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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The protagonist of the film “My dad Baryshnikov” was awarded first prize in Sochi

“Of course I don’t swim, and didn’t even think about it” – I recognized the Golden laureate of the competition in Sochi “Young ballet of the world” among girls in the older group Felicia Rusu. Despite the thirty-degree heat and warm sea, participants ballet competition in Sochi, not bathing… Rehearsals, performances, rehearsals again… And so from morning to night…

The winner of the “Young ballet of the world” for the older group Dmitry Vyskubenko (Russia). Photo: Vyacheslav Pegarev

The competition “Young ballet of the world” is not like any other. He has his own face, his own very special atmosphere and a very high reputation. It was held this year in the framework of the “assemblies of the black sea of Yury Grigorovich” and gathered to him the leaders and organizers of all the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions and festivals: Sonia Dimitrova was represented by Varna, Larissa Saveliev, Youth America Grand Prix, Lita, baris Baltic ballet festival, the famous Soviet-American super star Valentina Kozlova competition in new York which bears her name… Director of the competitions in Astana, Spoleto (Italy), Grand Prix of Siberia, many other guests… and the results announced by the permanent Chairman of jury Yury Grigorovich, and the Director of competition Sergey Usynovim at the closing ceremony, not only did not disappoint, but confirmed predictions that MK gave on the eve of the opening of the ballet competition.

Winning (gold medal, title of laureate and 140 thousand) representing Moldova Felicia contest for all was a complete surprise. In the first place for most contestants. For all but not for me… I Know the dancer is still a student-a freshman school “Gzhel” read the course “History of choreography”… saw her a Lot of performances at school concerts, at the theater Sats, where she now works dancing the solo part, noted the talent of the dancers in their reviews and, of course, happy for his former student more than others.

The winners in the younger group: Boris N. (gold) and Justin Valentine (silver) (USA). Photo: Vyacheslav Pegarev

– I’m just in shock… First time participate in the competition and was expecting to reach only the second round. Nina Madan, which has put not only my modern room, but was rehearsing with me and classics, we were preparing for a month, staying in the theater after rehearsals, to ten, to eleven in the evening…

Nina Madan, incidentally, won the contest special prize “For the best modern choreography” for creating Felicia Rusu and other participants to some interesting rooms.

Was distinguished at the “Young ballet of the world” among the winners, and another pupil of the school “Gzhel” – Irina Trush (teacher Lilia Vasilieva). Unlike Felicia Rusu school she hasn’t finished, were in the younger group (she just turned 18) and earned the bronze medal and third prize (30 thousand rubles) because of its elongated lines, legs, beautiful shapes and well-chosen repertoire: it is a well executed variation of the Eyeshadow trio from the ballet “La Bayadere” and “Tyrolean dance” from the ballet “the Fairy Doll” in the first round and created a sensation with his Butterfly from Fokine’s ballet “Carnival”. 10 minutes on the beach in the heat tridtsatigradusnuyu pushed her from the silver: different skin white contestant immediately “burned” by the evening the temperature rose, so on the third round she performed somewhat below his capabilities.

But “Gzhel”, the success demonstrated in the competition among juniors and the American Conservatory of ballet, Valentina Kozlova. The winners were just two speakers in a pair of her pupil: a dancer Nikita Boris divided the gold and 70 thousand rubles from the representative of the Moscow State Academy of choreography petite Japanese girl Miho Okamura and her partner Valentin Justin shared the silver and 45 thousand roubles a graduate of the Academy Ilya Vladimirov invited, by the way, after graduation to work in the Bolshoi theatre. Especially striking success in the field of ballet Valentine Justin. The guy got acquainted with the basics of this art only 2 years ago, but in stock he has 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals.

The winner of the “Young ballet of the world” for the older group, Felicia Rusu (Moldova). Photo: Vyacheslav Pegarev

Justin grew up in the village where he lives with his mother. He’s adopted boy. They have a vegetable garden, animals, goats, chickens. He came to me 2 years ago knowing nothing. Nothing at all! After this competition, he will continue training at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg. He and Nikita Boris used to me and at first resisted this decision, but I said, “No. Need to learn more” – told me the story of the American boy wonder, Valentina Kozlova.

Parade of the best schools in the competition of course heads the Moscow Academy, which was more than all awards (6 different medals: 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze). Here movice significant, “wiped his nose” Vaganova, from which the “Young ballet of the world” was made by only one representative, first-year student Olesya Bocharova (student Lyudmila Kovaleva), udovletvoryat diploma and 15 thousand rubles in addition.

And it’s not the rector of the Moscow Academy Marina Leonova, sitting in the jury and naturally interested in the promotion of their Pets. The current level of Moscow Academy of unattainable high, so that the decision of the jury at this time, it was quite objectively. Note the bronze medalist in the Junior group and a sophomore in high school the Academy of Gregory Ikonnikova (teacher Sergei Orekhov). And of course, Mark Chino, whose victory (70 thousand rubles, a gold medal and title of laureate) MK as in the case of Vyskubenko, predicted in his response to the opening of the competition.

This contestant Explorer MK suddenly faced floating in the sea… mark were happily flounder in the water, right on the eve of the announcement of the list passed to the next round. This is one of the most talented current pupils of the Moscow Academy (teacher Valery Anisimov received a special prize “For the successful preparation of participants of competition”) lit still to Sochi as the gold winner of three international ballet competitions (two in Japan, and “Arabesque” in Perm).

Dance for artist and virtuosity, jumps and spins brilliant, in addition the guy has charm and stage presence, manifested not only in the classics and such diverse variations, like the variation of the Ocean from the ballet by Saint-léon the little humpbacked Horse (Gorsky choreography), or in serhiivs’ke variation of Siegfried from the “Swan lake”, where he showed himself a born Prince, but in the folk-character (“Carpathian dance” Khasanova), and modern rooms… Such as “Sailor” choreographer Dmitry Protsenko, caused a storm of applause of the audience.

Mark Chino – gold medal in the younger group (Russia). Photo: Vyacheslav Pegarev

The winner of the competition and gold winner in the older age category was a brilliant graduate of the Moscow Academy of this year Dmitry Vyskubenko. As MK predicted a week ago.

Starring in a feature film directed by Dmitry Povolotsky, “My dad Baryshnikov” increased. “Young ballet of the world” – it is the sixth contest in which he received a total of four gold and two silver medals… And he received your “gold” in Sochi on the same “Young ballet of the world”.. But it was two years ago and the younger group.

The isolation from other contestants that the youngest in the older group, 18-year-old artist, competing with much more experienced participants, was evident already in the first round, where he accurately and brilliantly danced variations from ballets of “Millions of harlequin” by Petipa and the Nutcracker Vainonen. Only a little excitement and impact by the end of the competition, the fatigue in the third round, did not allow him to get the main prize – the Grand Prix, which this year for the first time in the entire 10-year history of the competition decided not to award.

For the Grand Prix should be a big gap in the points from all the others – MK explained the situation with the Grand Prix Director and Executive Secretary of jury of competition of the Sochi Sergey Usanov.

The variation from “don Quixote” and modern number “Andante” specially set up for the contest on the music of Prokofiev father gold winner choreographer Yuri, Vyskubenko (awarded special prize For best modern choreography”) in the third round Dmitry danced perfectly.

– The competition here is very special atmosphere, it passes into the resort, everything here swimming, sunbathing… the sea Water is warm. You have managed to relax, to swim, for example? – I ask of the winner immediately after the announcement of results.

– No, just legs to help…

Mode comply?

– Just when you swim and then get out of the sea, you’re a little stormy, so I aspired to when I went on stage, to feel as usual, that do I not knocked down, that everything was stable and straight… now, when it declared the results could afford, but tomorrow and the day after the concert…

– Why you are here all arrived, the gold you have in this contest, as it was?

I came here mainly for the experience, and the truth is not sought to obtain any place. Wanted to give emotions to “full speed” and tried to dance better than myself. In the older group I’m performing for the first time, so this time for me it was very exciting.

– I saw you coming with the father, as something separated from others you are doing with it… you Have some special method of preparation for the contest?

Just at the top there’s no linoleum… we Have this experience that if there is a different kind of coupling with the floor, when you go on stage, this is very disturbing. And so he goes to classes gives me the winner for his father – choreographer Yuri Vyskubenko, which basically was preparing the youth to competitions. And I also want to mention that coming to 18 years of age to compete with adults, we certainly did not think about this result at all. Because adults who are in the theatres performances, already has a lot of experience are a priori, they are in a more advantageous position and emotions, technique, and physical strength and endurance…

– Dima, you starred in the film “My dad Baryshnikov”, where he played student of the ballet school Boria Piscina that after watching a cassette of a dance Mikhail Baryshnikov, banned in the USSR during the time of the film as a defector, tells his classmates that he is his dad. And myself, ever since Baryshnikov live had the opportunity to meet?

– No, only saw him on the records. He is a genius!… But I know that the film he was watching, because he wrote about it on Facebook

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