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Friday, February 23, 2018

Kaliningrad local historian found the “gold of the Third Reich”: a sensation or fiction

Kaliningrad archeologist Sergei Trifonov made a sensational statement — he found missing in 1945 “the gold of the Third Reich.” Last year, however, it has “found”: two treasure hunters announced the discovery in Poland mythical train full of jewelry. However, then experts wiped his nose wishing to make a legend.

photo: morguefile.com

The head of archaeological expedition “Kenigsberg 13”, local historian Sergey Trifonov said that found a stash of the missing treasures of Koenigsberg, the so-called “Treasury of the Third Reich”.

According to him, says “Public control,” radar data showed that at a depth of about 8.5 meters below the modern copy of the monument to Kant discovered the premises of a regular shape with a size of 2 by 4 meters.

A local historian is sure that this is the bunker of the last königsberg commandant Otto von Lasch walled in gold of the Nazi Bank, as well as fragments of the Amber room (which during the great Patriotic war were taken by German troops from the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo near St. Petersburg, was in the hands of the Nazis) and the original monument to Immanuel Kant’s work of the famous German sculptor Rauch.

However, the candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the regional historical and art Museum Sergey Yakimov called this version “the beautiful” only for the media. According to him, earlier Trifonov received permission to drill inside the hopper, which is a branch of the Museum, which has caused numerous floodings that resulted in the literal and figurative sense in a round sum for repairs.

There is another “but.” According to opponents of Trifonova, the process of hiding the treasure in the bunker, where the issues were resolved for the coordination of defence and was constantly attended by dozens of witnesses, it is impossible. The archives also testify to the fact that the bunker of Lasch, and adjacent the hopper of the burgomaster of Konigsberg, did not give cause for further research.

Recall that in August last year, the poles and Germans said that they found the gold of the Nazis, a supposedly abandoned cars full of jewelry and weapons. They went to the law firm which contacted the municipality of wałbrzych. According to legend, a 150 metre-long train with 300 tons of gold and jewels moved into one of the secret tunnels under książ castle in Polish Silesia and was gone. Treasure hunters decided to profit on it, but experts from the Mining and metallurgical Academy. Stanislaw Staszic in Krakow any valuable discoveries did not.

By the way, then the Director of the Kaliningrad Museum commented on the news: is there gold: Kaliningrad expert on the treasures of the found poles for trains

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