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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tragedy on the Syamozero change the system of children’s recreation

“Last year in three summer months of the number of disorganized children have died 1674 child”, – said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at a special meeting assembled after the tragedy on the Syamozero. And this is why the system of children’s activities are waiting for a radical change. However, representatives of the tourist’s industry are afraid of the wrong reform, because now formally control for children’s camps is huge.

The results of the investigation occurred on June 18 Syamozero (when, recall the storm killed 14 children from the children’s camp organized by a commercial firm) discussed at meeting in the government with participation of the President of the country. As the result was announced a few important changes concerning the organization of children’s leisure tourism.

“Last year in three summer months of the number of disorganized children have died 1674 child”

First, there should be created a separate state authority responsible for the safety of children, prohibiting or permitting work camps. It puts an end to when deciding, what to do or not” quotes Putin RIA “Novosti”. Will also be developed common standards for security children.

These decisions, if they are, of course, will be implemented correctly, are in many respects revolutionary. As with one accord, say tourism experts, who spoke with the newspaper VIEW, the system of organized children’s activities suffers from the fact that it involved several regulatory bodies with different standards and rules.

“We have a children’s tourism is developing under the tutelage of a minimum of four departments, – the member of coordination Council on development of youth tourism under the government of Sergey Mindelevich. – A simple example: part of Hiking group, which is governed by various departmental documents. If camping is recognized sport in the group should be no more than 15 children and at least two adults. If commercial, through the Agency of one adult for ten to fifteen children. Why? asks, Mendelevich. – But it is not clear”.

Secondly, according to Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, is expected to introduce a system of accreditation and licensing of institutions for children’s leisure. Now this system is actually not that difficult to work the camps themselves. According to Mendelevich, this became apparent after the tragedy on the Syamozero, when I went to mass inspection and law enforcement agencies began to report on the detection of unregistered camps. “And what was the camp? Where is the list of institutions where it is necessary to be registered? I’m afraid a clear answer based on current laws no one can give”, – the expert believes.

Golodets also said that there will be changes in the public procurement system of childcare vouchers. It will be excluded from the auctions. “Here the subject of the auctions is completely unsuitable, they should be eliminated from the procurement system in the organization of children’s holidays”, – said the Golodets. About the necessity of this measure after the tragedy in Karelia also been mentioned. Because the auctions the winner is the one who offers the cheapest cost of recreation, which can not affect its quality. In addition, the system of auction procurement, as shown, is not an absolute guarantee against corruption. The same auction, which was won by OOO “Park-hotel “Sjamozero”, was held with obvious violations.

The meeting did not specify when exactly that will be brought to life measures. However, it’s probably going to happen this autumn with the launch of the new state Duma. It will require amendments to legislation, in particular in the law on tourist activity, which unanimously criticized for the abundance of too General formulations. In addition, as already reported VZGLYAD, is preparing a separate law on licensing of guides, tour guides and conductors.

While will be taken by government decree. So, on the Federal portal of projects of normative-legal acts published a draft resolution “On some issues of ensuring tourist activity”, developed by the MOE. It offers the organizations and businessmen, organizing active tourism, to inform about release of groups of children to the route at least 10 days prior to travel. Such recommendations give the local emergency situations Ministry, but now is asked to do across the country.

Representatives of the tourism industry, noting the need for reform, afraid of her wrong conduct. For example, if the powers and responsibilities of the new Agency, designed to monitor the organization of children’s leisure, are not clearly spelled out and get another one controlling structure. Curator of children’s activities in the tourist company “the spectrum” Natalia Petrenko in conversation with the newspaper VIEW, based on my years of experience, argued that the system of children’s recreation is suffering from a abundance of supervisors.

“In the camps, with whom we cooperate, go check twice, three times a day. These checks were and to tragedy on the Syamozero, and after the tragedy on the Syamozero,” she says, Recalling that he “Park-hotel “Sjamozero” a strange way of checks avoided or their results have not led to the closure of the camp, despite numerous violations. Petrenko has told about the regional meeting of Directors of children’s camps in Krasnodar, where it was said that in other camps is 27 checks per month. “Suddenly the number of inspections will increase? And then when the work?” – she asks a rhetorical question.

The existing system of inspection and control clearly does not work. At the government meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Golodets gave a truly shocking information. “Last year in three summer months of the number of disorganized children have died 1674 child,” she said.

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