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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The murder of an Opera singer by a sniper in Donbass is fraught with internal Ukrainian crisis

Today Ukrainian journalist stated: in the Donbas killed the Opera singer Vasily Slipak, who came from France to fight on the side of banned in Russia as extremist “Right sector”. It, allegedly, allegedly killed the sniper. However, official information about the death of Slipka the press officers of the ATO not — because “Right sector” in the Donbas is on the bird’s rights.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

On the photo: Vasily Slipak

“Pravoseki” in the area of the ATO it seems like we are fighting and killing, but in General reports of losses, as a rule, do not fall.

The death of Basil Slipka – not so much a special case, as it may seem. It could lead to another Ukrainian domestic crisis.

The soil is already prepared: the Ukrainians claim that on 11 June heavy artillery DNR covered their positions at the mine Butovka, the shells landed in Koper mines and buried the fighters of “Right sector”, who were hiding from the shelling. But in the reports of the loss of the APU on the day of the “righties” were not. The situation with the death of these soldiers no comment, the defense Ministry of Ukraine announced the establishment of the Commission, which was to find out that there were these people with guns.

(By the way, today in the operational command of the DNI the situation in the unrecognized Republic called “critical”: it is reported that over the past day Ukrainians made 830 attacks).

Has now killed an unofficial fighter with a known name, but it is not in the reports.

Fighters that are not listed on any official unit, very convenient to use. They can leave the exploration to the attack, but for their deaths no one will be punished and, most importantly, they would not violate the Minsk agreement. After all, they are not there? “There” is in Avdiivka, Pisky and the arc Svetlodarsk. Fighters of “Right sector” not a lot in the war, but they are concentrated in the hot spots.

The whole war in the Donbass now is at night and in the grey areas. This time and space, not available for tracking the monitoring group of the OSCE.

Vasily Slipak, according to “pravoseki”, received a sniper’s bullet at 6 a.m. on June 29. If there were two wounded. But this information is difficult to verify.

The singer participated in Euromaidan actions in Paris and with the outbreak of war has returned to Ukraine started as a volunteer to carry through to the front. Near Donetsk in the village of Water, he met with soldiers of 7 battalion “Right sector”.

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