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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The British referendum has provoked a wave of attacks on foreigners

A series of acts of violence and abusive behavior towards strangers and foreigners occurred in the UK. They were a direct consequence of the result of the referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. Particularly affected by sharply increased domestic xenophobia, immigrants from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland – and even fear for their lives.

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al Hussein on Tuesday demanded from the British authorities to stop the wave of attacks on minorities and foreigners, has risen in the Kingdom after the decision on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. “I urge the United Kingdom authorities to act to stop xenophobic attacks and ensure the initiation of criminal proceedings against all those suspected of racist attacks and attacks on foreigners,” – quoted its RIA “Novosti”.

“When they do their dirty, undesirable work, that’s fine. But as soon as they take place, which can claim to be educated and talented local, it irritates me”

After a referendum in the UK has already committed more than 100 crimes of a racist nature against Muslims. So, Channel 4 News released video captured on the morning of Tuesday in the car of one of the trams in Manchester, which shows how some Teens first offend man, looks reminiscent of the native of Asia, trying to kick him out of the car and then to sprinkle in his face from a gas spray in the middle of the crowd of passengers, including women and children.

However, attacks and insults are not the only people with dark skin, but also migrants from Eastern Europe. According to the authorities, in the UK the lives of at least 100 thousand Latvians, at least 180 thousand Lithuanians, and from 800 thousand to one million poles. On the eve of the Prime Ministers of Poland and the UK – Beata Szydlo and David Cameron discussed by telephone the recent in the United Kingdom, incidents motivated by xenophobia in respect of the Polish community.

On Tuesday, as written by the Latvian portal “Delfi”, the Embassy of Latvia called living in England compatriots who are faced with insults or even physical violence, report it. Complaints must be submitted to the email address of the Embassy. As reported previously, the TV channel LNT, living in the UK, the Latvians EN masse to complain to the attacks faced on the street, in public transport, cafes and restaurants, as well as at work and in schools, hear from neighbors and colleagues from offensive words and the call to pack your bags and leave. The victims of the attacks have even created Facebook in his community.

The Daily Mail newspaper reports about the increasing number of crimes against the poles. According to the newspaper, the weekend two poles in London were beaten. There are also reports of xenophobic inscriptions on the building of the Polish social and cultural Association in West London. So, living around Cambridge poles on Friday received in the mail leaflets with the inscription: “Leave the EU – the Polish down with the parasites”. Earlier, the Polish Embassy has already expressed concern about such cases.

In Lviv I was offered to get out of Moscow”

Living in England by the Russian opposition journalist Masha Slonim with disappointment written on Tuesday afternoon in his Facebook that in England woke up a filthy xenophobic sentiments.

“Most of the affected poles, after the jubilation of a yellow Sun newspaper about the fact that now we will not have Polish shops in a nationalist graffiti in some places – even of the swastika. And it’s not just the poles! Today I listened to calls to radio LBC, people really began to fear. A middle-aged German woman, who has lived here since 1975, cried and said that she was threatened. And such calls were very much”.

In the comments to this post Russian bloggers claimed that they have become the victims of such xenophobia. So, Alexandra Zernova laments: “when I spoke on Saturday after the referendum with the client at a table on the street in Russian, passing by the Englishman suggested ‘to f… off back to my country’… Fun times, once I was offered to get out to Moscow in Lviv, it was in 1991.”

Natalia Kantowicz argues that roam the streets of the British with swastikas on his hands (tattoo). “And the poles fear for their lives. And all because are a worthy competition to these English morons who neither work nor behave, nor even to talk in English normally do not know how. Only know how to drink beer and languages to grind.”

However, other commentators suggested that the complexes and resentments accumulated among the British for a long time, however, “people are just afraid to say that they are not welcome visitors”, and that long ago “was a request for discussion of many topics that are avoided to discuss in their countries under the guise of tolerance. People are brought to this animal state, despite the fact that formally there is freedom of speech.”

Showed “tolerance for intolerant people”

Journalist of the British newspaper the Guardian Luke Harding said the newspaper VIEW that it is not very surprised, although upset about the recent events. “Yes, there is a trend. Xenophobia was a big problem 20-25 years ago, since then, the atmosphere in society changed and it became impossible to speak openly about the hatred of “black”. The vast majority now applies to foreigners friendly, dislike experiencing not more than five percent,” explained Harding.

Many supporters of Brexit were sure that immediately after the referendum, the border will be closed immediately, and the migrants will receive, said the publicist. “In recent years we have, so to speak, is more tolerant of such intolerant people. Things started to sound in public, and yet before the referendum, all was quiet. After the referendum, they openly began to Express his hatred. Now there have been some terrible examples in London, Manchester and so on. Many of those who voted for secession from the EU, thought that immediately after the vote, the immigrants to immediately leave the country. They do not understand that it is a long process,” said the British writer.

As stated on Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars rinkēvičs, in Riga expects the UK authorities to react effectively to all instances of intolerance against the Latvians. He pointed out that about 15 countries of the European Union has put forward the protection of the interests of compatriots as a priority in the negotiations about the terms Brexit. As threatened Rinkevics, in Riga even ready for “bilateral negotiations” with London on the protection of compatriots.

“White trash” – it’s our Gopnik

One of the leaders of the “Russian Union of Latvia”, co-chair of the European Russian Alliance, the human rights activist Miroslav Mitrofanov, the former member of Parliament, believes the threat of Rinkevich empty.

“You have to understand that Latvia is completely invisible on the background of such giants as the United Kingdom. It is therefore particularly swing right will not work. We have also recently had big disputes with the British authorities due to the removal of children from families of our emigrants. This has become an epidemic – took children from wealthy families for any offense. Our diplomats have tried to help, but British officials in their emphasis did not notice. That is, to help fact, our government want, and the real levers of influence there,” – said human rights activist and newspaper VIEW.

Mitrofanov himself is also not surprised by the surge of xenophobia in a seemingly prosperous Britain.

“We came in the beginning of the year when no mass manifestations of xenophobia was not a single local politician from Yorkshire. About our immigrants, he said: “When they do their dirty, undesirable work, that’s fine. But as soon as they take place, which can claim to be educated and talented local, it irritates me”. Then there is discontent there had been accumulating for a long time even among the educated and wealthy. I’m not talking about the so-called “white trash” (“white trash”) – our “Gopnik”. Of the public with our migrants, the fight constantly was,” – said Mitrofanov.

“I must say that British politicians themselves have created a social Paradise for foreigners, extending to them benefits that were previously only supposed fellow citizens. Therefore, there reached not only those who genuinely wanted to work, as most of the Balts and the poles, but the citizens of Romania, Bulgaria, Balkan countries, for example, Gypsies who purposefully went for benefits. This ugly system encouraged parasitism. Sooner or later it had to lead to an explosion of discontent. It could happen in the form of pogroms, but occurred in a peaceful manner – in the form of the Brexit,” summed up former member of Parliament.

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