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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In 25-th time Turandot announces her crystal puzzles

In the Vakhtangov theatre begins the ceremony of awarding the theatre award “crystal Turandot”. It is awarded for the 25th time. The details of the Vakhtangov theatre – Explorer MK.

photo: Marina Raikin

On the street, and then in the foyer plays a military orchestra. Guests come and go – the first person in the capital and the national theater. Mark Zakharov, Vladimir urin and Vladimir Khotinenko, the artist Sergei Barkhin and his wife, actress Helen Kozelkova. But Valery Garkalin came with her daughter nica and son-in-law Pavel Akimkin. Doing a selfie in front of the hall.

The public loves to be photographed together with the artists or do a selfie. Young girls swarmed Alexander Oleshko. Sasha says in the program he participates as a guest sings a song.

Anyway, who will be the winner of the 25th anniversary of the award, kept secret until recently. After all, according to tradition, a treacherous Chinese Princess will ask questions in poetic form, and the one who answer correctly, will know the truth. Disputes are many, but no doubt it will only be worthy of the best of the best. This year in the role of Turandot – Ekaterina Guseva.

And here is the first crystal statuette gets Vasily Lanovoy – for loyalty, honor and dignity. An artist with a strict military bearing accepted the award.

– In the Tbilisi Griboedov Theatre I read the classics. Two hours I read and saw 90-year-old grandma barely limped to the scene:” I was brought up on your role. But seriously, I’m happy that it’s in my house. Where I played “Princess Turandot”.

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