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Monday, October 24, 2016

Kadyrov appeared first rival in the election in Chechnya

The business Ombudsman of the Russian Federation and the head of the “Party of Growth” Boris Titov, told RBC that the candidate of his political force will compete on elections of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

photo: instagram.com

In this post I will put forward regional colleague Titov on the post of business-Ombudsman of the Republic of Idris Usmanov. The very nomination is formally supposed to happen today, during the conference, the local branch of the party.

Note that in the infrequently updated Twitter the Usmanov one of the last entries is the photo with the March rally in Grozny with the caption “We are for the future! We for Kadyrov!”.

We are for the future! We Kadyrov!

23.03.2016. The rally to the Day of the Constitution of the Czech Republic pic.twitter.com/lQwSkLBtOt

Idris Usmanov (@uzpp_chechnya) March 28, 2016

Published praise Kadyrov Usmanov before: in particular, congratulated him on his birthday and telling instagram that “under your strict guidance, our Republic has certainly blossomed”.

Also, good luck to the business Ombudsman in the elections and wished himself the acting head of Chechnya: about this RBC reported sources in the “party of Growth”.

Read about the scandal around the “party of Growth”.

Recall that the latter was established on the basis of the party “Right cause has positioned itself as a party with a purely economic agenda: its program comes down to economic theses, the content of which is intended to ensure economic growth in Russia.

Political analysts believe that Usmanov is not able to compete with Kadyrov, but his nomination indicates the presence of common interests Kadyrov and Titov.

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