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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Russians don’t want to Turkey: expensive and dangerous

Despite the opening of Turkey for tourism, our countrymen do not begin frantically to pack, to rest in the Republic. As experts explain, the majority of citizens have already planned your holiday and paid for their tickets. However, they choose Turkey, they still would not have been much to save. The fact that over the last 12 months Turkish currency rose against the ruble by 9%. This means a symmetrical rise in price of permits.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov


Pavel Sigal, first Vice-President of OPORA RUSSIA:

“After the official statements of Vladimir Putin regarding the possible lifting of the ban tourist trips to Turkey doubt that this country will once again open for the mass Russian tourists, almost none. It’s just a matter of time. But without final confirmation of the tour operators can not start to adjust its Charter program for the season, so expect an early appearance on the market of tours is not necessary. When the decision is finally made, due to the long season the major players will probably be able to form a sentence, but the massive demand it will not be used. First, expanding domestic tourism, and so many people, especially older generations, prefer to visit Russian resorts. Especially in summer and autumn, when weather conditions permit. Second, vacation in Turkey in any case would cost more than a comparable trip to the Crimea and on resorts of Krasnodar region. Even with the peak season in Russia and a disastrous year for the Turkish resorts, the difference is in any case not less than 20%. And in terms of falling consumer demand, it is critically important for the majority of people. Thirdly, against the background of constant news about the terrorist attacks in Turkey, many are afraid to go there”.

Alena Afanasyeva, a senior analyst at GK FOREX CLUB

“Despite the fact that the lifting of the ban on tourist trips to Turkey have already been announced, it does not mean that now the flow of Russian tourists will recover to previous levels. Rather, many will take the position of “wait and see”. About it is said the wave of comments in social networks. And while it’s not a good – huge victims of the terrorist attacks in Istanbul may be not only scare off Russian tourists. There is also a financial component – the majority of Russians have already planned trips for this summer and made an advance payment or the full amount for the vouchers. In addition, one should not expect to reduce the cost of travel in Turkey even against the background of insufficient demand: in the last 12 months Turkish currency rose against the ruble by 9%, which could mean a symmetric rise in price of permits”.

Mark goykhman, analyst GK Teletrade:

Russian tourists, of course, have not forgotten rest in Turkey. Now the economy overcomes political differences. Combination of price and excellent service can back to the Turkish shore,” a significant number of Russians. It is unlikely that it now will be as great as in years past. All the same, and a large part of the season has passed, the people focused on other areas, and insecurity in the host country can stop someone. However, the gradual recovery of the situation is very likely. In connection with the recent falling numbers of tourists the prices have become more democratic, and all the infrastructure is preserved. So it is quite possible before the end of the current season, in August, resuming our citizens to travel to a land of “all inclusive”.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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