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Friday, March 23, 2018

At the meeting with diplomats Putin explained how to take over the world

Speaking at the foreign Ministry, Vladimir Putin urged diplomats to be advocates: in his opinion, it is necessary to strengthen the fight for public opinion, and if not persuade him to their side, then at least to convey to a foreign audience the truth about Russia and its policy authorities. “Who owns the information, owns the world” – has formulated a new ambitious goal for the diplomatic corps by the President.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Every two years the Russian ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions gather in Moscow to, as diplomats say, to compare notes, and most importantly – to hear the President’s speech, which under the Constitution determines the relations of Russia with foreign States.

In 2014 a meeting in the foreign Ministry skyscraper took place against the backdrop of the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass. At this time the key event was the reconciliation with Turkey, demonstrated the pragmatism of Russian foreign policy and crowding in the minds of diplomats scandalous Brexit.

– Do not you hurt that, despite continuing terrorist attacks, Russia is ready to reopen the Turkish resorts for Russian citizens, and about a similar step against Egypt until it goes?, – tortured journalists the Russian Ambassador in the African country of Sergey Kirpichenko.

– Well, it’s you childishly argue: it’s a shame-not shame. Turkey, as everyone knows, there were some problems with Egypt – quite different, – shrugged the Ambassador.

– But you’re jealous of his colleague, which since yesterday is everything okay?

– A feeling like envy, the Russian diplomat is unknown, – said with dignity Kirpichenko.

Vladimir Putin on the topic of Turkey expressed very succinctly. His only phrase, apparently, was designed to put an end to linguistic disputes surrounding the letter of the Turkish President.

“Ankara has apologized for the downed Russian bomber – confirmed GDP, given that in the near future are going to take steps to restore the bilateral cooperation”.

The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has explained, what measures will be followed: will be signed the decree of the President and acts of the government repealing previously adopted solutions.

In shops lucky again Turkish tomatoes, and on the construction sites in Moscow will return the Turkish workers.

The fate of gas “Turkish stream”, in contrast to the resumption of tourist traffic, is not yet resolved. However, the authorities, according to Peskov, could not guarantee the safety of traveling to Turkey Russians.

“Given the threat of terrorism every tourist must make their own decisions and take responsibility for their safety,” he said, noting that it is not only about southern neighbor. “Paris is, unfortunately, exactly the same threat. But this is the reality in which we live”, – said Peskov.

As the conflict with the Turks, the Kremlin apparently believes that fully-depleted (although is going to continue talks on compensation for the downed plane), the President in his speech highlighted two of the remaining “hot spots” – Ukraine and Syria.

The position of Moscow no one of them has not changed: Kyiv, according to Putin, needs to start a direct dialogue with the Donbas and to fulfil its part of the Minsk agreements”. And the Syrian authorities with the help of the international community to continue its fight against ISIS (banned in Russia – “MK”), which is GDP in their speeches increasingly called, as is customary in the West: DAYS.

Russia, the President said, is ready to settle these conflicts to cooperate with all interested parties, the U.S. and the EU, but will not tolerate any pressure. “We will not tolerate the approach of the American establishment, which believes that they decide which issues to cooperate with us, and when to increase the pressure, including sanctions. We are for an equal partnership with the account of interests each other” – said Putin. However, to resolve both crises, in his opinion, still far away. And positions process does not always contribute to this.

Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinsac after the meeting declined to answer the question, the Kremlin is ready to accept the change of regime of Bashar al-Assad, without which the peace in this country, it seems, is impossible. “The diplomats,” he said, cooperate with all political forces. But not because of a possible regime change, and to have influence and to maintain good Russian-Syrian relations, which number more than a dozen years.”

About relations with the West Putin also said in his traditional rhetoric – criticized NATO’s advance to Russian borders and called on the EU to return to the project of forming a common economic and humanitarian space from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.

He took pity on the Europeans: after Brexit them especially difficult. And the “traumatic effect” from the results of the referendum will be felt “for quite a long time.” “But I think that in the medium term everything will certainly be restored”, – reassured the President.

Putin again stressed that Russia did not intervene and does not intend to intervene in the process of a British exit from the EU is a matter for the British and other members of the Union. However, he could not refrain from sarcastic remarks: “we’ll see how the principles of democracy, they are implemented in practice”.

In turn, the Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko in an interview with reporters did not hide the fact that the political outcome of the Brexit can be beneficial to Russia: the formation of a new government, in his opinion, opens the chance to rebuild relationships that last two years completely frozen.

As for NATO, ahead of the summit, Putin felt obliged to send another Alliance unambiguous message: whatever you are doing at our borders is tracked carefully – wait for adequate response.

And even for an internal audience added: new threats and challenges will not lead to a redistribution of funds within the budget. “We are not going to succumb to militaristic frenzy, although that’s what we’re trying to push, to provoke a costly arms race and to make sure that we divert resources from solving the most important socio-economic issues. This will not be”, – assured the GDP.

Among the main tasks of the Russian diplomacy in the coming period, he called the assistance in resolving existing and preventing new conflicts, strengthening of work in the economic area (in order to help domestic businesses promote their goods and services abroad), as well as opposition media attack on Russia and its power.

“Aphorism “he Who owns the information, owns the world” reflects today’s realities. We must vigorously confront the information monopolies of the Western media, not to let the lies against Russia and to prevent the falsification of history,” – said the GDP.

As assured by the diplomats themselves, they are completely satisfied with heard. “The President has said about the inevitability of our current foreign policy that combines protection of own interests of Russia and the willingness for broad cooperation with partners. I liked his aphorism: compromise – Yes escape – no! So we have formulated a General opinion of the Ambassador to Italy Sergei Razov.

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