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Friday, February 23, 2018

Under Simply Red dance even gray-haired men

“Simply red” — appear now in Russia, the group with the same name, the pop establishment most likely would have wrinkled their noses and predicted her future is that of a star of the provincial clubs, and the British Agnello Miku, who took it in English version because of his hair color, it brought world-wide popularity. Simply Red after a long break he returned to Moscow to celebrate with the city fans 30th anniversary with a big concert.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

Appears to be simple and unpretentious approach to things — credo Mika. Many artists are skeptical about the round dates (and skepticism increases with age) and generally sum it up. Hucknall, smiling, admits: “I like anniversaries. And this is a great time to return!” The fact is that, when the previous tour in 2009, he said that supposedly it will be the last in the history of the band as the album “Stay”, released in 2007, saying that 25 years is too long for the team, and it’s time to leave the stage. Fortunately for fans, none of these promises their pet is not kept. The tour was violently and emotionally, with mutual declarations of love to each other artist and fans, and then he really disappeared from public view, but in 2015, announced the reunification of the team.

The words immediately followed by decisive action — the new album “Big Love” in the middle of the year and anniversary world tour to the list of countries and hit Russia. During the last visit of Hucknall showed here a joint programme with Valeria. However, the story did not continue, and the performance of charming overseas artist and the “Russian Madonna” as he called the singer in the English magazines of the time, soon, alas, forgotten. So Mick decided not to be original and continue on your glorious path in the format of traditional concerts of Simply Red, who loves the Russian public.

The concert hall was Packed to capacity. Singer, unlike many of their foreign colleagues who like then the audience and delay the start of the concert at least half an hour, came on stage on time, which surprised even the audience, who continued to run the hall on the first three songs. With trepidation, he presented the musicians: composition Simply Red for 30 years, has varied more than once, and today, according to the leader of the team, it remains the best of the best, including saxophonist and keyboard player Ian Kirkham since the soloist all the way since the Foundation of the team.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

A big round of applause, not only got veteran Ian, but the young eccentric guitarist Kenji Suzuki, won fans with his solo, during which he did not raise the neck up and not thrown back back a head, as do most of his colleagues, and effectively jumped on the stage, reminding the crazed shaman. Its unusual demeanor, and Mika is playing, he’s in his 56 years flitting around the court a carefree butterfly, portraying an enthusiastic young man, and dances, playfully swinging her hips. In this case, the artist manages not to look ridiculous, and behind him, forgetting about the conventions of beginning to repeat not only young fans, but also a solid gray-haired man. Simply Red has created with his performance this atmosphere that even viewers who have purchased tickets in the VIP, could not resist, jumped up from their seats and began to dance on the dance floor.

Hits such as “Holding Back The Years”, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”, “Something Got Me Started”, “Stars”, “For Your Babies” and “Sunrise” — the band alternated songs from the new album. At times it was difficult to distinguish one from the other: “Big Love” — the album, in the spirit of the classic sound of Simply Red. Mick Hucknall is proud of and recognizes that the pause in creativity went in his favor, made to evaluate the significance of their heritage, from which he sought to move away, making the previous work “Stay”. Now the artist is clearly aware that he occupied in the musical culture is the place that wanted the Word “just” was deliberately included in the group name — it describes what I want to achieve in music. My head still produces new melodies, lyrics, and, when the time comes, there will be a new album, but to be a leader Simply Red to be with a group is what I want to do more than anything else. Our fans know who we are, they have always been loyal to us, and now I want to come up on stage and give the audience what they expect from us — real music”. But once the current artist pop soul began to be engaged in creativity, inspired by the concert Eh Pistols, and played punk rock, but quickly realized that the romantic ballads and light dance tunes him much closer. For them, Simply Red still loved by millions of listeners around the world.

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