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Friday, March 16, 2018

Compensation for the downed pilot: Ankara is trying to get rid of a little blood

Press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin said that Turkey would pay compensation to the family of the deceased pilot only if the appropriate notice is received from its members. Thus he refuted previous media reports, which said about the readiness of Turkey to compensate the damage in unilaterally. From 27 to 28 June this is not the first case of different interpretations of the position of head of Turkey Recep Erdogan, in this context, “MK” tried to find out the cause of what is happening.

Vladimir AVAKOV Director of the Center for Oriental studies, international relations and public diplomacy:

The last two days from Ankara sound very different statements. On the one hand, the Kremlin publishes excerpts from the letter of Erdogan to Putin that says that he apologizes, and on the other, Erdogan said that if the situation with the plane was the same, Turkey would have done exactly the same and in this regard urges Moscow to draw the appropriate conclusions. While there is active speculation about the text of the letter. 28 Jun CNN that broadcasts in the Turkish language, published the text with reference to a source close to erdoğan, stating that no apology was not, and had sympathy brought by the family of the dead Russian pilot. Also speculation the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, who said that Turkey, in principle, does not exclude the possibility of compensation. But it is actually not so important, in what form, Erdogan has apologized if the apology was indeed, as for the political culture of Turkey apology is in principle not peculiar. But Ankara needs to go ahead and complete all remaining requirements, including those relating to compensation. That is, we are not talking about Turkish politics, but about business. Turkey must understand its place in the current international political situation, including regional, to depart from the ideas of neo-Ottomanism and return to the policy of “zero problems with neighbors”. If we see how it moves in this direction, relations with Russia will gradually return to normal, but to talk about a return to the format of strategic partnership still is not necessary. Moscow must come exclusively from their own interests and no longer to have any illusions.

– Is it not an insult to the statement by Ankara that it will pay compensation only in case, if requested by the family of the pilot?

From Turkey, do we hear statements such as that the initiative in the relationship should come from Russia, but Moscow has clearly set its conditions. Therefore, if Ankara is really interested in the relationship, she should perform them.

– Do you think that this will happen, or Turkey will last up to maneuver and to issue contradictory statements?

– I think the Turks will manipulate facts and words, in short, do everything that is typical for Erdogan. In the short term we will see, they first arrested a suspect in the murder of a Russian pilot, and then let him go. Ankara is hoping to resolve the crisis in relations with Russia amicably, not realizing in fact the demands of Moscow, and get the greatest possible benefit.

And Moscow will agree with this, and even accept such an apology?

– Given the words of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Moscow believes that Ankara has already apologized. But this is only one of the requirements, and now Turkey has to move on. Then we can talk about what we accept and what not. Apologies — it’s just one of the three characters that are required to transition to normal relations between the two countries.

The aggravation of relations with Turkey. Chronicle of events

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