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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Earth has predicted a collision with an asteroid-the murderer in 12 years

26 Oct 2028 to the Earth close asteroid called 1997 XF11, diameter which, according to some estimates, is 2.8 kilometers. A collision with a space object after 12 years would Land in disaster, and could potentially destroy life on it, according to a number of media with reference to scientists

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to media reports, if the public in 1997, the asteroid will fall to the Ground, it will immediately destroy all living creatures and buildings at a great distance from the immediate point of collision, and further may cause extinction of life on the planet. Reports indicate that such a clash is likely.

However, on the official website of the American space Agency NASA contains considerably more optimistic information — scientists say that the probability of collision of asteroid 1997 XF11, in fact, equal to zero. The specialists confirm that asteroid in 2028 will fly past Earth and will be from her very small on a cosmic scale, the distance of 951 miles a thousand miles, just twice the distance between the Earth and the Moon. However, that Earth asteroid in near future is not threatened, according to the California Institute of technology, according to NASA.

However, supporters of the assumption that 1997 XF11 still pose a risk, pay attention to the fact that the trajectory of the asteroid could theoretically change if it is colliding with another, smaller object in space. And that, according to, in particular, the authors express.co.uk, cannot be excluded at least for the reason that about 90 percent of such facilities are simply not yet open.

The moment at which the asteroid threat is beginning to attract special attention to how professional scientists and citizens, can be called fall in the Chelyabinsk region of the meteorite 15 February 2013. The total mass of the fragments found to date, more than 650 kilograms. In the fall of the meteorite suffered 1 613 people, and material damage amounted to nearly half a billion rubles.

Chelyabinsk meteorite. Chronicle of events

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