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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On Mars discovered evidence of the activities of microorganisms

One of the Martian rocks the American Rover Curiosity has discovered traces of oxides of manganese. According to scientists, this means that in the past, the Red planet was much more Earth-like than is commonly believed today, because these substances are formed only within microorganisms or in the presence of large quantities of oxygen in the atmosphere.

At the moment, the researchers clearly tend to the more “boring” explanation of their findings — they suggest that the manganese oxides formed under the influence of oxygen. However, the assumption that in the past Martian atmosphere was rich in his molecules, also makes us a new look at the history of Mars.

Interestingly, even in the case of manganese oxides on Mars under the influence of atmospheric oxygen first enters your head version of the origin of this oxygen is, again, the activities of living organisms — for example, in the past, it is the impact on the Earth had photosynthetic organisms. However, the experts agreed on the fact that they discovered the phenomenon may be less exciting explanation.

As a result, scientists have suggested that oxygen in large enough quantities could be formed on Mars during times when its magnetic field weakened, and falling on the surface of the planet the solar wind provoked the disintegration of water molecules. Formed as a result of molecules of oxygen and may cause the appearance of oxides of manganese.

Their work, the researchers published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Recently with the Curiosity Rover on the red planet was discovered by another substance, also led, to some extent, rewritten. Mineral called tridymite contained in the Martian soil, was evidence that volcanoes on the planet was much less “quiet” than so far anticipated.

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