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Friday, March 16, 2018

People better not sleep on the weekend, and on Tuesday

A recent study conducted by experts from the UK showed that the night from Tuesday to Wednesday allows a person to sleep better than any other time throughout the week, including weekends. Although scientists note that their findings are rather surprising, some of the explanations they do, however, offer.

Experts have collected information on almost five thousand participants. As it turned out, the longest they usually slept during the weekend that, by and large, are not too surprising. However, a more interesting result was that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sleep is not the most “quality”, writes Daily Mail.

As the authors of the study, sleep in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday allows people to sleep better, effectively to regain strength and feel the energy. According to scientists, this is, in particular, is evidenced by such objective factors as the decrease in the number of associated with stress hormones, and lowering blood pressure. Scientists have also found that if authentic the weekend to restore power contributes less than half of the paid sleep time, in some of the weekdays the rate is above 50 percent.

Scientists can not give a definite explanation of the discovered patterns. However, as one of the possible prerequisites for healthy sleep in the night of Wednesday they referred to the fact that people, as a rule, are much less likely to abuse alcohol or high-calorie food in the beginning of the work week, the closer to its completion or, especially, in the work-free days.

The study also showed that women sleep longer than men, and men, in turn, sleep “louder”, more snore.

Sleep is very dedicated to many different scientific studies and sometimes, conclusions of the researchers are quite unexpected. For example, recently a group of researchers from Brown University have found that person sleeping in a new place, in a “full” dream is immersed only one hemisphere, the other remains in a state more similar to wakefulness.

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