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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Taffy: academics turned into members

Came on the scene, the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst and… circled in dashing ballet moves. Then rose the Chairman VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeyev, a solid one in the glasses, similar to Pierre Bezukhov. But Ernst didn’t even give him time to recover. Picked up, lifted up to heaven. The couple began to whirl around the stage. A very sweet couple. Further more, there are the latest head of NTV Alexey Zemsky, and all three Federal Telecomunica started to drag on a delicate ballerina. I think her name was Rating. And who is this girl, swirl it in a fiery dance with a soccer ball? Well, Tina Kandelaki, certainly, embodies the entire channel “Match!”. Or a solid gray-haired grandfather, but so deftly Bouncing on the go. Ah, Anatoly Lysenko himself. (Russian public television!)

Tina Kandelaki. Photo: AGN “Moscow” / Kirill Zykov.

What was it? Just opening latest ceremony TEFI-2016. In fact, it was famously talented. Maybe even a rowdy opening was the only talented place throughout the ceremony. And the real bosses (who came) sat in the hall and laughed heartily, looking at their twins. Here we have now the fashion for irony.

Led all this mess Mikhail Shvydkoi, who became at this time the Chairman of the Board of founders. The founders, as you know, now seven: First channel, VGTRK, CTC Media, Gazprom-Media, TVC, national media group and the national Association of broadcasters (NAT). These are seven solid companies allocate a 20 no less respectable gentlemen, and they form a Grand jury, a total of 140 people. These 140 and define — to be or not to be.

Started Mikhail Shvydkoi in the style of the unforgettable Ogurtsova from “Carnival night”: “this ballet all matches are random, but I for it do not bear any responsibility”. And then he became a cat Leopold, as always: “Let’s show that the TV people love each other. Applaud!” And began a session of black magic with the subsequent exposure.

Shvydkoi was depicted as a cross between the Caucasian master of ceremonies and party leader of the Soviet period. With respected procentami very quickly changed to “you” (well, as all are his people). Don’t let them say a word, interrupted, rushed, hugged, caressed. In General, light! Many neophytes for the first time received the “Orpheus” really wanted to do with Mikhail Yefimovich selfie. It happened like this: the group in striped bathing suits” took Shvydkoi in turn, turned back to the room together and took pictures. “This is called in man, everything should be fine, and even the ass,” then commented tamada.

The surprise of the evening was whether to get her the national award for the documentary “the world Order” (“Russia 1”), built on an interview with Vladimir Solovyov Vladimir Putin. Ashamed to say it even seemed that a nomination “the Interviewer” resumed only in order to mark Mr. Solovyov (and in fact the beloved President!). But a miracle happened, an ordinary miracle. Mr Putin got his prize, but not Putin, and Posner. Joke of the jury was, although it was quite bearded.

They are cheerful, happy, brave! Didn’t cave in under Putin, not even by Solovyov! It was a real Fig in the pocket. However, it is not so. They all have long caved in. Different on our TV is simply impossible.

On taffy so much informational genres. Best news program steel “News at 23.00” (“Russia 24”). Came leading Evgeny Popov, and began to ponder out loud: what kind of journalism is better journalism, of fact or of opinion journalism. Won “opinion”. Here, however, whose? One person, and we know it. But the facts, what facts? They can throw like a ball, juggle, hide. But it’s still somehow to be called “information”.

Two statues of leads Vadim takmenev (NTV) for “Central television” and as the leading information and analytical outcome of the program is so touched by the winner, so confused him that he is in the hearts was ready to give his “Orpheus” competitor Irada Zeynalova from the First channel “Irada, we love you so much, we’re always looking, I want to share with you… the” Loser girl called the same on stage, but saw the bronze “Orpheus” for some reason did not. “And you give a bouquet,” said Shvydkoi resourceful. She took the bouquet down the hall and in the hearts tossed it into the respectable public.

It was a ceremony for her. She had long since lost Fleur important no media event is out, ceased to be significant information, news number one. Suffice it to say that this time taffy ignored: Konstantin Ernst, Ivan Urgant, Andrey Malakhov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Vladimir Solovyov, of course. Instead Posner statuette came to a pretty woman. “I am Nadja Solovieva, the wife of Vladimir Vladimirovich”, — was presented it.

They reward themselves, they want to win, so excited and happy when they are noted. But “they” is who? Many winners in the old days was thanked academics. “Not academics, and members… of the jury, that the matter gently corrected Mikhail Shvydkoi. Members… of the jury, that’s it.

Best Actresses of the TV film series was awarded to Dmitry Kiselev. “I won’t ask who you wanted to see, turned to him Shvydkoi. “Because you never tell the truth”. As he astutely observed, however, according to Freud. But didn’t want to offend such a respected master.

Nevertheless, I am very happy for those who honestly the whole season was doing their job and were in the Champions. Happy for Yulia Vysotskaya, the program “the glass bead Game”, the project “the Bolshoi ballet” (“Culture”), Ivan Urgant (although I was rooting for zhvanetskogo). Personally congratulate Alexander Tsekalo became suddenly the object of ridicule the best television producer Yuri Aksyuta (“Voice. Children”), Tina Kandelaki for “the Match!”. The main acting prizes rightfully took the wonderful keira Knightley (“Method”) and Elena Lyadova (“Treason”). The most important a special prize was given “the Fifth channel” for a charity action “Day of good deeds”.

In the beginning, Mikhail Shvydkoy told the winners, once again not mentioned grandparents (Yes, tsigel tsigel-Ah Lu-Lu). However, Fekla Tolstaya, “ozolochen” event of the season” in an unprecedented endeavor, “War and peace. Reading the novel” still not obeyed and thanked his great-grandfather Leo Tolstoy. Well, who else to thank? No one else.

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