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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The scientists explained the final reconciliation Putin with Erdogan after the attack

After a 45-minute conversation of President Putin with President of Turkey Recep Erdogan was known that GDP is instructed to start the removal of restrictions for Russian tourists on trips to Turkish resorts. It happened on the next day after the attack at the airport in Istanbul. About how you can continue to develop the relations between Turkey and Russia, we asked the experts.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Alexander Sotnichenko, analyst:

– I sincerely hope that a phone conversation between Erdogan and Putin that took place after the attack, will lead to the claimed personal meeting and signing of certain agreements written or at least verbal agreements about the restoration of Russian-Turkish relations in the same volume.

And Russia in terms of sanctions from the European Union and the United States is interested in Turkey, and Ankara is interested in Moscow in conditions of a terrorist war waged by the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia – “MK”) and the actual failure of Turkish policy in the middle East.

I guess if the Russian and Turkish leaders will pay attention not only to the restoration of former economic relations, but also on the development of political dialogue, the whole region will become much better.

Kerim has, a political scientist, expert of the International center for strategic studies of Turkey:

– The conversation between Erdogan and Putin in the Wake of the attack was long enough: 40-45 minutes mean discussion quite painful issues of bilateral relations. So a new dialogue is getting better. Agreed on a personal meeting is a positive signal, indicating a mutual desire to restore the connection.

From Putin to Erdogan: shots of a difficult summit in Paris (5 photos)

But there is another factor – because of the attack the realization of the hopes of Turkey that will soon be restored number of tourists in the country, may be delayed (Recall that Vladimir Putin instructed the government to enter into negotiations including on this occasion, however, the timing of implementation of new agreements have not been named – “MK”). In addition, to return bilateral relations to the level of seven months ago, countries will have to find many compromises — especially in regional matters.

Vladimir Sotnikov, senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies:

Turkey, obviously, is now beginning a return to the old proven policy of “Zero problems with neighbors”. But deluded on this subject – in particular, regarding the improvement of Russian-Turkish ties is not worth it. The process is not fast, had much said and done on both sides – and at the level of political statements, and certain sanctions. But our countries have a common goal — the fight against terrorism. And, all – including, and Erdogan, it is clear that Turkey, as a victim of rampant terrorism, has no other way but cooperation with Russia, with other countries in the fight against terrorism. That is not even in itself the current attack, but the current terrorist threat to the country, encourages Ankara to cooperate with Moscow.

– Whether was the attack on the airport statements of the Turkish leadership regarding relations with Russia and Israel?

Natalia Ulchenko, head of sector, Center for the study of the countries of the Middle East Institute of Oriental studies of the RAS: “Yes And no. Not to say that this relationship is direct, but indirectly it exists.

It is, rather, an attempt to hinder the prospects of recovery of the tourist flow, to prevent the Turkish government to solve the economic problems that have arisen not only from-for deterioration of relations with Russia, but because of the change vector in the solution of the Kurdish question.

Of course, the connection is available, but the aim is just to undermine the stability of the Turkish state, which Ankara is trying to achieve, returning tourists to the country — it is no coincidence that the thaw in relations with Moscow began before the peak tourist season.

Alex Samples, leading researcher of the Centre for Asian and African studies: “of Course, events like the terrorist attack, is rarely one reason. May be one reason.

Of course, seen some connection between the attack and the change of the position of Turkey in relations with Israel (after six years of strife and Russia, after seven months of sharing a variety of strong statements. But this is clearly not the cause but just one of the reasons”.

Vladimir Sotnikov: “I don’t think these events are connected, since the terrorist attacks – it is mainly a continuation of the terrorist war waged by separate Kurdish militants in Turkey – in response to the bombing of their positions, carried out by Turkish forces. And, of course, we are talking about the militants of the so-called “Islamic state” (banned in Russia – “MK”), because the handwriting in this case it gives the terrorists of ISIS.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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