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Friday, March 16, 2018

MIFF: for the sake of Magnitsky died out of the hospital

In the program of the 38-th Moscow international film festival is a modest program “Russian trace”, which consists of five paintings. But she picked up from a hospital bed, the President of MIFF Nikita Mikhalkov and contributed to the arrival in Moscow of Natalia Oreiro.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The “Magnitsky act” is made in co-production Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany, our former compatriot Andrei Nekrasov and is investigating the case of the murdered Sergei Magnitsky. It turned out that Mikhalkov initially and had to submit this movie because it is politically important. Because of illness he was replaced by another speaker. But in the end it all changes once again, and on display Mikhalkov did. It was his first appearance at the festival. On the first day announced that he is undergoing treatment, and then received conflicting information about what happened to him. From a mild version of pneumonia, the diagnosis changed to a massive heart attack, problems with the pancreas. Compassionate filmmakers approached the comrade Mikhalkov, Leonid Vereshchagin and showed surprise why Nikita is still not sent in a private jet overseas, just so bad. And then was born a criminal version: de Mikhalkov hiding in the hospital interrogation. Just at this time began the searches in RAO, with whom he is bound.

Rumors about himself Nikita to debunk did not. He said he did not intend to discuss the artistic merit of the picture, just decided to support the famous “anti-Soviet”, which is going to make a film, the exposure, and in the end revealed a very different truth. “The creation of such a movie thing to do. And I respect these men’s actions, so specially came today from a hospital here to present this work.” In General, Mikhalkov spoke out against the global conspiracy.

The second film “Russian trace” – “Our Natasha” directed by Uruguayan Martin Sastre about the actress and singer Natalia Oreiro. To submit a picture came to the heroine herself. In the hall she entered with the words: “I understand a little bit. Good.”

Director martín Sastre, a good friend Oreiro, said that it all happened by coincidence. “Nasha Natasha tour was born thanks to Natalia for 16 Russian cities in the last 30 days. When they returned to Uruguay, I realized that 100 hours of footage not to be missed. Cross-cutting theme of the film – Natalia relationship with Russia and the Russian people. Actually it is two journeys: cities of Russia with concerts in Uruguay in her grandmother’s childhood heroine, and where she is from eight years of dreaming of becoming an actress. The film shows her parents, sister, husband, young son, a high school friend. Travelling in Russia was the opening of our country and for the Director, because his grandfather hails from here. “The film is an intimate, precisely because we’re friends” – has repeatedly stressed the Director.

Natalia Oreiro kept saying: “hi! Thank you very much”. That’s the vocabulary of Russian is very modest. “This film is not about my career,” said Oreiro – It is personal and it involves my best friends. We raised one question I wanted to answer myself: why a woman from Latin America with a different culture and language found such an understanding from the Russians? About me is too early to make a biopic. Ahead – a lot of roads still have a lot to learn. My fans are well aware how much difficulty it was during the tour and in life in General, But we decided with Martin to show something more romantic and focused on my relationship with the fans, some of whom for over 15 years with me. They helped me to love Russia. My fans give to my son Cheburashek, Masha and the Bear guitar. And he loves them very much. It was important to me to show that the son plays with these toys, and all that you see in our picture. He recently admitted to me that he likes Russian girls. Will he be a musician? The son dreams of becoming a gardener. Most importantly, he grew up happy and free man.”

On the same day, presented the first educational portal on the history of Soviet movie called “Chapayev”, which was supported by the Ministry of culture. Came from the fact that, together with the history of cinema, we need to teach history, since we lost contact. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said: “in 1935 this film was the winner of the first Moscow international film festival. Russian movie forced to fight for the audience. It is necessary to raise and educate. We want to promote contemporary cinema. But today’s young viewers don’t read the cultural codes. The idea of showing the 100 best films in schools, in recognition of the Minister, failed to implement. He can not force their children to watch “Ilya Muromets”, but showing them a pre-film about this film. So now will be spread short movies on big movies.

Creative producer of the cinema Fund Anna Mikhalkova, who supported the “Chapaeva”, – told the “MK” as she minobrazovanie their children: “Especially I do not. But as books they recommend that I like, and movies. With them watching what you love. My children, like all others, are more like modern cinema. Black-and-white look harder. But the habit of this grafted. They want to have more action.”

Watch the video on “Fans of Natalia Oreiro: it’s time to give the title people’s artist”

Famous Latin American actress Natalia Oreiro visited Moscow. 38-th Moscow International film festival, she presented a movie about itself – “Our Natasha”. This documentary film tells about the Russian tour of the singer and actress held in 2014. The shooting of the film was attended by Russian fans of Natalia, so they were looking forward to its release. More Russian fans were only waiting for the next arrival of the “Nati” in Russia. And waited. When the actress arrived at a press screening for communication with the media, the fans gave her a warm welcome. In the course of communication with the fans somehow by itself the idea that the actress, though foreign, has earned so many people’s love, it’s time to give the title people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

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