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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ukraine has become the main violator “blockade of the Crimea”

The fact that the attempt to “blockade of the Crimea” – is absolutely futile, now recognized even in Kiev. Actually, the other way is not Kiev. It’s not even the fact that the nationalists failed to approach the stated objectives, and the inhabitants of the Peninsula only further ganged up on Ukraine. It’s in the statistics: the main violator of Ukrainian “blockade”, Ukraine itself.

One of the oldest Newspapers in the world industry – Lloyd’s List, published from 1734 and writing about everything related to the navigation, has published significant material on the Crimean ports. In the infographic entitled “the Crimea is called” provides data on cruise ship arrivals in the ports of the Peninsula, as also on the volumes transported over the last three years goods.

“In Ukraine this phenomenon has been called “zrada tour”

The expected volumes fell cargo transit from Crimean ports outside of the Peninsula and there until the opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait will not appear. Crimea deliver the goods and the goods exclusively for their own use, and exports from the Crimea has never been greater.

At the meeting on development of transport infrastructure of the South of Russia in August 2015, Vladimir Putin, addressing to this issue, in particular, said: “it is also clear that the sea ports of the Crimea will be able to work only when the bridge will be built across the Kerch Strait. I very much hope that the construction period will be maintained. At the end of 2018, this strategic object to be delivered”. Therefore, the growth of tonnage and the Crimean port in logovsky directories, and Russian statistics are worth waiting for no earlier than 2019.

How it will look in the Kerch mostely in the physical dimensions of the transport, there’s no surprise in the list of the countries whose vessels often go in the Crimean ports, there is a very interesting trend. In 2013, the last year of Ukrainian Crimea – the majority of vessels visiting Evpatoria, Kerch, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Yalta, went, naturally, under the flag of Ukraine – 547 calls. In second place with a slight lag Turkey – 455 vessel calls, the third Russia – 211, the fourth Greece – 173.

In 2014, the situation changed, of course – first place went to Russia with 564 the ship calls. Ukraine dropped to second place with 511, the third was Turkey with 331 in the vicinity of the Crimean ports. In 2014, decisions were made about sanctions, but EU member Greece remained in fourth place is 122 calling at Crimean ports.

In 2015, Ukraine – or rather, the Crimean Tatar emigrants, together with the ultranationalists, announced a “blockade of the Crimea.” Former self-styled “leaders of the Crimean Tatar people” expressed the readiness to starve his people to death in the name of territorial integrity of Ukraine. Ukrainian media actively supported the “blockade” and its organizers.

But if you look at the ship calls at ports of the Crimea, Ukraine again regained first place. 1013 calls is two times more than in the peace 2013, when most of the goods in the Crimea was taken by land. Russia also significantly increased the activity – 896 calls, in parallel, increased activity and Turks (482), and Greeks (275). Blocked from the land of the Peninsula was open from the sea – recorded visits by ships from Germany, Saudi Arabia and even the United States.

But all this international activity pales before the activity of the Ukrainian. While medzhlisovtsy to Bandera for the camera was described as a “blockade” and with the connivance of the police and the police had to turn truckers, the ships went and came with the territory of Ukraine in the Russian Crimea. The capacity of these ships is relatively small – about 500 tons, but on average about three times a day any Ukrainian ship moored in the port of Yalta or Yalta.

In short, the situation since the writing of Edward Bagritskim of the poem “Smugglers” (“the fish, the stars carries a barge, Three of Greek in Odessa carry contraband”) has changed dramatically. The product is now taken to Odessa, and from Odessa, and taking legitimately – calls of smugglers in official statistics, as a rule, are not reflected.

It is not surprising that Mustafa Dzhemilev has urged NATO to make a naval blockade of the Crimea, and his accomplice Lenur islyamov even started to take action on the “mining” of the Strait of Kerch cables that need to become entwined in the propellers of ships. They are enemies, but not stupid, and realize that the land blockade of the Crimea is absolutely pointless idea in the open sea.

But the main blockade runner – not Russia, not Turkey and not Greece. The main offender is Ukraine itself. You can brainwash the citizens with propaganda, but economic ties will always remain in the first place.

By the way, the holiday season in the Crimea is now in full swing, and despite the termination of railway communication, the flow of Ukrainian tourists increased significantly – as evidenced by the data of border guard of FSB on the Peninsula. The change of jurisdiction of the Crimea has not changed the hospitality of the locals, so the number of Ukrainian tourists on the Peninsula are restricted by domestic economic problems of this country.

Exact figures are unfortunately not given, but in Ukraine this phenomenon has been called “zrada-Tur (“zrada” in translation from Ukrainian – “betrayal”, in the basic concepts of modern Ukrainian politics “zrada” always follows “Peremoga”, that is, a victory).

The fact that the Ukrainian ships – the Champions of the visits to the ports of the Russian Crimea, in Ukraine, too, to some it may seem “zradoyu”. But actually this is a real “victory” – a victory of common sense over supported by the Ukrainian government criminals trying to “block” the Crimea.

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