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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

People and ancient “hobbits” were neighbors in the cave

On the island of Flores, in the cave, where in the past scientists have discovered human remains Florensky, Australian scientists from the University of Wollongong found the hearth of the immediate ancestors of modern humans. As reported, this may indicate that people and “the hobbit”, as sometimes referred to as the representatives of this species, about 50 thousand years ago were able to live side by side.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Photo: Ryan Somma

For the first time human remains Florensky was discovered in 2003. They are distinguished by very low growth, weight not more than 50 kg and a small volume of the brain. Some time it was thought that, in fact, the remains belong to members of Homo sapiens with developmental disabilities, however, further study allowed to confirm that we are talking about a different kind is part of the genus Homo. It is believed that this species first appeared on Earth about 130 million years ago and disappeared about 50 thousand years to the present day.

Human Florensky as a species in the media is often called “hobbits” in honor of the fictional small nation from the works of JRR Tolkien and subsequently withdrawn based on these films. Shortly after man Florensky was recognized as a separate species, considered even the opportunity to name it in honor of the hobbits, officially, Homo hobbitus. However, the species has been called Homo floresiensis.

Although experts are convinced that man Florensky and Homo sapiens belong to different biological species, is still not to be known whether they have co-existed ever on the same site. However, the new data may indicate that ancient people and hobbits encounter could. According to scientists, Homo floresiensis, as far as we know, did not know how to make fire and use it, and therefore, the ancient hearth lit it arrived in Indonesia as “modern” people. This means that either they settled in a cave soon after the hobbits had disappeared or still had their “catch”. Researchers are inclined to consider as more probable the second option, and in the future I hope to figure out exactly what could be the relations of the two edge types.

Experts presented their work in the pages of scientific publications Journal of Archaeological Science.

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