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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Media: FSB beat an American diplomat in Moscow

The Washington Post reported the attack on a U.S. diplomat by the FSB that took place in the center of Moscow.

photo: morguefile.com

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred June 6: the guard, dressed in the uniform of the FSB, stationed at the U.S. Embassy, attacked the diplomat who tried to enter the building. This fact was confirmed by four of the official representative of the Embassy. As a result, the diplomat was a broken shoulder, and he was forced to leave Russia for treatment, not returning to it until now.

Thus one of the sources of The Washington Post did not rule out that the hackneyed employee of the Embassy could be an intelligence officer working under diplomatic cover.

The event was muted, but now came out after the previous article of the publication about the pressure of special services on American diplomats in Russia and Europe.

Recall that it was said that Russian intelligence services persecuted of U.S. diplomats and members of their families, sneak into closed events for rendering of psychological pressure, breaking into the house, where you move the furniture. Also cited examples of when the US representative found at home on the carpet a pile of excrement, and the military attache of America in Moscow killed the dog.

Note that the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova have commented on the information media: it stated that “diplomacy is based on reciprocity. The more the U.S. will spoil the relationship, the harder it will be to us diplomats working in Russia.”

#Zakharova: Diplomacy is based on reciprocity. The more the damages US relations, the harder it will be for US diplomats to work in Russia

— MFA Russia (@mfa_russia) 28 Jun 2016.

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