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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Baltic fleet, full of mysteries: the new commander will get a difficult inheritance

The news of the dismissal of the commander of the Baltic fleet Viktor Kravchuk and the chief of staff of the fleet Sergei Popov made a lot of noise. Even after the death of the submarine “Kursk” Northern fleet commander Gennady Suchkov was suspended only temporarily until the end of the investigation.” No official explanation in the defense Ministry now does not give. Therefore, experts, lost in conjecture, trying to unravel the causes of such drastic personnel reshuffle of the leadership of the military.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

A member of the Marine Board under the government of Russia, the former commander of Northern fleet Admiral Vyacheslav Popov believes that this increased attention to what is happening on the Baltic fleet (BF) caused by the increased value of the fleet in the current political climate. Popov says “sereznoe concentration of NATO forces in the Baltic sea.

Apparently, that is why, simultaneously with the resignation of the command of the fleet, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported increased BF the 11th army corps.

And it is not only army connection, which is given in the composition and submission of BF. This direction has been trying to strengthen for a long time. Back in the mid 1990-ies was created in the Kaliningrad special district (CORPS). Then the number of ground forces and air defense forces were subordinated to the commander of the BF.

In the late 90-ies I had to attend the exercises with combat shooting, which took place on the coastal range near Kaliningrad. It was amazing to meet there, on the shores of the Baltic, friends of officers from the suburbs, which was strengthened by the newly formed air defense units BF. They then sought to teach them s-300 shoot at sea targets.

At that time the commander of the BF was reassigned to practically all structures of the defense Ministry, located on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, including mechanized infantry, missile and part of based there the 11th guards army. Now on its basis will be formed 11th army corps.

COR at that time was considered by the management Agency as an experiment to create a specific, distant from the center of the territory, units full operational and strategic management for heterogeneous forces and means. Later this experience was used to form a similar structure on the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Northern fleet.

But now, as the message circulated on the results of exit meeting of the Ministry, the BF does not meet the level of tasks set before it the Ministry of defense. Not exactly responsible the management of their fleet.

What “shortcomings” led to a hard personnel decisions, nobody knows for sure. However, experts claim checking, initiated by Moscow, BF lasted a month. And this, apparently, is not accidental. Apparently, the information on grave violations were reported to the staff regularly for a long time.

According to some military experts, the reason for the big “cleaning” in the Baltic sea could become an event of which he wrote the Polish media.

In April 2016 the submarine BF allegedly collided with a Polish military vehicle, while receiving serious damage. Command BF tried hard to hide what happened. As a result the Russian defense Ministry officially denied the information about the collision. But later, as claimed, the truth was revealed. In the defense Ministry this “match” from their subordinates, of course, did not expect. To forgive such was impossible, and to the Baltic, allegedly, were sent to the inspection team, consisting of representatives of the General staff, staffed by representatives of the military Prosecutor’s office for clarification of all circumstances of incident, and also clarify the real situation in the Navy.

Prosecutor’s check, in particular, established that on the territory of the airport “Chkalovsk”, subordinated to the BF in March of this year, repeatedly visited by the citizens of the Russian Federation, extracting amber and with the use of heavy construction equipment. This was possible because the airport, despite the fact that is a sensitive object that was not solid fencing. In the result, caused damage to forestry, and the place of illegal quarry miners amber left the disposal of domestic waste.

The St. Petersburg edition of “Fontanka” meanwhile, Kravchuk called a good friend of some of “the amber Baron” Viktor Bogdan, who is in the international wanted list.

Also revealed a lot of violations relating to the construction and repair officer housing, military camps, buildings, fleet base… How do I find the check, the funds allocated for these purposes, are spent inefficiently.

However, all this may not lead to the resignation of the leadership of the fleet would be punished as usual and allowed to serve — if the command had no complaints about the organization of combat training. But, experts say, was. And in large numbers.

So, during the inspection, which took place on BF in may and June of this year, the number of technical failures in carrying out combat tasks the reviewer exceeded all acceptable norms. Defense Minister ordered to “promptly approve the plan deficiencies and implement it”, followed by a new check.

As for the new management BF while all fired after rigorous verification, remain vacant. Apparently, not for long. Assignments will not pull.

In any case it is already known that the commander of the Baltic fleet, while temporary, will play Vice Admiral Alexander Nosatov. For BF he is a man not a new one. In 2009, after graduating from the Military Academy of the General staff he was appointed commander of the Baltic naval base. Until recently, Nosatov led the headquarters of the black sea fleet, and then was appointed head of the naval Academy.

By the way, in the position of chief of staff of the black sea fleet Alexander Nosatov, along with such politicians as Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin, presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko was included in the “blacklist” of the European Union. However, “travel abroad” status is unlikely to scare of the new BF commander, who in a new place for a long time and do continuously have to clean up the “omission” of their predecessors.

Today, the media speculated that the new commander of the BF can be a Vice Admiral Sergei Yeliseyev, who until 2014 was zaglavnoy the Ukrainian Navy, and then entered the service of Russia. No official confirmation of this information at the moment, as well as information about what is Elisha temporarily in command BF has been refuted by the news about Alexander Nosatova.

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