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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The hunger strike Nikita Belykh: what preferences he will be able to achieve

The news that on Wednesday, June 29, the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh has declared a hunger strike in jail, has caused ambiguous reaction in the society. Recall that after the arrest of White and ate only black bread. He explained that he did not give medicines, and without them eating becomes a threat. At the same time, human rights defenders who visited on the eve of Whites in jail, assured him that will solve the issue with drugs on Thursday. On Wednesday, Nikita began to give part of the drugs. And suddenly the hunger strike.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

“Insolent by impunity”, “he’s lucky that the wall is not put” catty users of social networks. “In vain is it to coddle him, as with Savchenko, no one will”, – sympathize with others. Divided and opinions of our experts. Some believe that the way White wants to return to popularity, others – that the hunger strike is the only way to defend their rights.

– It is obvious that Nikita Belykh wants to achieve their rights: it has not allowed relatives, there were problems with the access of counsel to him. Second – he wants to treat his case was brought to the attention. We have in fact the news is for news, sensation for sensation, and he wants to regain popularity, to attract attention, ” says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. – The hunger strike – is an old tradition. So it was before the revolution, and the Bolsheviks – however, the Bolsheviks considered the hunger strike as a counter-revolutionary manifestation. In General, the hunger strike is the usual way of protest to a man claiming to be a political prisoner.

– Whether the administration is obliged to respond to such action arrested?

– Norms here. The authority usually acts based on their interests and attitudes in society. If she thinks it’s okay to react, it reacts. If not, don’t pay attention.

Nikita suffers from diabetes. How else could he pay attention to his problem? The prison administration, of course, can give him the opportunity to die like Magnitsky. But in fact, none of the prison authorities should not be interested in the death of prisoners, – said political analyst Georgy Bovt.

– Do not you think a hunger strike Nikita Belykh usual PR move?

– If Nikita dies, it’s certainly a great PR move for him… In such cases. usually medical examination is carried out by the forces of the prison administration and experts have concluded that simulates a prisoner diabetes or not. Then the decision about the need for a prescription.

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