NATO officials, in the words of solidarises with Ankara, in a personal communication blamed the Turks for their actions – and it was hardly without knowledge of the United States, he added. “The Turks, who had hoped to pit Moscow and Washington, primarily in Syria (which was expected in the case of this provocative attack), has not achieved the desired, – said Tarasov. On the contrary, the United States and Russia began skoordinirovanno to work towards a settlement in Syria, while Turkey was in an offside position”.

Meanwhile in the American media all the time “persistently worked out the plot of an impending military coup in Turkey,” said Tarasov. The reason for exaggeration of such rumors in relation to the White house to the Turkish leader: “the United States does not accept the authoritarian style of Erdogan,” – said Tarasov.

Thus the chief editor of the magazine “Problems of national security,” the Russian Institute of strategic studies (RISS), a political analyst Azhdar Kurtov with Tarasov did not agree: “If Washington wanted to make a gesture towards Ankara, he would have issued a statement condemning Turkey’s politics, or would be withdrawn the Ambassador from Ankara, or would have produced an anti-Turkish resolution in the UN. Indeed, not everything that makes Erdogan satisfied with Obama. However, the revision of relations yet,” he told the newspaper VIEW.

“Hope for the exemplary relationship reality did not”

Meanwhile, the division of Turkey with the West led by the US has only increased. In June, Erdogan sadly recalled that Ankara and Washington had hoped to build a “model relationship”: “unfortunately, our expectations don’t become reality. For example, in the economic sphere the cooperation is declining rather than improving. In foreign policy, our expectations are not fulfilled,” – said the Turkish leader.

Erdogan is critical of the policies of President Obama, in particular, Recalling the unresolved issue of Guantanamo Bay prison. Then, the Turkish President once again expressed dissatisfaction with the support that Washington provides to the fighters of the Kurdish militia in Syria. “Of course, I expected and still expect from Obama in a much more robust position,” he admitted. – On the Syrian border your ally in NATO was faced with the threat. The fact that those who are involved in this threat and get some help from you, upsets Turkey.”

Remembering the relations with Russia, erdoğan also said: “Our friendship with Putin has helped to raise bilateral relations to a very high level.” According to him, the trade volume of Turkey with Russia was even larger than the USA. However, the situation changed dramatically after the crash of the Russian plane, which, as stated by Erdogan violated the Turkish airspace. “I hope very soon we will restore relations and return to the old days with more readiness,” – said the Turkish President.

Washington may be satisfied with

“From the very beginning, the United States got into the situation they did not create, and the Americans do not like – says in conversation with the newspaper LOOK President of the American Center for global interests (Center on Global Interests in Washington Nikolai Zlobin. – The conflict between Russia and Turkey was for the Americans is partly a surprise, and it was not their war. So from the very beginning they advocated that this conflict need to stop and recover at least a civilized relationship.”

“The parties act on the basis of the political moment, and the United States have done everything to this point has been formed”

The conflict between the two countries occurred at a time when the U.S. is most actively engaged in Syria and the possibility of cooperation with Turkey was for Washington is extremely important, as, indeed, for Russia, reminds Zlobin. “So when this conflict happened, for US there was a danger that Moscow and Ankara will focus on mutual relations, having missed some more serious, from the American point of view, things. Part of what happened – said the source. – So today, Washington must be very pleased that relations between Russia and Turkey, apparently, will start to improve. One small, distant headache for him to be dropped.”

In the context of recent events for US important is the fact that Turkey is more realistically looking at the situation in the European Union, and it as consider in Washington, will push Ankara to more friendly relations with the United States, says Zlobin. “The Americans are playing with the future in sight, and if they saw the conflict as some loss of control over the agenda, now that control is maintained. And Russia cooperates with US actively, primarily in Syria and Turkey is now coming back to the American order. And then we can talk how to resolve the Syrian situation, the problem of the Kurds to establish a new relationship between the US and Turkey – in conditions when the EU is experiencing such turmoil that Turkey is very important. So there Washington may be quite satisfied,” – said the expert.

Researcher, Institute of USA and Canada Gevorg mirzayan believes that the position of States in the conflict between Turkey and Russia is ambivalent. “On the one hand, Americans disadvantageous stabilization of Russian-Turkish relations, because it makes erdoğan more independent from them. When Erdogan is in isolation from all of the parties, it is always easier to influence someone to blackmail. Extra opportunity for Erdogan to use Moscow as leverage in negotiations with Washington Americans are not satisfied,” – said the expert.

On the other hand, States are not satisfied and direct conflict in the Russian-Turkish relations, I agree, mirzan. “If suddenly to assume that Turkey all spit and bring troops to Syria and resisted the Russian army, the Americans will be forced either to refuse to support, as any normal people in this situation, or they support Turkey and go to a direct conflict with Russia that the Obama administration is not necessary,” said the source.

Erdogan for itself

Zlobin doesn’t think the United States could have a direct impact on Erdogan in the issue of normalization of relations with Russia. The main factor of influence on the part of Americans was that Washington did not support Ankara in the shooting down of a Russian fighter, said the expert. “Moreover, Turkey has seriously condemned. Obama refused to meet with Erdogan, and the same recommendation was sent throughout Europe. In the end, European leaders are also very cool attitude to this step of Turkey,” he recalled.

Turkey has gathered a great political harvest from this event, but not the harvest, which she planned to collect, said Zlobin. “The deterioration of relations with the West was one of the failures of Erdogan in this situation. He must have seen from the USA some signals that this way he will not solve the problem, and you should at least with Russia, the other door into the world, do be careful. I think the message of Erdogan is heard,” – says the source.

However, overwhelmingly, Erdogan acted on the basis of personal political necessity, rather than the interests of some other players. “He is a strong politician and is acting quite cynically for their own political interests. Therefore, it’s beneficial to improve the relationship with all points of view, which coincides with the interests of Russia. The parties act on the basis of the political moment, and the United States have done everything to this political moment has emerged,” – said the expert.

Such opinion and Gevorg mirzayan. He suggested that Americans could influence on Turkey in normalization of relations with Russia, but the key here was the position of Erdogan, who was in diplomatic isolation. “He had this insulation out, and he was released – the normalization of relations went in the areas where it was easiest to do with Russia and Israel. Then Erdogan may be loose and on further directions, the countries. The most difficult part for him will be to address issues of Syria and Iran, but somehow decide”, – concluded the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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