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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nemtsov’s associates do not tell who set a memorial plaque in his honor

Four of a memorial plaque in memory of Boris Nemtsov appeared in Moscow in the night of Thursday. “MK” tried to find out who had them installed, and whether the city authorities to remove the signs that were installed without approval of the city.

photo: facebook.com

One of the memorial plaques in memory of Nemtsov appeared on the bridge where he was killed. And according to the label the overpass now renamed the German bridge. The other three signs on Cook street, in the building where Boris Efimovich rented an apartment in 2002-2004, when he was leader of the Duma faction; in Malaya Ordynka on the wall of the house in which the politician lived the last years; the office of the party PARNAS Pyatnitskaya street.

Information about the location of memorable characters and their pictures circulated in social networks a member of the unregistered “Committee of protest actions,” Alexander Ryklin. “MK” contacted him to find out who and what means manufactured and installed a memorial plaque, but the answer of the opposition was surprised by:

– Who ordered the Board, at whose expense they were made, who they were hanged and at what time — I do not know. I can only assume that it was night. I was just given the pictures I published online.

– Who gave You the photographs?

And do not even try to find out who did it. No tips you will not find, no one will say. And I said…

Ryklin also suggested that the commemorative signs installed illegally and will be demolished soon.

photo: facebook.com

To still clarify who was the author of the action (in my personal opinion — it is noble), I contacted the Chairman of the Moscow branch of the party Nemtsov of PARNAS Ilya Yashin, but he was laconic:

I don’t know anything about it, unfortunately, although I would be glad to help you. (It’s weird, because the Board is set on the front of the party office, which was likely watching the cameras that are installed there – Ed.) The Moscow branch of the party to this is not relevant. Perhaps the memorable signs established some of our activists, but I just don’t know.

– If plates are established illegally — they can try to remove it. Will activists PARNASSUS on duty near the memorial boards, to ensure their safety?

– The party did not organize even watch the memory of Boris Nemtsov on a bridge, and yet there are already more than a year constantly there are people. It is a spontaneous self-organizing process. It is likely that people will be on duty and near the plaques, but to add to this special organizational efforts of the party to me doesn’t seem right. People will go where their Board heart, and to get into it would be incorrect.

To clarify the history of the legality of the installation of the plates and their fate, “MK” called the Deputy Chairman of the Commission on monumental art of Moscow architect Lev Lavrenov.

– For installation of a memorial plaque decision of the Commission is not required, ” he said. Such memorials are agreed in the Commission for culture of the Moscow city Duma. If the Commission agrees — that the city installs plaque. On the other hand, it seems to me that if the decision on installation of memorable signs in honour of Boris Nemtsov was taken, we would know about it in advance. I learned about the appearance of these memorial plaques, today.

– If you find that boards are established illegally, what is their fate in this case?

In this case, they can be removed, but it is better to call the city Duma.

The Commission MHD on culture headed by the famous actor Yevgeny Gerasimov, is remembered by several generations for his role as the robot from the movie “guest from the future” and numerous jokes about him and Alice.

– We question about the memorial plaque to Boris Nemtsov did not consider for a very simple reason: boards are installed no earlier than 10 years after the death of a man – said, “MK” Evgeniy Vladimirovich. – General question about installation of the memorial sign is very difficult, because you need the consent of tenants on the wall which will Board, and municipal elections from this area. Of course, there were cases when the plaque was installed without going through these procedures. But in such cases the city authorities treat it as any squatter: may not notice or not pay attention, and can carry.

The Murder Of Boris Nemtsov. Chronicle of events

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