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Saturday, July 15, 2017

“Appetite comes during a meal”: the Federation Council approved the “anti-terrorist” package of Spring

The Federation Council today approved the “anti-terrorist” package of bills Ozerov Spring, which warned a number of politicians and experts, including in the Federation Council, will target the development of communication industry in Russia. In addition, the package introduces criminal liability for terrorism and riots 14 years, and also complicates the missionary activities in the Russian Federation.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Co-author of the package along with the Deputy of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya, Senator Viktor Ozerov said that the most controversial paragraphs of a package of bills lawmakers were “on thin ice” as “some lawyers said that it is possible, others that it is impossible to” introduce rules on deprivation of citizenship and the complexity of the rules of entry and exit in Russia. In the end these norms, it was decided to get rid of.

While in all other parts of the lake is considered a law is needed, noting that the legislators made concessions to the operators, allowing them to store the information of correspondence of citizens are not 3 years and 6 months.

Read the opinion of the Kremlin about the controversial laws.

Note that, therefore, operators will be forced to keep 157 billion gigabytes of data, what you will spend 2.2 trillion roubles in the Federal budget deficit of the Russian Federation 2.36 billion rubles in 2016). In addition, from this data array from 30 to 50% of the data are encrypted by traffic law enforcement agencies will not be able to read. (On the last point Ozerov said that “our employees” FSB need only provide an opportunity to decipher the information, and then have “their thing”.)

Ozerov, talking about this amendment, referred to the experience of other countries. The experience of European countries, he argued, and reduce the age of criminal terrorist offences) is silent about the same reduction in punishment for the riots imposed by law. The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko reminded him that in the US, the age of criminal responsibility was set at 10 years, however, the Senator said that the example of the United States it is “unpleasant”.

“Appetite comes during a meal, but the road spoon for dinner”, — concluded the Senator.

In questions to Ozerov Senator Anton Belyakov said that he does not understand the necessity of lowering criminal responsibility to 14 years as on judicial statistics for terrorism in Russia is not condemned in recent years, not only children but also young people. He also surprised a member of the international terrorist group to be convicted of made in Russia terrorist attack weaker than him, but produced abroad. Specific answers, however, could not be obtained.

Belyakov added that the draft law on cellular communication involves storing all the information from the correspondence, whereas in the West we are talking only about the billing. According to him, the document devoted not to combat terrorism, total surveillance of citizens and the support of Silicon valley, as the equipment for storing information to be purchased in the United States.

Read why Kortneva like the laws of Spring.

On another question from my colleagues on the amounts that operators will spend will spend on data storage, Ozerov said that he did not know the specific calculations that are never heard about the operator Tele2, but in the Moscow region, according to him, the expenses will cost about 42 billion rubles. However, accurate calculations, and emphasized the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko, no.

The senators expressed concern that due to the fact that the server hardware on which stored information is not produced in Russia, information about correspondence of Russians will be able to “leak back”. This Ozerov said that “100% guarantees can give only the Lord God”, however the Russian law enforcement authorities and competence he trusts. Matviyenko also offered a “dream” that once data can be stored and domestic equipment, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov reportedly promised that his company will be able to supply providers with the necessary equipment.

Read the appeal of the intelligentsia to Putin on the controversial laws.

Expressed concern over the anti-terrorism package and a Senator from Tatarstan, Oleg Morozov (formerly the ex-President of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev urged senators to reject the package): he assumed that the prescribed limits of missionary activity assumes the impossibility to conduct religious ceremonies outside religious buildings are among those who have no religion (i.e., for example, to pray in the family circle). This Ozerov said that the ban does not apply to the traditional religions of the Russian Federation ceremonies.

Ardent support for the bill was expressed by Senator Elena Mizulina, noting that the main threat to Russian children is the Internet. She talked about “groups alternate reality” that appear in social networks and predispose children to suicide, and to find such groups difficult because of the encrypted traffic of instant messengers (encrypted Mizulina called “filtered”). “Russia is a country that is able to solve impossible tasks. It is a feature of us, the Russians. When we find ourselves in a situation of no choice, we accumulate their efforts. Mizulina expressed confidence that by 2018, the time the law came into force, all the necessary technology in Russia will be.

However, agreed with Mizulina and Ozerov not all. So, Senator Nicholas Belongings recalled that in Russia there are no necessary equipment and a bill operators “put us at the mercy of strangers”. In addition, he expressed doubt that by 2018, this situation is in any way going to change. He was supported by the Senator from Sevastopol Olga Timofeeva, noting that keeping the total volume of the correspondence of all Russians turn into storage, spam and information noise. Moreover, as noted by both policies, it will hit the economy of communication operators and will lead to “a collapse of the communication industry” because of financial losses.

Discussion continued with the speech of the Senator from North Ossetia, Teimuraz Mamsurov, who said that “humanity must understand” the necessity of adoption of laws: “Humanism we have enough,” he said, noting that terrorists in Russia, to his regret, yet not deprived of citizenship and not executed, and the “Orgy of democracy” in the legislation, which must be rigid, not a place.

The first (actually the anti-terrorist law voted 151 Senator, 4 abstained, and none against none. For the second bill (data retention) voted 141 people, 5 were against and 9 abstained.

Recall that today the SF considers from 160 bills.

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