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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lawmakers prepared for the cottagers impossible standards

On Wednesday, the Federation Council must approve the time of the order of hundreds of bills that are already in the agenda of the meeting. It is clear that to delve into them, no one will. They just punched, like on a conveyor belt. Chpok-chpok-chpok.

The use of such “automatic” legislative work is clearly visible on the example of a bill that is close to most citizens and is intended to make life easier, but harder.

It’s not even a new law and amendments to the existing 1998 law “On the horticultural, gardening and dacha noncommercial associations of citizens” aimed “at improving the regulation of legal relations in the conduct of the citizens of the country economy.”

No breakthrough ideas there. All the innovations dictated by common sense. Legalize — that is to legislate a rule to remove dirty shoes when you come home:

— SNT must have a register of members which contains the name, address and phone number where you can always find them;

— contributions from the members of SNT have to be different, who have more land and buildings, he even pays more contributions;

— if the overdue date of payment of the contributions necessary to pay penalties and interest;

— if a member of the SNT has sold his land, he should inform;

the contributions of the members of SNT have to go to the maintenance of the common property, not personal;

— if a member of the SNT wants to see the accounting, all the documents he needs to provide;

— if he asks for some help and copies of documents SNT, it is necessary to give them.

Any of these items you can not find fault, they are absolutely fair. The need to introduce them to the rank of law has arisen only because in all fairness they are often not implemented.

Not are they because SNT is no leverage that would compel individual members to comply with collective decisions.

No levers and no mechanisms — because of this, even the register of members of the SNT cannot be. No man goes to the country for years, and as you find it.

Now, if the plot had not in the CHT, and in the village, then it’s different. There, the local authorities, and a mechanism exists. The authority may request to the tax address, to involve the police, and cottager.

As Chairman of the CHT cannot send requests and to engage in search of the police. He has no such rights.

And other rights he, too, almost none. Even if he somehow finds a lost member of the SNT and say, “You must be done in the registry, let’s phone and address”, he replied: “fuck you,” and the President will have nothing to oppose. And what can he do? To the court to write: “Please find a member of the SNT, grab and shake from his phone?”

Gears and levers — what’s needed really for the “improvement of regulation of legal relations in the conduct of the citizens of the country economy.” It is necessary to give SNT levers, not to invent for them new rules — obvious, but completely impossible because of the lack of leverage.

Legislators, however, so we do not dive deep. They skim the surface, so the levers are not engaged, and only to tighten the rules.

The state Duma considered amendments to the cottagers in three readings — even if someone questioned their practical use. Now the Federation Council will pass them without looking. And mopped us, summer residents on six acres.

A complete registry of all members should be at each SNT 2017. One would be the fact fine. Let them make it almost impossible, but the law is the law, and today, the Senate will vote for him.

The conveyor does not stop. Chpok-chpok-chpok.

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