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Monday, March 19, 2018

Futurist: because of the females will completely refuse to have sex with men

In less than ten years, robots that are designed to meet the sexual needs of men and women will be so perfect that people will stop having sex with each other. This was stated futurologist Ian Pearson, specified that, first and foremost, a similar change in preferences will affect the beautiful half of humanity.

photo: morguefile.com

According to the futurist, the concept of “sex mechanism” for a long time is not new and is practiced. However, first, today, such is not perceived as the norm, and secondly, can not be considered a replacement for “normal” sex people living together. However, over time, according to Ian Pearson, robots for sex will become more like people, and after some time spent with him will be treated with no more of a surprise than watching pornographic films. Still later the robot as a sexual partner will be perceived as something ordinary, and with the development of artificial intelligence some women will begin to “fall in love” in them. First, as predicted by futurist, this trend will cause active protest from many people, but in the future it will subside, and by the middle of this century communication (including and emotional) many people have with their robots is so strong that the refusal of sex with other people will become the norm, writes the Mirror.

If Ian Pearson suggests that in the future men and women can refuse to have sex with each other “for fun”, another researcher, Hank Greely of Stanford University said earlier that in the future people won’t need intimacy and for procreation. According to genetics, in a few decades there may come the era of “designer babies” in which parents will be able to choose which features of appearance and even traits will be passed from them to the next generation, and to save their offspring from the threat of hereditary diseases.

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