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Saturday, March 17, 2018

G. I. Shmal: national register as a compass will point where to go

What two standardization Committee can find common ground? This was stated by the President of the Union of oil and gas Industrialists Gennady Shmal.

– Gennady Iosifovich, how do You think the introduction of competitive procedures mechanisms for the evaluation of intangible criteria, such as assessment experience and business reputation, will really affect the quality of performance of public procurement?

We should start with the fact that today the current system of auctions, tenders, competitions, absolutely not prosperous. Moreover, it contains elements of corruption, because clear criteria when determining there is no winner. Sometimes it is price alone, sometimes on the contrary – the company gives you a lower price than the other, and the winner is a completely different company that has a soul except a pen nothing. Therefore, I believe that the presence of such a mechanism would be correct, but it is necessary to develop a more clear evaluation criteria – experience, company image, etc. is Nothing new, we do not invent, in many countries there is such a mechanism. And registers suppliers there are other forms. But to start, I think, it is necessary to develop a national standard to define criteria and mechanisms for tendering, that is, to formalize, to clarify fundamental aspects.

It would be nice to the Technical Committee and our 066 TC 023 “Oil and gas industry together to think and develop such a standard that may not fully would be mandatory, but certainly a recommendation for all companies that participate in such procedures.

– You’re talking about a single assessment approach and methods?

Yes, it’s true. In any case, close to unity. Have to deal with different situations, especially in the construction industry. Customers choose contractors, and then it turns out that the contractor is not wealthy. One example at the Federal facility, such as the cosmodrome “East” had to be replaced by the contractor. Therefore, there must be clear selection criteria. In principle, if we talk about the supply of equipment, must be certified. Although today there are technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of machinery and equipment”, which does not require equipment certification for the oil and gas industry, with which I totally disagree. This law was created in Belarus, but in Belarus itself are subject to mandatory certification seeders, winnowers, even children’s bikes, and a valve, which operates under a pressure of 150 – 200 atmospheres not subject to certification, but only declarations! We have not grown before to the certificate was a guarantee of quality. Declaration is only possible if the people really responsible for its quality. And we even on important object – the ESPO (East Siberia Pacific ocean) is forced to mount the valves that supply Western companies, particularly from Italy. And had more than 200 valves cut, change them because they were not working. But about Russian valves and can not speak. We too early decided to abandon certification, especially for the oil and gas industry.

– And the branch unions, associations willing to develop internal methods to determine reliable suppliers?

– If we seriously think about the creation of our civil society, the professional industry associations should play a completely different role, it is important to be listened to. This is one of the major challenges facing our society. In the first place – to teach, and secondly, to accustom the authorities to listen to their own people. In our Union, people who personally do not need one goal – lived to the native country and of the industry we represent is developed. So I think that should significantly increase the role and influence on all issues in our society.

– How to ensure that the registries trust and relevance?

– First of all, a registry must be open, the second is available in the third – objective. A more difficult question – who in this case, the expert, who is the judge? In this respect, one of the questions that arises today – we have a completely different basis to supply all of the service associated with the examination. We need a law about the examination, in addition you need to consider the training of experts in different directions. In building – it must be one, of oil – other, etc. basically, we need to create a clear system of qualified expertise. The expert should be responsible for their assessment. If he said that this company is a reliable supplier, quality, etc. it meets the highest requirements, this is an expert and has to answer up to criminal liability.

– In Your opinion, what preferences should give the status of a reliable supplier and membership in the National registry?

– I believe that preferences should not be. Any company on the market has the opportunity to participate in tenders. In this case, membership in the registry suggests that the company is well known in the market, it can be trusted, but it does not mean that other company that are not in the registry, can’t be her rival. Special preferences should not be, just need to this registry was complete enough to take into account all the companies that are on the market in one direction or another. Suppliers of oil and gas equipment there are thousands, so how to select them is not a simple question. And if to talk about preferences, we are driving people into corruption.

– Where the application of this tool could be the most effective?

– I believe that it can be used in all sectors of the economy. Especially in those industries that are most challenging, such as oil, gas, nuclear and hydropower, coal industry. Also in such important sectors as health care, pharmaceuticals.

– In an interview with the Governor of the Republic of Karelia A. P. Hudilainen was made that the national register will give impetus to the creation of the authoritative Institute for the formation of business reputation in the Russian Federation. Do you agree with this statement?

– I think the companies themselves to work on this. To get into the registry, you need to meet some criteria, what we talked about. So I think that having such a registry will be as the compass that will indicate where to go. Yet we order such that the design institutes who design, say that you want to apply, what equipment and they’re at your own risk, there is no registry that offers a choice of 10 organizations that could provide. In fact, they also give direction, although quite narrow, which should be given in future registry. Therefore, I believe that the creation of such a registry will lead to normal, or, at least, create a system, which is essential for customers when choosing services and vendors.

As a representative of TK 023 willing to start cooperation on the development of techniques, the formation of this registry.

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