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Friday, February 23, 2018

Siluanov announced, as the pension index in 2017

In the next three years we will live more frugally than this. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the speech of the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov at the last meeting of the Council of the Federation this season. Siluanov reported on the implementation of the current budget, reported the parameters of the main financial document for the years 2017-19, listened to the views of senators on how to get the missing money, and made suggestions.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

The Finance Minister reminded legislators that the budget for 2016 was formed when it was expected that oil will cost $50 per barrel, but in the first half of the year the average price was $37. As suggested by the Ministry, at the end of the year it will reach $40. Accordingly, the Treasury income was lower than planned by 12%, and the country was faced with a fairly high budget deficit. It was 1.5 billion rubles, but add to this the deficit of the second half.

To compensate for the lack of money will have from the reserve Fund: the jug will be empty in about 2.2 billion. In the end, at the end of the year, the Fund will be less than a billion, that is virtually nothing.

– Income for next year will be even less than current, – concluded Siluanov. – We’ll have less disposable income as dividends, and if you continue to spend reserves – they just completely take over.

According to the Minister, the decline in revenue can be compensated only by slowing inflation and a very careful attitude towards spending.

Present at the meeting, the head of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova proposed to take a closer look at the state of the program. According to her, they are executed only by 36% and dedicated to them and the money is often deposited on the deposits.

Previously passed the information that the Finance Ministry has decided to cut funding for most state programs, primarily aimed at supporting sports, culture, science. Budget expenditures for three future years mortgaged less than in the current year to 15 billion instead of the current seventeen.

When the report ended, the senators began to share with Siluanov their ideas about how to make ends meet. For example, the representative of the Kirov region Oleg Kazakovtsev proposed to limit the amount of cash in circulation to avoid payments in envelopes. (Had in mind the limit for cash purchases).

We discussed this issue with the government and decided not to do it, ” replied the Minister. – It would be better if lawmakers would give the tax authorities to monitor costs. That is, if the person is technically living on welfare but buys a car, it is necessary to ask – where did you get the money?

Elena Mizulina proposed to spend on the social sector part of the road Fund, but this Siluanov disagreed: “the Road is and jobs, and maintaining economic growth, and the growth of business activity, and tax capacity. You cannot take money from roads.”

On the question of the Senator from Vladimir region Anton Belyakov on whether this year promised a re-indexation of pensions, the Finance Minister said, quoting the Chairman of the government, “Medvedev at the Congress of “United Russia” has promised to index pensions in the coming year. We assume that it will be at 5.9%”.

– That is the words of Medvedev, the pensioner “no Money, good bye” you took as a mandate.., – polyposis, propranololinderal Senator.

And “points of growth” budgetary sustainability in the coming years Siluanov sees two: “the First proposal: to introduce a moratorium on the imposition of tax benefits on regional and municipal taxes. And Federal benefits need to be careful, after consultation with the regions.

Second. We are seeing a sharp rise in revenues from excise taxes on alcohol. 18% for six months, 30% in the last two months. This is a breakthrough. We propose to reallocate these revenues to regions based on retail sales. Who sells more alcohol – have more and get.

Thus, those regions that drink more will have the opportunity to eat better. Unfortunately, the increase in alcohol consumption is still the only growth of the domestic economy.

Watch the video on “Medvedev’s Remark about the lack of money for the indexation of pensions has become videoitem”

The Russian Prime Minister during a trip to the Crimea and talked with the local population and, in particular, listened to the complaint of an elderly lady on a small pension. Dmitry Medvedev urged the pensioner to “stick” because despite all the desire of the government to help this category of citizens, money in the budget to index no. Video published on the website youtube.com user Alim Aydamak

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