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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Attack of the Ukrainian troops by surprise army of new Russia

In the DNI claim that the Ukrainian security forces retreated from positions that were occupied by them on Wednesday in the area of Debaltsevo. The reasons for this high-profile attack misty, but enough that it was on full offensive, and stressed that Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich. A fragile truce in the Donbass is clearly bursting at the seams.

Early on the morning of 29 June part of the APU attempted to break through the positions of the BCH in the so-called Svetlodarsk arc of semicircle, extended in the direction of Svetlodarsk reservoir and Uglegorskaya TPP in the direction debaltseve. This is an extreme position, where last winter has closed “debaltseve boiler”. Since that time, the APU remained extended in the direction of Debaltsevo, and on the outskirts of Svetlodarsk was built a fortified area. The Ukrainian side is deliberately kept such a strange configuration of the front line almost half a year, citing the defense Bakhmut strategic direction and “parry” opportunities for BCH to create in this sector a new boiler.

“To take head-on the major settlements, even relatively large villages of the APU is not risked, but the idea is to “cut” the front narrow strips seemed to them attractive”

Armed forces of Novorossiya (VSN) in the open field with a rare elevation of the permanent front did not hold. The main line of defense is directly in debaltseve, which, by the way, demanded the Minsk agreement of the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line. The position of the BCH is located on the Eastern face of the arc near the village of Sanzharivka, in the center – near the village of Logvinovo and on the Western face – lozovoj. Between the positions of the BCH and the APU lies 4-5 miles of the “gray zone”, and special activity on this front for the time of the “Minsk truce” was not observed.

In the attack from the Ukrainian side on the first stage consisted of two regimental group, 54th mechanized brigade group and the company commander of the 59th infantry brigade. 54-I Ombre – unit is new, built from the remnants of the 30th and 24th omahrr ground in 2014 and 2015. As the gain in its structure were introduced and the so-called 25-th separate battalion, a former Turbat “Kievan Rus”, that is, in fact, the DUK “Right sector*”. It was used for reconnaissance and the “first line”, and that it fought a famous Ukrainian Opera singer Vasily Spivak (call “Myth”), who died, apparently, in the first clash with the VSN at the bottom of the village Lozova near Logvinova. Same story with the 59th Ombre, also collected from the residues of the three “old” “multi-tribal” battalions, including Vinnytsia Turbat, reinforced Panzer group. With both teams for a long period of time spent at rest in the rear, where they were accompanied by scandals of varying severity, including the theft of ammunition and blowing up tanks.

That two new brigades were transferred to the arc of Svetlodarsk, in the Donetsk and Lugansk knew (the Eastern face of the arc – area of responsibility of the LC). Intelligence was tracking even the redeployment of staff of the 54th brigade of the rear of Donetsk in Svetlodarsk – closer to the line of contact. More surprising, that already in five directions at the same time the Ukrainian company of the group was caught by surprise of the BCH.

Checkpoint 7-th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 1st corps of the BCH at the bottom of the village Lozova was on the move shot down by the attack of the 25th battalion”Kyivska Rus”). But the position of the BCH directly at Logvinova, company commander groups attacked the 54 th omahrr, survived. In fact, these are the positions that stopped the offensive VSN in the environment “debaltsevskogo boiler.” After several hours of fierce fighting, the attack APU bogged down, and at about 12.00 from Svetlodarsk were ordered to retreat to their former positions.

Those 4-5 miles, which Ukrainian troops took during this time is a “gray zone”, the fields and the steppe. To keep it, they failed and retreated back to the fortified area of Svetlodarsk. In Line with this, no one came, as in other towns, but to 14.00 spread panic rumors almost about the promotion directly to the APU debaltseve.

For fasakh arc everything was much more unpleasant. In the East the APU tried to get around Sanzharovka from the South and surround her. There they were able to move the position of APU, and for some time there was indeed a threat to the environment Sanzharovki. At the same time company of group of the 59th brigade managed to take the height 216 and 220, the so – called “Krasivye bets 2.5 kilometers from Uglegorsk on the West face of the arc. Thus, by mid-afternoon it became clear that the purpose of the advent of the APU was to drive a wedge into the defenses of the BCH in three directions, cutting off Uglegorsk from Debaltsevo in the West from Sanzharovka and debaltseve in the East, leaving Logvinova surrounded by the center. Take the forehead is not only large settlements, but even relatively large village type Sanzharovki and Logvinova APU did not venture, but the idea is to “cut” the front narrow strips seemed to them attractive. If we look further in the future, Kiev could think about how to cut Uglegorsk and Enakievo, Gorlovka.

14.00 fighting covered almost the entire front line. Ukrainian artillery began to fire at Gorlovka, Seranova, zaytsevo, the neighborhood Yasynuvata, the Northern and Western regions of Donetsk, airport, Spartacus. The whole front was in motion, artillery, earned even on the southern flank came under fire Staromykhailivka, Dokuchaevsk, Kominternove, Lenin and Shanka near Mariupol. In the triangle Svetlodarsk Lohvynove – Kalynivka already in the middle of the day was used by artillery of all calibres, and 58 of the hombre APU entered the battle tank battalion. With all that return fire was covered Ukrainian troops quite successfully, they have to bear the loss and continued to retreat back to the fortified area of Svetlodarsk, hard dergalis for the captured height in the direction of Uglegorsk. Then the BCH was forced to enter the battle of the reserves, particularly in vuhlehirsk and around it came the battalion “Somalia” under the command of Mikhail Tolstoy (“Givi”), reinforced with tanks. He blocked the route around Uglegorsk.

You have to understand that Ukrainian reserves are concentrated in Artemovsk, not moved. To continue the offensive, relying only on “chopped” the company commander group two brigades partial composition, which is hard to understand the decision of the General staff of the APU, but it is quite in his style. In General, to advance the Ukrainians could only these 4-5 kilometers, not looking up from his fortified in Svetlodarsk. But by the standards of the Donbass war 2016 4-5 miles is a lot. Almost the entire front awoke, began a counter-movement of reserves, for example, in the direction of Dokuchaevsk (BCH) – Starognatovka (APU). Worse, and on the arc Svetlodarsk, in the industrial area of Avdeyevka artillery fire was moved deep into the enemy positions, and it usually happens before the attack.

But nothing catastrophic in the end did not happen. Almost all positions of the BCH at Logvinova and Sanzharovki resisted. The checkpoint isn’t really a “position”, it can move, but in fact, this territory came under the control of BCH. Not yet clarified the situation in Uglegorsk direction, and this is the most sensitive position, since the counter will require the use of heavy artillery or even RZSO, which will give the Ukrainian side a basis to accuse DPR of violating the Minsk agreements. The facts of the use of APU all types of weapons on the frontline, the OSCE stubbornly fixed. It is nothing at all captures, and drinking whiskey at a hotel in Donetsk. Meanwhile, during the day, killing 4 civilians, 12 were injured, including one teenager. Destroyed in DND – 26 buildings in LC – 16. According to preliminary data, killed 6 fighters BCH, 9 wounded, two seriously (shrapnel in the head).

A Ukrainian division in the end, as confirmed on Wednesday evening in the NPT, withdrew from the occupied near Debaltsevo positions.

In General, if VSN is not averted, according to the Minsk agreements, the main forces of the 7th brigade directly to debaltseve and adequately reacted to all the APU attempts to overcome the “grey zone”, nothing like this would happen. A further escalation of hostilities not only easily bury the Minsk talks, but will lead to a new outbreak of large-scale hostilities.

There is, however, the assumption that all of this “reconnaissance” started by Kiev in order to turn the negotiation process on its head. At least at the moment when three army brigade with tanks and heavy artillery thrashed each other in Minsk negotiation “subgroup” agreed to breeding the warring parties in the area of human settlements Golden (this is in the LC on the road Lisichansk, Pervomaisk) and Petrovskoye (near, in Starobeshevo district), as reported by the OSCE representative Martin Sajdik. In parallel, the assistant Secretary-General of the UN, Ivan Simonovic, declared the existence of a serious risk of resumption of hostilities in the Donbass.

The Ukrainian side all last week insisted that the implementation of the Minsk agreements in their entirety is impossible because of the breach of the ceasefire. But it also fired all these days, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk, in Kominternovo killed two children, and a group of sappers BCH, engaged in mine clearance Shirokino under the control of the OSCE mission, was attacked by a subversive group of AFU (several soldiers were killed, three taken prisoners and brought to Mariupol). All this is really not like a ceasefire.

An attempt of breakthrough of the front on the arc Svetlodarsk, too, was not provoked. She was prepared for about two weeks, if you start to count since the move of the operational headquarters of the Ukrainian teams closer to the front line. And if now, BCH will be decided on the offensive, Kiev clearly put the responsibility for the final failure of “Minsk-2” on the DNI and LC. If something goes wrong, the APU will easily be able to blame everything on “Right sector”, that is, in the 25th battalion, which was the “instigator” of the attack.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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