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Friday, March 16, 2018

Silkworms have become participants of the Moscow international Biennale for young art

It’s summer – time young and the restless. At least in the capital’s art calendar. The thing is, what starts the V Moscow international Biennale for young art, which brings together artists from around the world are not older than 35 years. It will cover dozens of museums and galleries, while the main site will be Tryokhgornaya manufactory, where July 1 will open the Main project. It’s called “Deep inside” – the theme of the whole Biennale. Next week, the exhibition sought more than two thousand authors, qualified 93 artists from 36 countries. That we are prepared and what to expect from the current Biennale, “MK” has learned from its Commissioner Catherine Kibovsky.

Photo: Danila Stratovich

– And there – “Deep inside”?

Is a movie that needs to come and see. The inset refers to Dostoevsky and Tolstoy with the questions: “who am I in this world”, “what will happen to me if I fly off somewhere on Mars.” To answer them, don’t run from yourself, is it worth it to stop and dig inside yourself. Until I get myself sorted out – you will not be able to understand the world around us. Not to be confused with psychoanalysis and Freudian interpretations, the idea is banal thoughts – you can’t escape yourself.

– What was the most unexpected?

For one project it took the filaments of silkworms. Began to look, turned out to be closer Stavropol and Uzbekistan can not find them. Then appealed to the Moscow zoo, here he rescued us with the silkworms. Incidentally, after this story, the Director of the zoo Svetlana Akulova decided to conduct a study and find out how to restore shelkopryada in Russia. And I realized that each Biennale join custom participants: last time there was a parrot (now lives in NCCA), this year the silkworms.

– It was stated that the Biennale will respond to acute issues of modern life. What theme is prevalent amongst the projects?

– The younger generation today hangs at the screens, so many jobs involved with video art and technology. To some extent, this Biennale – utopia. We are looking for the line between the artificial and the real world. In fact, many people live in the walls with Wallpapers and never travel beyond their city. Just about human interaction with nature, the work of the German artist Julius von Bismark (a distant relative of the Chancellor). He is now in the Tver region together with the residents creates under the open sky, a large-scale installation that will be shown at the exhibition.

– After the incident with the bricks in the Arena at the Biennale of contemporary art, you weed out the work that the untrained viewer may not understand?

– No. Released catalogs, texts wrote them philosophers, explaining the project idea. In addition to exhibition activities, we conduct an educational program, where, too, everything is explained in detail. For the first time developed a mobile application with the programme of the Biennale and maps its sites.

– The project biennial of 59 exhibitions; in addition to the main project not to miss?

– I seem to be very relevant exposure of our strategic partners in the ART will be G And P E R s In I H I”, And in the NCCA – Time reasonable doubt”. An interesting program was prepared by the centers of the Winery, “Factory” and ArtPlay. There, young people reflect on the eternal themes of: who am I in this world, how social networks are my mirror. Problems raised by the artists, the concern of society for centuries. Just for the Biennale we answer the classic questions of non-standard, modern answers. It’s a huge responsibility, because these people are thinking and working today, and shaping tomorrow. To work with them and the Commissioner – just kicks.

– How did you become Commissioner? Say, not without the help of a brother (Alexander Kibovsky, the head of the Moscow Department of culture). Like really?

– Always handy someone’s success to justify relationships. I’m working with for 15 years. Among my achievements: “Artcurial”, many educational and cultural projects in Gorky Park. All of them were implemented outside the context of my brother and the Moscow Department of culture. Its former head Sergei Kapkov I was Deputy. So judge work here will open the Biennale, and make the conclusion.

Commissioner of V Moscow international Biennale for young art, Catherine Kibovsky. Photo: Lisa Melina

Difficult the team was to work with the space? Because it in itself is very impressive, it’s not the white walls of the gallery.

Young architect Sergey Nebot designed the exhibition inside the building number 5. This is a must see! There will be a lot of blue clay and pigment, yesterday we were buying these materials throughout Moscow. In my opinion, how many of them concentrated in Trekhgornij manufactory, so many today in Moscow no one place. By the way, the space itself is located on the street Rochdelskaya, which is named in honor of the hard workers from Rochdale town, they created the first cooperative. The curator of the Biennale is also a British connection? It is a sign that says that we’re doing something right.

– Will Tryokhgornaya manufactory new conditional Brewery, or after the Biennale, forget about it as about the place of modern art?

– Tryokhgornaya manufactory is a historic brand, and now a new cultural cluster on the map of Moscow. It never ceases to evolve, taking in exhibition projects on a Pro Bono basis. In this part of the premises rented under the bars, clubs and Lounges. Thanks to this wise policy has given rise to a creative environment.

– Why now, when all is import substitution, as curator, invited the British?

– The title has the word “international”, so it was necessary to show the most extensive geography of talented people. We 9 experts chose a long time person who meets the international standard. Looking for talent, not nationality, and found it is a British Nadim Samman. The competition for curatorial positions his concept was the strongest. It takes into account the experience Nadim: he has a great knowledge of Russian culture, he has worked with many local artists, including Alexander Ponomarev, Igor Makarevich and Elena Elagina. It seems to me that Nadeem who has been to Russia ten times, is a Russian man in spirit and intellect.

– What is the fee from Nadeem and the General budget of the Biennale?

– Budget of about 33 million rubles, of which 22 million was allocated by the state and the 11 million sponsors. Nadeem gets 10 thousand euros. We are happy with them. Most importantly, he respects the Russian culture. Proof of this is the fact that he chose 17 local artists.

– Two of them men and 15 women. It appears that a young Russian modern art female face?

– It happened. We chose the artists on their works and not according to sex, age or face. But in the General project, the number of men and women are equal, with a difference in one person. Biennale – a living history, not invented. We’re at the forefront, we understand that fighting for the interests of many. Creative people today need just such a project as another channel for self-realization just yet, especially with the young. Thus in our project, no Amateurs, all of the young, but professional. Yeah, someone with no education and not able to mount the beam. Do not worry, we here teach them this.

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