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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Semantic hallucinations” and “underwood” staged space shows

Amid growing rapid color Russian open-airs, the audience is becoming more demanding, and it is sometimes not enough just concerts — we want surprises. Therefore, today’s fashion trend — multi-format festivals, where you can listen to music and street theatre to watch, and new technical innovations, for example, to find out. The list of conceptual events added to the festival “upstream”, which was held in Koktebel “Underwood”, Pep-See, “Semantic hallucinations” and other musicians, singing of the space.

“Semantic hallucinations”. Photo: Elena Pshenitsyna

Title open-air — real-life term. Thermal is a column of air rising from the earth under the influence of heating. I use it not only soaring birds, but also those involved in air sports. On the Klementiev mountain, where a festival, this flow is particularly strong, it has unique aerodynamic properties, and tested their aircraft, almost all of the domestic aircraft designers, including Sergei Korolev. Today, however, this is just like a big old hangar, which are two abandoned aircraft, but on the mountain in full train in the sky.

Sin was not to come to the mount members of the group “underwood”, who became famous with his first single “Gagarin, I loved you”, after the sounds literally from every angle. Although artists and came up with a story about what inspired them to create a hit by none other than Yuri Gagarin his feat, the leader of the group “Megapolis” and part-owner of a private label Oleg Nesterov there is another version. He worked with the guys at the beginning of their journey and, most recently, was remembered at a music conference that playful melody and cracking chorus brought one of the soloists Vladimir Tkachenko with the tour. Musician fun coming home from a concert in train in the company of friends, took up the guitar and invented a motive. Then Nesterov his skilful hand added some touches, to correct the style of the song, and eventually it permanently etched in the memory of fans, becoming a hallmark of “Underwood.” At the open-air Vladimir Tkachenko and Maxim Kucherenko spared neither strength nor ligaments, cheerfully after an hour and a half set.

“See!Know.” Photo: press service of the group

The men’s team was diluted at the site of the fair sex. From Moscow came the Lisa singer (“in the world” — Irina Lyasovsky) together with his team, “See!Know.” The music of this group is colorful, like a rainbow. Here you and light dance tunes, funk, and jazz, and quirky lyrics. All together, like an explosive mixture of elements of creativity of Daniil Kharms, Agnes Barto, at the same time Broom Erofeev, Ella Fitzgerald, Joan Aguzarova and Tom waits. At the festival, the artists played their Metropolitan club hits “Airplanes”, “Happiness”, “dancing” and naive song about cosmonauts, under which, in the opinion of the soloist, the Foxes would dance and Gagarin.

Pep-See. Photo: Paul Kutuev

The provocative attitude of colleagues was supported by the group Pep-See, a favorite with listeners in the 1990s hooligan hits, “Guys, music, drugs”, “Disco”, “Vovochka” and “Skier”. The first producer of the team was Sergey Kuryokhin, the famous leader of the “Pop-mechanics”, but soon left him in order to give more time to their own projects. Although the latest album from Pep-See was released in late 2002, the musicians continue to give concerts and to tour, and in 2012-m noisy celebrated the 20th anniversary. From Golden classic composition “Anna Kipyatkova, Inessa Mikhailova Maria Volkova, unfortunately, there was only Anna. However, many critics always thought she was the most charismatic, and now the scene it supports strong men’s team that’s standing up for his vocalist. To talk about the past, as Pep-See, gave the audience “Earthlings”, which, although changed for a variety of compositions, but continue to sing “the grass at the house” and move on stage as well as numerous predecessors, who played in the band before them.

“Earthlings”. Photo: Paul Kutuev

The performance of the “Semantic hallucinations” at the festival may go down in history as the last band’s performance. At the end of last year, its leader Sergei Bobunets recorded a video message in which he announced the breakup of the band: “Remember the cartoon about the captain Vrungel where the phrase “as you the ship name, so it will float”? To live 26 years with the title “Semantic hallucinations” is very difficult. So that’s the story”. To answer the question “why?” the musician refuses, says only that he will continue to speak, but in a different format and with a different composition. Some joke that the artist with his manners and tone of voice would be better suited to perform “strong Bobrinsky chanson”, and not to suffer and to sing Russian rock. However, many compositions are “glitches”, as lovingly called members of the group fans have become hits — “Forever young”, “Pole”, “Stars 3000”, etc. On the Klementiev mountain in the farewell program “our Space”, which the musicians dedicated to the first manned flight into space, they shot a powerful volley of all its evergreens and unexpectedly pleased the audience with a whole set of bright covers, playing “Mother, we are all seriously ill” and “the Last hero” Viktor Tsoi, “I thirst,” “Nautilus of Pompilius” and even the “Carpet-copter” “Agatha Christie”. The entire performance was accompanied by conceptual visuals, in which abstract images and shapes of animals interspersed with documentary footage of the launching of missiles and pilots into space.

“Underwood.” Photo: Paul Kutuev

It seems Bobunets thought about the eternal: if the parting with “Semantic hallucinations”, he said reluctantly, then with shining eyes pondered the topic of universal scale in the truest sense of the words: “For me personally, space exploration is the wonders that happen in real life. Step by step into the unknown, full of mysteries, so humanity is trying to understand his own nature. At a young age, reading McGee, I saw the “Space Travel” as a trip in “Artek” summer camp — fun, defiantly. Then the space has become for me to take more “adult” forms: it with romance I can see and a chilling fear of loneliness, and the mysterious danger — it is the result of passion for books by Isaac Asimov”.

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