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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Power girls” fell on Donald trump

It happened in Cincinnati on Monday. Democratic party candidate for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and a Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, the leader of the Democrats, the liberals finally sang. They were not in the blue clothes, which are very consistent with their shades presidential slogan Hillary Clinton: “Together stronger.” This motto as a slogan hanging over them while the Grand corridor was stunned by their pop songs Katy Perry.

photo: AP

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

Hillary and Warren welcomed each other like old friends. They exchanged sneers, pointing to the address of Donald trump. And enthusiasm drew the attention of participants of meeting on one of them holding a poster with the words “power girls”.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is an impressive political figure among today’s Democrats-liberals. She made a speech in Clinton, your energy, your people’s approach and the populist challenge. All this stirred up the protesters, the more that Clinton herself is in this sense a little bit lame.

For Ms. Warren, the meeting on Monday, where she performed for the first time along with Clinton, was very important. Her profile as a liberal voice of the Democratic party immediately increased the chances of the Massachusetts senatorship to become a candidate for Vice-President.

For Mrs. Clinton, it was a chance to appeal to the liberal wing of the party and try to convince cost-suffering voters that it will make its way to the presidency as a populist, with the aim of improving their living conditions. “I decided to participate in this race because I wanted to improve the chances of people in the fight against those profiting from them,” said Mrs. Clinton. — We want to build an economy that works for everyone, not just for the elite. But we have to be strong and courageous”.

Mrs. Clinton stood on stage, smiling and agreeing with Senator Warren when she was sending curses on the head of trump.

Clinton’s speech lasted half an hour. Ms. Warren said less than half, but it literally lit the crowd, which consisted of approximately 2,600 people. The rally was held under a huge mural, which displayed the labor of workers and farmers. That is, those that trump, according to Clinton, would like to “throw in the mud, stomp and do with them what you want.”

When Ms. Warren, who at the time criticized Hillary Clinton, addressed her on stage and said that she “never retreat” in the struggle for the interests of the middle class, Mrs. Clinton smiled broadly to her. Hillary is very important to have in your corner the Senator herself, but only from Massachusetts. She said the two words, turning to his agitated to the assistant: “Thank you.”

The meeting in Cincinnati was sort of the culmination of the warming relations between Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Warren, who at the time criticized the financial policy of President bill Clinton. Before Warren was a Senator, and Clinton, by contrast, was a Senator from the state of new York, Warren has criticized the legislation on bankruptcy, which was supported by Clinton, and which have created difficulties for families representing the middle class. But on Monday, all of these contradictions, it seemed, vanished. And Mrs. Clinton as if she could not get enough on Senator Warren. She said that the best television programmes of the Senate are associated with the performances of Warren. “Remember,” she told the rally participants, Warren says about every American who bothered to live in such conditions and who are covered by a sense of frustration”.

Both speakers in their speeches depict Mr. trump as selfish corporate Titan, whose business does not help American workers.

Mrs. Clinton talked about the fact that trump is sewing their costumes in Mexico that its furniture is made in Turkey, that his pubs are preparing in Slovenia.

Senator Warren after the speech in Cincinnati he received the title of Supreme panochitas Donald trump. However, in her speech, she was cautious and didn’t want to occlude Hillary Clinton, the democratic candidate for the presidency. So she cut his speech, and saying it so often turned to Clinton, as if asking for her reinforcements.

Donald trump says he will make America great again,” exclaimed Senator Warren. — These promises are stupid. And even politics trump will satisfy only those forces which will fly to Scotland and play Golf!”

Of course, Donald trump was not in debt stay. He called Senator Warren’s corrupt, because it spilled over to the side of Mrs. Clinton. He said that both Clinton and Warren are a huge financial donor support of wall street. And in interview to TV channel EN-Bi-si trump called Ms. Warren a racist and completely false. The joint statement by Clinton and Warren in Cincinnati is seen here as the possibility of participation of Warren in the election as a candidate for Vice-President. As stated by the Washington lawyer Jay Hamilton, who is now engaged at the direction of Clinton seeking candidates for Vice-President, Warren was one of the applicants of this post.

Since Ms. Warren stated that she supports Hillary Clinton, it has become a very powerful ally of Hillary and the most “biting” against trump. Senator Warren even visited the headquarters of Hillary Clinton in Brooklyn, new York. There she addressed the young members of staff, Clinton urged them: “don’t screw it up this time!”.

Clinton and Warren are trying to present to the voters his plan for the reconstruction of the American economy in order to improve the living conditions of the middle class.

So in the proclamation of Mrs. Clinton said that the current situation of the middle class that lives in fear, unrest and anger, as the richest strata of American society prospered at his expense, must turn the movement to stagnation in the opposite direction. She actually repeated what they say now in the Senate, Ms. Warren and Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the democratic primaries. The current situation in the US economy leads to the fact that globalization and economic inequality grist to the mill of one percent of American society. Pointing to it, Lord Clinton firmly said: “Now is not the time for half measures. Now we need to create jobs and raise wages”. In Ohio, which will play a huge role in the presidential election, Mrs Clinton promised to strengthen the unions of the United States, and riveting all the vents that allow corporations and the rich to evade taxes.

“Why the wealthiest Americans and the biggest corporations are evading taxes through all kinds of manipulations? — asked Mrs. Clinton and she answered under the cheers of the crowd. Because they operate the system to their advantage. While Senator Sanders is not involved in the campaign in support of Mrs. Clinton. Although he acknowledged that he would vote for her against trump. At this stage the speech with Senator Warren will allow Clinton to win over the voters-liberals who previously supported Sanders. As shown by public opinion polls conducted by TV channel EN-Bi-si and “wall street journal” about 45% of voters supported at the time, Sanders are positive against Hillary Clinton.

But back to the speech, Warren and Clinton in Cincinnati. They also mocked trump for his decision to praise the British government for withdrawal from the European Union, which caused financial market turmoil and the fall of the pound sterling. As you know, Donald trump, who on the day of the referendum was in Scotland, called the results “a great event” and tried to draw a parallel between the populist anger that has swept the British, and the many layers of American voters. “Basically, the results of the referendum came down to the fact that they got their country into their own hands,” said trump, and added that the depreciating British pound sterling will help his business with Golf in Scotland.

This trump received another blow from Senator Warren, who said: “Donald trump praised the current crisis of Britain, which sucked millions of dollars out of your savings for retirement life. All this is done in order to entice wealthy people to his Golf course.

Of course, the struggle of the Republican presidential candidate with the democratic Duo of Clinton and Warren are not limited to the area for golfing in Scotland. It goes about all the United States of America.


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