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Sunday, March 18, 2018

And you sanctions, I asked you to stay

Vladimir Putin extended Russia’s food sanctions against the EU, USA, Canada, Norway and Australia before the end of 2017. Why did he do it? After all, products, especially relatively cheap and at the same quality that we are obviously lacking.

Who needs the world, and who war — mother is native. But, on the other hand, without the use of force to achieve basic trade privileges simply impossible. Of course, I could argue that after the establishment of the world trade organization (WTO), the rules of arm-twisting by the strong countries from the weak thing of the past. There are common rules, a shared commercial court and so on. Not coincidentally, Russia has sought WTO from 1994 to 2012, when we finally took to the WTO.

But over the last two years everything has changed dramatically. After the return of Crimea to Russia, and then after the tragic events in the Donbass, the West decided to throw Russia public flogging. For starters was declared the sanctions of a personal nature for people allegedly close to Vladimir Putin and their companies. Then the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, partially Sweden warned that cease to lend for longer than a month, any Russian companies and banks, and also banned the transfer of high technology in the field of energy.

Many Western companies, fearing additional sanctions, immediately stopped with Russia any contact. All together it added interest and in the fall of the ruble and rising prices. And finally killed the investment. Of course, investments in our economy stopped two years ago because of its complete ineffectiveness. But Western sanctions will agree, this trend has clearly accelerated. Although President Barack Obama has clearly jumped the gun, saying in the beginning of the year that it restrictions “ripped the Russian economy”. Its not so easy to kill.

What once again and retaliate. In August 2014, President Vladimir Putin, and then the government imposed retaliatory anti-Western sanctions. It was only about food. Here we have been provide ourselves. Mostly, of course. For example: this year Russia took the first place in grain exports (nearly 24 million tons), ahead of even the United States. In addition, we are fully someonespecial local poultry and pig farms. Difficult beef, milk and fruit. But there is real growth, despite the overall fall in GDP.

Opinions on the impact of the food embargo was divided. But all the same, experts insist that the loss of their business reached by early 2016 a few hundred billion euros. But if to take into account the problem with actually European sanctions, the situation for EU business becomes very difficult, given the fact that until the beginning of the sanctions war Russia was one of the main trading partners of the EU.

For us, all too easy. Without the high technology from the EU (okay, with these United States) we can’t even develop the production of hydrocarbons in the Arctic. It is believed that all the matter in the Norwegian development. But I three years ago was lucky enough to see a lot of discoveries of the Dutch masters. They just shake their cheapness and efficiency. And the main thing — was made exclusively for Russia, including with the participation of Russian research organizations.

But now everyone froze. Everyone is afraid of the punishment of Washington and Brussels.

We will not go into the problems of the Minsk agreements. They, of course, should be carried out. But mutual economic sanctions should be eliminated. And as quickly as possible. They hinder economic growth not only in Russia but also in Europe. Deprived of jobs, hundreds of thousands of people on both sides of the border.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees no reason for the abolition of Western sanctions. Brussels is ready to extend them until at least 31 January next year. So in response, Vladimir Putin, and warned that our food embargo has been extended until the end of next year.

The conclusion. The imminent end of the war in the Donbass, hence the most severe sanctions will not. Therefore, a trade confrontation with the West, unlike Turkey, will be delayed. Although the Russian government and obtained the right all at once to fix it, if Brussels after Ankara will back down.

But ordinary Russian consumers have a long time to wait for the Russian market high-quality products from the EU.

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