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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The command of the Baltic fleet fired for “omissions” and “distortions”

“For serious shortcomings in combat training, as well as the distortion in the reports of the real state of Affairs” are removed from office and presented to the dismissal from the Armed forces key leaders of the Baltic fleet. Dismissal with a similar wording was in the recent history of the Russian Navy. What’s happening at the oldest naval fleet?

Dismiss high-ranking military officers became known after the meeting of the defence Ministry in the centre “Patriot”. During the visiting session of the military Department examined the results of inspections of military units and connections, and command of the Baltic fleet, RIA “Novosti”.

“We must clearly understand that there is a struggle for power. People put their own in key positions”

It is noted that the audit was conducted from 11 may to 10 June on the orders of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This is an unprecedented length of time: usually these inspections take much less time.

Hard wording

“The head of the military Department and members of the Board of the Ministry of defense this tough and principled evaluation of the activities of officers guilty of serious omissions. According to the results of inspection and discussion at the Board commander of the Baltic fleet, chief of staff of the fleet and a number of officials for serious lapses in military training, as well as the distortion in the reports of the real state of Affairs barred the defence Minister from duty. They are presented for removal from posts and dismissal from military service”, – reported in the Ministry of defence.

“Officials punished for serious lapses in the organization of combat training of daily activities of troops, the failure to take all necessary measures to improve conditions of accommodation of personnel, lack of concern for subordinates”, – is spoken in the message.

“The defense Minister instructed in the shortest possible time to approve the plan deficiencies, implement it and carry the end of the year re-inspection of the Baltic fleet”, – the TASS the press service of the Ministry.

What happened? What is the cause of such tough personnel decisions of the defence Ministry? It can be assumed that the Commission was faced with egregious facts of nebogatova fleet first, and it consisted of people who are not interested in concealing these facts, and second. To some extent this can be attributed to a change in control of the Armed forces. Previously, such a Commission would come to any of the fleets from the main command of the Navy, which was interested in how to hide the revealed shortcomings within his own Department. However, as a result of reforms Serdyukov–Makarova Navy lost such independence and the Commission could consist of employees and officers that are not related to the Guild, naval solidarity. Now the Earth obeys the command of the Western district, not the high Command of the Navy.

“Improving fighting capacity”

The last time the Baltic fleet is purposefully enhanced in connection with the activity of NATO forces in the region. At least, so stated publicly. In late April, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the actions of the US and NATO, including the deployment of infrastructure near Russia’s borders forced to accept adequate retaliatory military-technical measures. So, for the last three years in connections and military units of the Baltic fleet has received two warships, six boats of various uses, the newest multiple rocket launchers and air defenses.

Recall also that the US and NATO on the eve held in the Baltic sea large-scale exercises Baltops 2016. Shortly before their implementation on the fleet began to spread rumors about who came to the area of responsibility of the Baltic fleet of the German u-boat. As reported by people familiar with the situation military, the ship freely left the waters that caused the anger in the leadership of the defense Ministry and called into question the aptitude of the management of the Baltic fleet.

Increasing the combat potential, it seems, requires not only the Baltic fleet, but the most important thing – the Northern fleet. The experts in the industry noted that of all nine surface combat ships of the first rank, only two are currently in a state of alert. Others are in reserve or are in long-term repair.

It is interesting that recently the Navy commander Viktor Chirkov has left his post for health reasons. His place was taken by the above commander of the Northern fleet Vladimir Korolev, who was named man of the team Shoigu.

As said on this occasion, the Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov, the condition was unlikely to cause care Chirkov. “Just to not take it, do not know the details, but they say that Chirkov had some disagreements with the leadership,” he said earlier the newspaper VIEW.

Another interesting point: earlier Viktor Chirkov was the commander of the Baltic fleet. The now-suspended Viktor Kravchuk at the time was his Deputy.

Exercise in the Baltic

The strategic importance of the Baltic fleet caused the intensification of military exercises in the theater. We will remind, in the beginning of may in Kaliningrad region at the site “Khmelevka” held doctrine for amphibious landing on unequipped coast.

“In total, the exercise involved some 10 surface ships, boats and support vessels of the Baltic fleet, more than 10 units of BTR-82A, as well as about 150 military connection of Marines of coastal armies of the Baltic fleet”, – said the representatives of the Baltic fleet. 14 APR Corvette “Boykiy” and the patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” performed artillery firing at Maritime and aerial targets in the Baltic sea.

In addition, on April 22, the same ships conducted exercises to destroy submarines. Corvette “Boykiy” and patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” in collaboration with anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27PL naval aviation of the Baltic fleet found and conditionally destroyed submarine “enemy” during exercises. Along with this, military ships carry out artillery fire on sea surface targets, and the pilots anti-submarine helicopters practiced landing on the deck of the ship.

The commander of the Baltic puddles

Retired Admiral Viktor Kravchuk received from subordinate dissonant nickname. “We called him the Commander of the Baltic puddle – tell subordinates Kravchuk, who served under his predecessors, Komoedov, Valuev, Egorov and Chirkova. Not because the sea became shallow, just the technical state of the fleet can not be any criticism. He’s lowered the puddles. During the inspection of the Ministry of defence submarine tried to bring for malls, only brought – the smoke went, immediately brought back. If now Shoigu will announce the readiness, it will happen big embarrassment”.

Kravchuk remembered above all for his outrageous behavior. He twice became the anti-hero of the Victory parade, which in the capital of Western province is personally responsible commander of the Baltic fleet.

“In preparation for the parade in 2013, the Cossacks were surprised to learn that they will lead Sergei Danilevsky, recalls the Cossack Colonel, a combat veteran Valery baslik. All were greatly outraged, because a few months earlier this citizen was exposed as a bogus veteran of the Afghan war and a fake decorated. When we began to ask questions, we replied, so decided Kravchuk.

On official request, signed by the Cossacks and veterans of the great Patriotic war, came the official answer: to remove from the parade, Sergei Danilevsky, no one will. However, broke out about this scandal in the Federal press in the last moment made Viktor Kravchuk to change the decision.

But two years later, the Admiral showed unprecedented firmness, resulting in the front “box” of soldiers-internationalists defiantly five minutes before the ceremonial passage left front ranks. “In preparation for the anniversary parade of the Victory, our organization made a formal request to the commander with the request to consider possibility of participation in significant event of veterans of Afghanistan, now living in Germany, told the newspaper LOOK Deputy Chairman of the Association of soldiers-internationalists of the Kaliningrad region Anatoly Kovalev. – Provided a list, a list of military decorations. Almost immediately received welcome, and then we contacted our friends who moved to permanent residence in Germany, and invited them in April to come to Kaliningrad. In the end arrived more than 20 veterans.

“On the first two exercises our consolidated regiment was among the best,” recalls the commander of the front “boxes” the General-major Vladimir Michurin. – And after the dress rehearsal we were approached by the commandant of the garrison and handed over the order of the commander: the Germans have to leave the system. I honestly was taken aback. We were asked to bring the guys we have shed blood in a war”.

Internationalists decided not to escalate the situation and in due time in full force arrived on the parade. However, Michurin was re-announced an ultimatum Kravchuk, after which the Afghan “box” pointedly refused passage by a solemn March.

Dangerous liaisons

Promiscuous relations of the commander also became a byword. Viktor Kravchuk openly was friends with such ambiguous figures as Nikolay dashkin and Viktor Bogdan.

“The first – former Prosecutor of Baltiysk, emitted from the authorities on grounds of inappropriate behaviour, being a municipal official, have repeatedly been involved in high-profile corruption stories, – said the newspaper VIEW source in law enforcement bodies of the region. Second – Victor Bogdan, having in certain circles, the nickname of Ballet, is recognized as a consequence of the leader of the gang, is now in the international wanted list. Kravchuk repeatedly not just boarded at the home of the Ballet, but remained the authority for the night. Even when Bogdan was already a criminal case”, – he said.

Group Bogdan did not shun the various types of earnings, including those associated with the Navy. So, active members of the group Alexander Fomin and Igor Bogdan, nephew of Victor, in December 2010 he was detained in attempt of theft of 22 tons of diesel fuel from the ships of the Baltic fleet. In the end, the case collapsed.

The struggle for power

First Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov argues that omissions can be each of commander and anywhere from it not going anywhere”. He also sees no connection between recent personnel decisions and the changes in fleet management that occurred with Shoigu.

“On the other hand, we must clearly understand that there is a struggle for power. People put their own in key positions… the Position of commander of the fleet is one of the key. It is possible that for some positions, commander of the Baltic fleet and chief of staff did not agree with those or other positions of Minister of defense. It could also be a reason to go for such changes,” – said the newspaper VIEW Sivkov. According to the expert, the commander impute not so much to shortcomings in the work of many registry. “And the fact that people sometimes go to it – also the fact,” he said.

As for the technical side of the issue, Sivkov explained that to appoint as commander of the fleet can only be the Supreme commanderPresident of Russia. “The defence Minister can suspend (the current leaders of the fleet) and to appoint interim. A further decree of the Supreme commander needs to be lifted by one person and assigned to another”, – noted Sivkov.

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