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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Published exciting the distant galaxies

Astronomers representing on a project to study the outer space Ultra-Deep Survey presented a very big picture, which can in detail to see the area of sky four times the size of the full moon. The map, compiled with a telescope the United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope and the Subaru, you can see a lot of galaxies and a huge number of stars painted in a variety of colors. Image obtained in the optical and some parts of the infrared range.

Image: UDS

The rendered image represents the “deepest” image of the cosmos on such a scale. It is reported that the frame represents not only an aesthetic value, with the help of the experts hope to gather a lot of information about the history of the Universe, including the early stages of this story. The monitoring portion of the sky submitted on the published picture, were collectively carried out over more than 1 thousand hours.

Work within the project Ultra-Deep Survey is conducted since 2005. Collected in the framework of the data has allowed to detect more than 250 thousand galaxies, many of which appeared less than one billion years after the Big Bang. This information allows you to specify how much time is various cosmic processes such as the formation of galaxies, and also “to weigh” mysterious and inaccessible to direct observation a substance known as dark matter.

“Science knows that in 10 billion years, a massive galaxy has undergone significant changes: they have ceased to form stars, and changed their form. However, we still do not fully understand why this is so. The draft UDS aims to help us catch the galaxy in the moment of their transformation, in order to get closer to the answer to this major mystery,” said William Hartley from University College London at the National astronomy meeting at the University of Nottingham, where he presented the results of the research.

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