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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Federation Council passed the “Spring package” in spectacular circumstances

The Federation Council adopted the so-called “Spring package” against innovations on the storage of correspondence and conversations of Internet users and mobile phones) voted only 5 of the senators, against the actual “anti-terrorist” part is not commented neither. By the way, in reviewing 160 of the laws was in conflict: some senators unaccustomed could not find the button “against”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Past participants in the spring session of the plenary meeting of the Federation Council knew in advance that they are destined to make history. The senators had to establish an absolute parliamentary record: to be considered for one planarch 160 laws.

A simple arithmetic calculation has shown that if you spend discussing each law in 3 minutes — it will take 8 hours. In addition, the agenda of the governmental hour with the report of the Minister of Finance and the hour of the Federation, devoted to problems of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, the appointment of judges.

Opening the meeting, speaker Valentina Matvienko has proposed to conduct it without interruption. Senators voted unanimously, and at that moment I thought: issues and whether the state diapers?

Senator Anton Belyakov has tried to facilitate the task of the inmates from the Big Dmitrovka, having suggested to postpone the discussion the most difficult part of the program – “Spring pack” for the fall.

However Matvienko has asked not to do so, and the house supported it. “If we remove the law from consideration — it will go directly to the President, explained Valentina his request. – We so it would be easier. But let’s not bury our heads in the sand. This is incorrect”. By the way, the resonance set of laws stood in the agenda at the end of the first hundred.

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To warm up passed the law on the national guard for exactly three minutes. Then it went faster. The report and the vote on the emergency law took 40 seconds. The amendments reduce some of the powers of the Federal government, senators mastered in 35 seconds.

The first hitch arose where looking on the law on investment advisers. The profile Committee has suggested to vote against it. It’s rare, only the fourth time in two years, so the senators were confused and they had to explain which button to press.

The representative of the Committee first tried to explain to colleagues why it is against the law on the new financial institution, but it came out unclear. Then Senator Petrov went the easy route, saying that the President of the law did not like. More to explain nothing had all voted right, but five minutes was lost.

However, the loss of pace is nothing compared to the sufferings that lawmakers have experienced in relation to the “Spring package”. To discuss it started at the sixth hour of the session, and finished in seventh.

The senators, who so far only clicked on one or (once) a different button suddenly began to request the microphone and to repeat questions that human rights activists have already reached the President: is it not immoral criminal prosecution for non-information? Humane to imprison a 14-year-olds for participation in the recruitment for mass riots”, is it correct to force the preachers to the state identity for the missionary work how much will listen to all telephone conversations in territory of Russia and storage of these records?

The Chairman of the relevant Committee and one of the authors of the bill Viktor Ozerov fought back:

– In the United States to be held criminally liable from the age of 10, in France 13, in Germany 14. But we hope that we have such incidents will not happen. Just teenagers should know that they, too, will lie the responsibility for the coverup of the crime…

– The law must be understood so that the representatives of traditional churches that have been preaching will be to continue to do this. ID need to get to the visiting missionaries…

– According to expert estimates, storage, conversations of all subscribers of the capital within 183 days will cost 42, 2 million. It’s not expensive. Moreover, we went to meet the Telecom operators and indicated in the statutory period, the scope and procedure for records retention. The law says that all this will be determined by the government.

Senator Nicholas Belongings suggested that storage of all of the conversations that are happening in the country, if not overwhelm operators, it will slow down the development of the industry. Operators will be forced to invest in unnecessary equipment instead of purchasing it is necessary for growth of quality of services.

However, Senator Klishas parried this argument document twelve years ago: “According to the government decree 538, dated 28 August 2005, all operators are required three years to keep all the talks for submission to the FSB and MVD. If they do, then additional costs would be required.”

Releasing par, the senators voted for the laws “package of Spring” almost unanimously with a minimum of abstentions. They expect the statement is even more than sixty laws.

Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin “will consider the criticism” coming to the “anti-terrorist package”. It is not clear what this will mean in practice. In theory, the President may impose on the law, his veto — then it turns out that deputies and senators in vain, staged a spectacular race with these bills.

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