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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moscow helps those who help themselves…

Bought almost all economy class flights to Moscow for the summer. Carriers, to meet the wishes of workers (or, frankly, by order of the government), for the second year establish a low price for flights from the Far East. Today flight in economy class of Aeroflot on the major far East destinations costs about 20 thousand roubles there and back and 12 thousand rubles one way. In addition, for preferential categories of citizens, there are even cheaper tickets – from 1.8 to 7.5 thousand RUB in one direction.

photo: pixabay.com

So you can fly! Here only there are no tickets. Because all the cheap tickets they have bought. Remained expensive in business class and rate “Comfort”. But here the price is not “social”. On the contrary, bite.

Where is the exit? There are voices demanding to make for the far East discounted tickets in business class, and seats. The Governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport is going to convince Aeroflot, and he only offers cheap tickets for the so-called “flat rates” to the far East, to enter additional flights, despite their apparent unprofitability. The head of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky believes that it is necessary to break the monopoly of Aeroflot and to return to the region by other airlines. The appeal to the national carrier to explain. Major national airlines have traditionally played an important role in ensuring the transport accessibility of regions and increasing mobility of the population in Russia. Besides, the government holds a 51 percent stake in the airline. But we digress, as far as possible from the “Aeroflot”. Pay attention to the trend.

With all the variations of these, like some other stated proposals, they share the common understanding of someone remote from the centre of Vladivostok or, for example, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky have to pay.

Of course, in the regions know that airlines are lowering ticket prices for some regions or social strata of the population, refuse from a substantial part of profit. And in the far East offices, and airlines believe that to compensate the carrier for its costs of participation in social programs, the state should. But in someone’s understanding of the personification of the state and, therefore, the primary payer must be Moscow. The Federal centre.

That is only the Federal budget is obligated to care about citizens, only Federal – political, economic, aviation authorities should realize their social responsibility. And again to pay.

There is a strange suggestion to airlines – let them seek a way out, making for the major, popular destinations more expensive, and due to the margin decrease for the passenger the cost of the flights on those areas that need to subsidize. Alas. An example of “Transaero” clearly shows that this is not very proper building process, you can go into serious losses. Just to fail, to lose their company and business.

Supporters of the position “extract money” from Moscow have found out. The government should compensate the airlines for all losses associated with preferential transport is also a political task. Consider themselves the most knowledgeable experts tend to think in such cases about the royalty fee for flying over the territory of Russia of planes of foreign companies, which comes, in particular, “Aeroflot” to cover expenses for implementation of social programs.

But here’s what he said at the recent annual meeting of Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev: “If you take all the royalties for this (2015) year at 100%, the state will be “Aeroflot” $5 million from those required of social programs that we are implementing”. And experts, now is really knowledgeable in the state of Affairs confirm that according to recent reports, to fully compensate all the losses the state and could not. That is, no matter how trying to convince the far Eastern governors, no matter how aware of their social responsibility, Aeroflot, no additional flights with cheap tickets to enter, he can not. Every flight on the route Moscow – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back brings the company a loss of approximately $ 3 million. For this reason, no airline will not and will not be able to reduce the prices of seats. Otherwise it will become impossible not only consciously to maintain the minimum prices on their flights in economy class, but generally contain the company.

To break the so called monopoly of “Aeroflot” in the far East would be from the point of view of diversification of air transportation market and interesting, even useful, but where do you find a company that will fly without government subsidies, and where you can criticize and 51 percent of your shares from the state, so that fly?

Where is the exit? And the output that the state is not only Moscow. For residents of the regions, for their comfort, portability, transport independence, and, in General, and the formation of Russian identity, is not only Central, but also regional authorities. They could contribute to improve the accessibility of their regions, for example, reducing the cost of airport charges, representing a certain part of the ticket price.

Because in Russia there are airports that raise the price of flights and four, and six times to make a landing there already is unrealistic. You can easily lose an airline that just to stop flying.

“The regional authorities need only to establish a transparent, understandable, non-corrupt system of airports, – said General Director of “Center for political information Alexei Mukhin. – If you create a system where these costs are transparent and justified, I think the problem will be solved automatically.”

One more step to make air travel more accessible and cheaper will be the organization of intra-regional transportation, subsidies to airlines from regional budgets. About it at meeting on questions of development of aviation recalled recently the President of Russia Vladimir Putin: “We know how difficult is the delivery of passengers to the far East, Eastern Siberia, within regions. Often people have to fly to the neighboring regions via Moscow or via St. Petersburg. This is totally unacceptable, and for people creates difficulties, but also for the economy as a whole.”

To solve all the questions only via Moscow or Saint Petersburg familiar and even safe – we’re nobadae, and then we’ll blame the center, but is that such a position creates problems for people and the economy? Moscow will help, but the real measures should be taken by themselves, the regional authorities, not limited to appeals to the state and its budget.

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