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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two of the leading “echo of Moscow” blocked in Facebook denunciations

Two of the leading “echo of Moscow” Victor Shenderovich and Ksenia Larina — in the last day has been blocked in Facebook by anonymous denunciations of their old records.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The first lock on said satirist Viktor Shenderovich, who has previously led on the radio program “Processed cheese”, and now is a regular guest of the program “Special opinion”.

In his blog on the website of the radio station he said that a week-long lock has occurred for the publication two years ago. In it, he talked about coming to him anti-Semitic threats, which refused to respond to the Prosecutor’s office.

In his story Shenderovich brought one of these threats: “Thus, empirically found that the phrase “deal with the chock — hold over the Jews, although to start with you, mrazota” — does not constitute a crime.” It was the reason for “ban” in the social network.

According to the satirist, a denunciation he wrote, “Olginskaya trolls” (group of hired Pro-government bloggers from St. Petersburg), and the administration of Facebook chose not to understand, and to block “for the words, not the meanings.” Finished Shenderovich his record ironical congratulations “around Palo Alto, where the headquarters of the social network.

After Shenderovich a victim of denunciation became the leading “Echo” Ksenia Larina. Across the page of her husband, Rinat Valiulina, she said that blocked for 3 days for post, written 4 years ago. It is the leading “talked about his grandfathers — one a SMERSH operative and the other repressed 37 year that they could meet at the front, about how one family could have been victims and executioners, about what a terrible and inhuman our story.”

Larin admitted that he does not understand who would be offended by this and called a lock, someone’s idiotic whim”.

Recall that the blocking of opposition-minded bloggers, taking place regularly: thus, only recently got rid of her journalist Olga Romanova.

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