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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Admiral explained the reason for the dangerous maneuver of the destroyer Gravely in front “Yaroslav the Wise

The former chief of staff of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Kravchenko commented on the incident with the American destroyer Gravely, who “cut” the Russian ship “Yaroslav the Wise” in the Mediterranean sea. In his opinion, dangerous maneuvers were dictated by the tactics of the Navy to push any ships from aircraft carriers.

photo: youtube.com

The incident occurred June 17 in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. An American destroyer with guided missiles Gravely slipped right under the noses of the Russian frigate, approaching it at a dangerous distance of 180 meters.

Admiral Viktor Kravchenko believes that the dangerous maneuver was due to the tactics the us Navy. In his opinion, Gravely tried to “ward off” a Russian ship from the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, who lay on the combat course for the training of carrier-based aircraft, reports RIA Novosti.

Kravchenko acknowledged that in the agreement that Russia and the United States signed in 1992 does not stipulate the parameters of threat convergence. However, the concept of Maritime culture has not been canceled: it requires a larger ship displacement (Gravely, 9.6 thousand tons approx.) behave more carefully in relation to smaller ships”Yaroslav the Wise”, 4,35 thousand tons approx), explained the Admiral.

In the defense Ministry stressed that “Yaroslav the Wise” was in international waters and any dangerous manoeuvre against the destroyer is not carried out. In confirmation of his words, the military released a video where you can see how an American ship is almost across to the Russian.

While the Pentagon insists that “unsafe and unprofessional” the maneuvers made by the Russian sailors. The American military said that the crew of the “Yaroslav the Wise” filed false signals, trying to get close to an American destroyer.

Watch the video on “video Appeared coming across “Yaroslav the Wise” USS”

The Network published the footage from onboard a Russian battle ship “Yaroslav the Wise” in the Mediterranean sea. The video shows how American destroyer USS Gravely” in fact, “cuts” the Russian ship. The Americans managed to slip right under the noses of “Yaroslav the Wise”, when the distance between them was reduced to a few tens of meters. As previously reported, the incident occurred on June 17. The defense Ministry believe that this maneuver is “Gravely” represented a real danger to the Russian ship.

Video published on the website youtube.com user-Kpt.Kruck !

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