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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The revival of the production shock wig looks doubtful

Russia will resume production of wig as a shock combat complexes with cruise missiles after 2020, promised in the headquarters of the Navy. The opinions in the expert community immediately divided: some called wig-very promising missile weapons, others “exotic” and “multi-ton monster with missiles.

Russia will resume production of wig as a shock combat complexes with cruise missiles after 2020, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to a senior representative of the Navy command.

“The airplane has no obvious advantages over the combination of ships and aircraft. But he combines all their disadvantages: flies slower, less armed and more vulnerable”

“The theme of wig is recovered in drum performance, that is, as “LUN” is the carrier of cruise missiles. Construction is set to begin after 2020 in Nizhny Novgorod”, – said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the defense Ministry issued tactical and technical requirements, and has already begun development work.

In may, the head of the concern “Morinformsistema – Agat” George Antsev has already warned that TSKB po SPK named after R. E. Alekseyev is developing the winged area of the ocean with a takeoff weight of approximately 500 tons. According to him, now “there is a stage reboot of the Soviet period…, research and development, modeling, prototyping”. Earlier in one of the specialized exhibitions in Russia have already been submitted the draft coastal zone wig with a takeoff weight of 60 tons.

“The main problem was reliability, which determined their fate,” – said a year ago the newspaper VIEW former first zamglavnogo of the Navy Igor Kasatonov. The Admiral found the wig, when he commanded the black sea fleet. According to Kasatonov, with “paper-theoretical” beauty project in practice, the wig was extremely inefficient.

However, now the Admiral is configured over wig much better. The resumption of work he connected with the new Maritime doctrine, the Navy Day in Baltiysk approved President Vladimir Putin. The draft was prepared, as is known, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

“It’s part of a huge operation to be carried out in connection with new solutions. The fleet continues in this part. All industries need to catch up on new technology. Of course, it should not be a wig, which was 40-50 years ago, said on Wednesday Igor Kasatonov newspaper VIEW. – Everything must be done on a new basis. Then their efficiency will increase by 1.5–2 times.

However, the Admiral urged not to dwell on the airfoil. “For example, on the ocean, it is illogical to use them. They, presumably, are suitable in the coastal zone of the ocean, as in the far East, but also for enclosed seas like the Black or Caspian, though these seas are stormy. However, modern technologies can solve the issues of stabilization, sedation pitching, reducing all the negative factors of the sea” – listed Kasatonov.

In his opinion, the airfoil needs to fly anywhere, not necessarily over the smooth surface of warm seas, where there is no ice pack. “If there is consistency, consistency, eventually you will move on to serial production. Then take a look at where it will be applied – above the water or over the ice, ” said Kasatonov. – When they will be made in technical and technological terms, when it will be confirmed by their reliability, then there will be a question of tactics.”

The former commander in chief considers the advantage of wig their speed and suddenness of the appearance. “He can fly in the air high, above the water. Projection of the missile is very small, a few tens of centimeters. While there are experiments, but a great future ahead. He has a diverse application. So the wig-missile is very effective,” concluded Kasatonov.

“It is unlikely that the decision has been made”

Unlike the Admiral, the Deputy Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Vasily Kashin doubt that the decision on revival of the project has seriously taken. He drew attention to the fact that the message from the Navy – unofficial, it is based on an anonymous source.

“As mentioned in 2020 is likely to come only development work, the design possibilities at an early stage. We are at the stage of discussion of a new state armaments program 2016-2025 years. Apparently, this statement is a hypothetical possibility of something to add to it. There may be intermediate solutions. Maybe it’s a point of view of certain leaders”, – said Cashin in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

“We are experiencing difficult economic times and amid growing military tensions. We need to cut the military budget. At our border is in fact a war. A clear priority for us now – army and air force, not the surface fleet, – the expert believes. In these conditions, to create a whole new class of weapons? Questionable step. Exotic. Most likely this will not come”.

Using the incoming flow

A year ago the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on industry Vladimir Gutenev has urged to revive the production of wig. As the newspaper OPINION, with their help, he proposed to establish uninterrupted communication with the Crimea.

Recall that an ekranoplan is a high-speed vehicle, a cross between a heavy aircraft and a light boat. Wig wing, unlike an aircraft, has a special profile and shape, the most adapted for the efficient use of the incoming stream that is compressed between the wing and the surface (screen). The device keeps within the limits of aerodynamic screen, at a height of several meters from the surface of the water or land. Its design allows removing restrictions on the speed of traffic and to bring it closer to aviation.

One of the top developers of these devices in the world is an outstanding Soviet designer Rostislav Alekseev, due to which the word “airplane”, like the word “Sputnik” entered many languages without translation, in the original “Russian pronunciation”.

In the Soviet armed forces developed two models of wig – military transport “Eaglet” and strike ekranoplan “LUN” with cruise missiles. Armed with six anti-ship guided missiles 3M-80 Moskit, he made his first impact flight in 1987.

“LUN” could move in the range of 2 thousand km and carry a load of 140 tons. Each of the missiles “Mosquito” was the size of a MiG-21. On each could be nuclear or high-explosive warhead weighing up to half a ton. The missile has almost hypersonic flight speed, the flight takes place along a complex path, when above the surface of the sea rocket writes intricate snake abruptly gaining and resets the altitude – Gorka as a result, merges with the environment. Notice the “Mosquito” is possible only under the side of the ship, when to Dodge the car is physically impossible. For speed, the unpredictability of the flight and the destructive power of the “Mosquito” was called in the West “sunburn”. And the “Harrier” for a size comparable to destroyer – the “Caspian sea monster” (the tests took place in the Caspian sea).

After successful testing, the “LUN” was in 1990 transferred into pilot operation. Was even formed 11th air group wig black sea fleet. But in the end the “monster” remained one of the horror stories of the cold war. In the 90 years the project was abandoned, according to RIA “Novosti”, due to lack of funding. Today, the only “LUN” decommissioned and mothballed in the Caspian sea.

“Is the monster of multi-ton missiles”

Vasily Kashin recalls that in the world there are no examples of mass production of military wig. “They are engaged in only two countries – China and Iran, but there is no mass production. In front of the Chinese task is the struggle for many small Islands in the South China sea. The Chinese bought our technology and started the production of small vehicles for military and border guards, but only as a transport between the small Islands. There are Islands that have strategic importance, but are so small that even the airport is not built. Base for vehicles is the island of Hainan. Attempts to use the apparatus as a missile, even when there is financial abundance, the Chinese did not take”, – said Cashin.

The Iranians, he said, build a small military wig for special forces. “The main political-military arm of Iran – is a threat to block the Strait of Hormuz. For this purpose, they have a bunch of small boats, including equipment. Apparently, they intended to sabotage, to set the min. But to build multi-ton monster with missiles the Iranians also did not occur”, – the expert reminded.

According to Kashin, the project was shelved not in the 90s, and even earlier, during the Soviet waste”, and quite consciously.

“The military very much doubt that the use of these devices will give a significant gain compared with the combination of warships and aircraft,” said Kashin. – Then all the arguments “against” are still saved. The wig just does not have clear advantages over the combination of ships and aircraft. But it is, in some way, combines all their disadvantages: moves slower than the bomber, weaker armed than the ship, it looks like a low-flying, relatively large target, so more vulnerable”.

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