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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Telescope “Hubble” photographed a galaxy tadpole

Professionals working with the space telescope “Hubble”, published on the Internet the galaxy, which is one I recall the fireworks, and the other — a sort of painted in bright colors unimaginable size of a tadpole, floating in space. Galaxy Kiso 5639, according to experts is not only beautiful but also really very unusual object.

NASA/ ESA, and D. Elmegreen, B. Elmegreen, J. Sanchez Almeida, C. Munoz-Tunon, and M. Filho, J. Mendez-Abreu, J. Gallagher, M. Rafelski, and D. Ceverino

The dwarf galaxy known as LEDA 36252 and Kiso 5639, judging by its unusual shape, was recently faced with another group of stars, which part of stars and gas left with one of its sides, while the other part is distributed across the large space, forming a kind of “tail”, the length of which reaches tens of thousands of light years. According to the astronomers, to every star cluster, in appearance resembling Kiso 5639, we have about 500 “normal” galaxies, having a circular or spiral form.

It is expected that in the future the galaxy, like the tadpole, finally “drop” its tail, after which it current the left part will be in the accumulation of more “usual form, and other stars will unite in several dwarf galaxies orbiting the current “head”. All this will happen very soon by human standards, but in the foreseeable future by the standards of space — a few dozen million years.

The article is devoted to the galaxy LEDA 36252 published by specialists in scientific journal Astrophysical Journal.

The Hubble telescope was launched April 24, 1990. A week ago the American space Agency NASA has signed with the Association of universities in the USA a new contract for the continued operation of the space telescope by 2021. In a recent interview for “Moskovsky Komsomolets” American astronaut Tom Jones said he believes the launch of Hubble to be one of the most pivotal in recent decades, developments in the field of space exploration, slightly inferior in importance only to that of the start and further work of the International space station.

We will remind, recently in the Internet was published another exciting space image covering a much wider area of the night sky. The image was obtained in the course of the project for the study of deep space Ultra Deep Survey.

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