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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Turkey not as cheap as expected the Russians

The death toll in the terrorist attack at Istanbul airport Ataturk rose to 41 people, injured 239 people. The Turkish authorities believe that the attack on the airport of Istanbul is of a terrorist group “Islamic state”.

The next day after the attack, Vladimir Putin met with Turkish counterpart Recep Erdogan, the abolition of restrictions on tourists visiting Turkey.

How to survive the tragedy the residents of Istanbul and what is happening in the tourist market of Russia — in the article “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

An hour after Vladimir Putin’s statement about the lifting of the ban on visiting Turkey that wish to spend their summer vacation on the Turkish Bank has cut phones Russian travel agencies.

This ran customers we haven’t seen, talked with us in a Metropolitan travel Agency. Called with one question: “we View Turkey. Want to fly in a couple of days.” People are requested to book their tickets on the first Charter flights. Many even were not interested. Most earnestly believe that, in connection with the tragic events we are a bunch of last minute deal will provide. Although a few hours before the President’s decision, tourists come to us with different moods. For example, several families asked them to cancel a trip to Tunisia, they say, have thought, if in Turkey there was a terrorist attack, in Tunisia, too, can jerk.

On specialized forms of travel agents are on the ears: “15 minutes have passed since the appearance of news reports that Turkey would open, so people have already asked when the plane will fly. At least for tomorrow Charter order and will set a record for occupancy . In the news will immediately indicate the first Charter season in Turkey was sold in 5 minutes”.

The fact that the official book tour yet, the tourists don’t seem to understand.

– We have twenty people called with a request to put them in the queue for departure to Turkey, ” adds the representative firms. – But any orders from the authorities we have not received. Once officially and without reservation the ban will be lifted, tour operators immediately put up a Charter program. My boss is sure that tickets will start selling at the end of next week. I am inclined to think that will resume the route until mid-August. So very deluded about the next trips to Turkey is not necessary. For the restoration of the route takes about a month. Although now all the agencies sitting “on low start”.

According to representatives of travel agencies, in connection “with Turkey,” the operators may have a more global problem.

– We have already called some tourists with requests to exchange the Crimea, Sochi, Abkhazia, Greece, Tunisia and Turkey. Went a lot of failures. You may experience problems with perebrosali. Permitted. that will be a sharp change in the flight programs in all countries will start perebrody, cancellations and so on I Want to note one more thing – we should not delude ourselves about the cheapness of Turkey. At the moment there are only three hotels that would be affordable for the fans of low-budget destinations on the system “all inclusive”. Stay in 4-5 star hotels for 10 nights tour cost from 60-70тысяч plus flights .

The fact that relations with Turkey will resume so fast, none of the representatives of large travel agencies and could not imagine.

– Honestly, we were waiting for that first open Egypt, ” adds the source. – This country that we thought had a better chance. And wanting to go there many times more than in Turkey.

– Are there many Russians at the time of the terrorist attack in Turkey were in Istanbul?

– Went very much. From regions there are regular direct flights to Istanbul and people use it as a transit point to resorts such as Antalya, Izmir, Marmaris, says tour operator from Stavropol Arina, Stognushenko. – Fly to Istanbul the tourists from Ukraine and Belarus. Regular flights very much. From Krasnodar, almost every day to fly from Sochi, Stavropol, Astrakhan, Rostov – from 3 to 5 flights a week. From Moscow to around 5-7 flights daily.

An employee of the Agency from Kostanay (Kazakhstan) Valentina said that the demand for Turkey in their region never fell.

In Istanbul, our customers don’t fly, as there is not a tourist area, but mostly just shopping. We have direct flights to Antalya. To 12 July, all seats are sold out. 80% of the residents of our region prefer to stay in Turkey. Although this year the Turks have significantly raised prices. Russian tourists also fly into the town. 40 percent of the airline tickets purchased by Russians. Not surprising, because from here to Chelyabinsk only 380 km away.

“The attack killed a friend of the guide. He watched the tourists”

While our tourists are packing their bags in Turkey, we contacted the residents of Istanbul to clarify the situation in the city.

– After the terrorist attacks at the metro stations, railway stations, shopping malls stepped up security measures, a lot of police in the city, – says a resident of Istanbul, Anton. – On the streets can stop any passer-by, check bags, ask for identification. Of course, the local scared, afraid of the next terrorist attack, think about it. Especially depressing is the local the fact that the tragedy occurred in the Holy month of Ramadan..This is not the first case when such things happen, so people have never surprised, and more and more people disappointed in the government. Although strong panic. The people here have survived so many attacks that you already know how to behave in cases like this, where you should not go. There is a definite pattern – the attacks take place in areas with large concentrations of people and only in the European part. I know that many tourists from Europe and Russia after the attack, passed the tickets to Istanbul, he canceled the trip here.

Ivan Ghazarian lives and works in Istanbul. On Tuesday evening, when the terrorists attacked the airport, it was nearby.

– I heard the explosion, then the smoke. The first thought that flashed — the plane crashed, ” says Ghazaryan. But then I heard gunfire and two explosions. After that, I started to panic, the airport was immediately closed for entry and exit. Five minutes to the airport pulled up, police cars. Then the carriage “ambulance”, they were very many. 150-200 cars came by.

– Quickly navigate the city authorities, the police?

– The police station is at the airport, so there’s always a lot of police. But after the explosions came the machines in the first 20-30 minutes. Apparently the patrols were near

– What did the people who were at the airport?

– At the airport I started to panic. On the street no one ran out, people were hiding everywhere. Then I watched the congestion of cars at the entrance – taxis, buses, the police cordoned off very quickly and did not miss anyone at the airport to clear the way for “ambulance”.

– What is happening in the city?

– All the jitters and slight apathy from the next terrorist attack. Wednesday declared a day of mourning. The airport works in a regular mode. Inspection of cars reinforced at the entrance to the airport. In the city as usual.

– A lot of Russian tourists in Istanbul?

– No. They became very, very little.

– Among your acquaintances someone hurt in the attack?

– Killed one familiar guide. Just recently talked to him on the subject of Turkish-Russian relations sanctions and terror. He watched tourists that night. His name was Ertan, he was 35 years old. He is survived by a pregnant wife.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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