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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The US is forced to contend with the new capabilities of the Russian intelligence

Accusations of U.S. congressmen about the fact that Russia allegedly will receive a “significant advantage” when flying their reconnaissance planes over the territory of the United States, was zilch. The American Commission approved the application at the relevant Russian planes digital cameras. However, the mere fact of their implementation really proves the technological growth of the Russian intelligence.

Tuesday special interdepartmental Commission in the US approved the Russian observation flights over U.S. territory under open skies Treaty using digital cameras. As reports TASS with reference to the American media, a source explained that “the final decision on sanctioning of Russian flights was made after consultations in Moscow, which ended on June 28”.

“Arrived in Russia and 64 experts from 22 States parties to the Treaty”

Russia – the first

That Russia was the first of the 34 countries participating in the Treaty on open skies, has obtained the right to use digital video cameras installed on the aircraft Tu-154M LK-1 and An-З0Б, after the completion of the international certification earlier Tuesday said the Agency “Interfax”.

“Experts from 22 States parties to the Treaty reaffirmed their full line of digital surveillance complex of the domestic production of the requirements and limitations of the open skies Treaty,” – said the head of the national Center for reducing nuclear danger Sergey Ryzhkov.

Recall that the Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992 and became one of the measures for strengthening confidence in Europe after the cold war. The contract is valid since 2002 and allows the participating countries to openly gather information about military forces and activities of each other.

The contract includes the majority of NATO countries, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and neutral Sweden and Finland. Usually flights Russia and NATO countries are carried out on a reciprocal basis. For example, in early June it became known that the Russian military inspectors under the Treaty on open skies will make observation flights over the territories of Hungary and Romania, and a joint mission of Norway and Canada will perform an observation flight over the territory of Russia in Romanian observation aircraft An-30.

However, the fact that on Board the Russian “open skies aircraft” will see a digital camcorder, caused a strong reaction in Washington. Especially among American parliamentarians.

“To deny that Russian”

June 15, a group of influential US congressmen wrote to Barack Obama an open letter with a proposal to give permission to Russia to use advanced equipment in observation flights over the United States. “Resolution of Russia to improve the sensors used during these flights until digital technology will only worsen this (situation),” – said the congressmen’s letter. Obama urged to heed the advice of the military leadership and other officials, and to deny it to a Russian, having studied modern alternative to these flights,” reads the document.

On 2 March, the Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of the USA Vincent Stewart stated that Russia has an instrument that allows you to gather key intelligence about the infrastructure and capabilities of the United States, which gives Moscow a significant advantage.” Before that, in late February, the head of the strategic command of the armed forces of the United States Cecil Haney said that the Russian aircraft have improved monitoring capabilities, that under the terms of the open skies Treaty allows Russia to exercise greater oversight over the USA and other countries.

However, as the newspaper OPINION, the statements of the us military on this issue are irrelevant to real intelligence capabilities of Russia. International certification of new Russian equipment was supposed to be a response to US attempts to deny Russian.”

Moreover, the state Department rejected some of these critical attacks. There is believed that Russia’s refusal of the right to observation flights over American soil “would damage (the same) flight of the US and potentially would undermine the Treaty.” “The state Department also pointed out that the United States spend much more observation flights over the territory of Russia”, – told the American radio station of RFE/RL, citing a source familiar with the process, according to which now the interagency dispute in the United States on this subject “over”.

“Ahead a few years”

According to Sergei Ryzhkov, the evening of the 27th of June completed the international certification of digital surveillance equipment of the Russian production, are installed on the aircraft Tu-154M LK-1 and An-З0Б used by Russia to perform observation flights under the Treaty on open skies.

Conducted in April of this year, preliminary certification, which was attended by 50 foreign experts, allowed to resolve all technical and procedural issues. “The international certification took place from 19 to 28 June at the Kubinka aerodrome and Maykop. To participate in the event arrived in Russia and 64 experts from 22 States parties to the Treaty on open skies,” – said Ryzhkov.

As said Ryzhkov, Russia is now first of the 34 States parties to the Treaty when performing observation flights may use a digital camcorder for several years ahead of such countries as USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, which is still used analogue equipment.

Foreign inspectors have carried out ground verification equipment surveillance aircraft, conducted test check of optical cameras, and familiarized with the procedures for the processing of information received during flight test, said Ryzhkov. International experts were satisfied with a test run on the airfield Maikop, he added. So, the chief of Department of open skies verification center Sweden Klaus Bernander noted that “it was a really good trip and it is a success for Russia.”

“The Russians are technologically ahead”

The former head of the international Treaty Directorate of the Ministry of defence of Russia the General-Lieutenant Evgeny Buzhinsky reminded about the above mentioned excitement of some American politicians who in Congress raised the question, won’t this cause damage to the national interests of the United States, once the Russians had gone forward technologically.

However, the political debate did not prevent the contract act, and executed. So getting Russia right to use a digital camera – technical the issue, the expert said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

“But the American Congress is the us Congress. There are a lot of people who don’t quite understand what kind of agreement how to implement it. And when it came to Executive power, there are no problems with performance of the contract) I have not seen,” said Buzhinsky.

He stressed that the discussion in the U.S. Congress will not interfere with the implementation of the Treaty, because the American Parliament is not responsible for it. “Any disruption in the implementation of the agreement) was not, there was nothing. The contract was performed and everything was normal: everything as it was, and remains, a just Russia went over to the figure,” – said Evgeny Buzhinsky.

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